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Franck Muller Watches–Special shell diving watch

The change of the style of diving watch mainly comes from the dentate shape of unidirectional rotating watch ring, the design of crown shoulder protection and bridge protection, or with different colors. In addition, the diving watch is not only limited to round shape, but also may be square or octagonal, and then to irregular shell types such as pillow type and wine barrel type. The unique shape of watch case can break the established impression of watch fans and bring a new experience.

Franck Muller skafander titanium case, rotating timing inner ring, diameter 46 x 57 mm, hour, minute, second, date, automatic chain movement, power storage for 42 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror, waterproof 100 meters, rubber strap.

In general, the style of wine barrel watch case is mainly located in the form of formal watch or modeling and rarely appears in the form of diving watch. Franck Muller skafander replica watch is one of the most successful examples of integrating wine barrel case into diving watch.

The name of skafander comes from the diving suit of 1930’s, which has good sealing property, and later developed into the prototype of spacesuit. Due to the irregular shape of the barrel shaped case of the Skafander, the one-way rotating table ring is designed in the inner ring and is adjusted 1 points and 5 minutes respectively through 8 points and the 10 o’clock position. When the number on the watch circle moves to the corresponding position, then press the lock button at 9 o’clock to lock, which can avoid the accidental touch in the middle process. The hollowed out design of the dial can see the structure of the movement gear and the date plate. The radial modeling time mark also echoes the shape of the watch case.

Franck Muller watches ladies’collection 1752 QZ DP Watch

In the world of girls, there is no all-around, only one set. The day before yesterday, I was a working woman! Yesterday was sports show girl, ladies diving watch get! Today, wristwatch house recommends three kinds of exquisite women’s watches for Party queens, which will help you to become the most beautiful star in the crowd.

Franck Muller watches ladies’collection 1752 QZ DP Watch

Ladies’collection is a classic collection of Franck Muller replica watches. The highly recognizable barrel case shows the beautiful curve of the watch. The circle of the watch is inlaid with shining diamonds, and the Arabic number time mark on the radioactive dial is smart and lovely. The use of quartz movement avoids the tedious daily adjustment of girls. The clever design of the crown and the white alligator leather strap make the watch more elegant and amazing.

The charm of diamonds and gold ornaments is the temptation that every girl can’t escape. If you are in need of such a luxurious and exquisite jewelry watch as your adornment.

Product model: 1752 QZ DP

Watch diameter: 25x35mm

Case material: fine steel

Movement type: Quartz

Waterproof depth: 30m

Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex Ladies Replica Watch for Sale Cheap Price 1752 QZ DP

The Cintrée Curvex™ is the iconic shape of Franck Muller. Thanks to its perfectly curved case and unique contours, the Cintrée Curvex is the brand’s most distinctive silhouette. The unique and gorgeous numeral design is also what makes the Cintrée Curvex immediately identifiable. With its elegant cases, stunning dials and highly-complex movements, Franck Muller is very proud of all its timepieces. They really are great examples of vibrant and sophisticated designs that have timeless elegance.

Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex Ladies Replica Watch for Sale Cheap Price 1752 QZ DP

Franck Muller launches Vanguard Racing hollow Series Watch

Vanguard launched by Franck Muller Racing hollowed out series, inspired by racing, calls for the aesthetics of fashion engine rotation.

Just as a racing car must be carefully adjusted to allow the driver to race. The vanguard racing hollowed out series is remodeled by Franck Muller engineers and designers to add a strong texture and enhance display performance. The watch is equipped with an automatic movement, which is light in structure and shows the mechanical beauty of a racing engine. Carbon fiber, titanium metal, aluminum and other body materials present the scientific and technological aesthetics of wristwatch. The engine is burning and racing, and is ready to explode.

Vanguard racing hollow series has hour, minute, second and date display. The central second hand timer accurately records the time, matches with the smoked sapphire mirror, boldly reveals the automatic movement, attracting people to appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship. The second hand is indicated at the bottom, starting from zero and turning clockwise, reminiscent of a racing car’s tachometer. The main body of the pointer is black and white, and the tip is red, so that the seconds can be read from both ends of the second hand, so that the wearer can read the number of seconds conveniently. The breath of the competition field is coming, arousing the desire of racing in the heart.

The date and digital dials are also fully hollowed out, revealing the art of movement.

The wristwatch subverts the conventional spring rod connection technology. The strap is skillfully fixed in the case with two screws. It is silent, invisible and smooth. The ear lines echo the elegant body lines. The inner rubber of watch band fits the shape of wrist naturally, which is comfortable and aesthetic. Alcantara? Suede echoes the racing cockpit, giving it a strong sporty and luxurious feel.

Vanguard Racing hollowed out series is specially designed for racers, with elegant and smooth lines and full sports style. It is available in 18k rose gold, fine steel, titanium metal and carbon fiber.

Vanguard Racing skeleton series, inspired by racing competition, calls for the aesthetics of fashion engine rotation. V 45 SC DT RACING SQT (ER)


Franck Muller works with Rolls Royce to create customized watches and cars

Franck Muller and Rolls Royce in Geneva have teamed up to create custom watches and cars using the “crazy hours” design elements.

Rolls Royce in Geneva will use the innovative super large time scale of the crazy hours Series for interior and instrument design of the phantom customized version, which will be named Rolls Royce phantom crazy numbers.

To celebrate the birth of Rolls Royce phantom crazy numbers, Franck Muller will release two limited watches. The new replica watch has the same blue and black color as the car, one with a blue case with a black dial and a black leather strap, and the other with a black case with a blue dial and blue leather strap.

The movement of the Franck Muller crazy hours watch is patented, and the central hour hand jumps from one hour to the next with random numbers on the dial. Therefore, every 60 minutes, the clock will correctly jump to the next number. At the same time, the minute hand rotates in a regular 360 ° cycle around the dial every hour.

Nicholas rudaz, head of watchland,Franck Muller, said: “I am very pleased to work with the best car manufacturers in the world to produce customized cars and exclusive watches. It’s a fantastic experience to see our special know-how in advanced tabulation is used in the design of exclusive models. “