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Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 Review

Swiss watchmaker Oris presents a brand new Aquis Date 41.5 mm case version equipped with the in-house automatic Calibre 400. The diver’s watch is available with either a blue, anthracite or green dial.
In 2020, Oris introduced its ground-breaking in-house self-winding movement Calibre 400. With elevated levels of anti-magnetism, five days of power reserve, accuracy superior to the chronometer standard (even after exposure to magnetism), 10-year recommended service intervals and 10-year warranties on all watches they power, Calibre 400 Series sets the new standard in Swiss Made automatics. The first watch to be equipped with this exceptional movement was the Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 watch with 43.50 mm diameter. This year, Oris presents a smaller Aquis date model with the Caliber 400. This new model features a 41.5mm diameter stainless steel case. Water resistant to 300 meters, the new Aquis date watch comes fitted with a uni-directional rotating bezel with blue, anthracite or green ceramic insert
The Aquis is the shining star of the Oris catalog. So, when Oris launched their new Caliber 400 back in December 2020, the Aquis was the obvious choice of watch to be powered by this new movement. While the caliber 400 debut Aquis came with a 43.5mm case, Oris has now released three new Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 watch powered watches with a modest 41.5 steel housing.
Measuring 41.5mm in diameter with a thickness of around 12mm and a lug to lug distance of around 48mm, the mid-sized Aquis has been designed to sit more comfortably on smaller and medium-sized wrists compared to its 43.5mm elder sibling. On the design front, things remain quite familiar. The case stiff features a distinctive kettle-style shape with integrated chunky lugs and crown guards to protect the threaded crown at 3. Perched on top is a uni-directional rotating bezel with a ceramic insert that matches the color of the dial. Also, like most other Aquis watches, the case is water-resistant to a healthy 300 meters.
The dial is being offered in three striking colors: Blue, Green, and Charcoal black. All dials feature a nice sunburst effect for enhanced light play and have also been given a gradient treatment to showcase a dynamic color range starting from a lighter tone at the center and culminating into an almost blackish hue on the outer periphery. The dial layout has nothing new to offer and remains highly legible and free of any clutter. Highly polished hour markers comprise the hour markers and the minute track consists of printed white hash marks. A date window sits at 6 to maintain the symmetry of the dial and finally, you have a well-proportioned handset, which like the markers, has been filled with luminous paint to offer great low light visibility.
The true calling card of these watches is the in-house Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 watch. Operating at 4 Hz, offering a power reserve of around 5 days using a twin-barrel setup, comprising several anti-magnetic components, and offering a service interval of 10 years, the caliber 400 is a highly capable automatic movement. The movement is industrially finished and is visible through the exhibition case back.

Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400

Since its initial debut in fall 2020, Oris’ in-house Calibre 400 automatic movement has been gradually working its way through the brand’s lineup as its new de facto flagship three-hand powerplant. As one of the cornerstones of Oris’ lineup the Aquis diver was a natural choice to debut the new movement in late October 2020, but at that time the Calibre 400 was restricted only to full size 43.5mm models. As summer 2021 ramps up and enthusiasts search for a new vacation-ready sports watch, Oris takes the next logical step and brings the Calibre 400 to the smaller 41.5mm Aquis line. Rather than reinventing the wheel, the new Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 41.5mm series lets the performance of its new movement speak for itself while maintaining the classic Aquis look.
As the name suggests, the stainless steel case of the Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 41.5mm line measures in at 41.5mm. The modern and slightly unorthodox Aquis shape with its slab case sides, heavy wide crown guards, and short angular semi-integrated lugs is shared with previous 41.5mm Aquis models, and like those iterations, the unique proportions of the Aquis may make the case measurements somewhat misleading. In practice, the shrink-wrapped profile of the mid-case without any outward flaring coupled with the abrupt downward slant and short reach of the lugs tend to make the Aquis series feel substantially more compact on the wrist than more traditional diver styles. As with previous versions, the heavily toothed unidirectional dive bezel is noticeably wider than the case beneath it, leading to a slight overhang which should aid grip. The ceramic bezel insert features a bright, legible white diving scale on a base of black, navy blue, or deep forest green. Around back, Oris includes a sapphire display window to showcase the new in-house movement, but despite this more vulnerable element the case is rated at a hefty 300 meters of water resistance.
Like the cases, the dials of the new Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 41.5mm series keep the overall look familiar while subtly hinting at the new movement within. The most notable difference between these dials and the dials of previous Sellita-powered 41.5mm variants is the 6 o’clock date window. Where the smaller diameter of the Sellita movement forced the date display of those models inboard slightly, leading to both a date window and a shortened index at 6 o’clock, the larger date wheel of the Calibre 400 pushes the 6 o’clock window directly in line with the rest of the faceted applied hour indices, eliminating the 6 o’clock index entirely for a cleaner and simpler look. Outside of this small change and a “5 Days” line of text at 6 o’clock, the dial layout is unchanged, with the familiar rounded sporty alpha handset and indices making a return. Also like many previous Aquis models, all three versions of the new Aquis Date Calibre 400 41.5m series use a sunburst dial finish. Buyers can choose between a dark anthracite gray tone, an oceanic sunburst blue, or an emerald green, which feels deep and intense in initial images.
The in-house Calibre 400 automatic movement inside the Oris Aquis Date Calibre 400 41.5mm series is a major step forward for the brand’s movement-making capabilities, especially for its core offerings. Although accurate within COSC chronometer standards at -3/+5 seconds per day, Oris interestingly does not submit these movements for certification. Beyond the excellent accuracy, the Calibre 400 offers magnetic resistance of up to 2,250 gauss, more than 11 times the current ISO standard for anti-magnetism. This durability is continued through the automatic rotor, which replaces the complex and often delicate ball bearing system with a mechanically simpler and more robust tongue-and-groove metal slide bearing system which Oris claims produces far less wear. Power reserve performance is robust as well, with twin mainspring barrels producing a hefty 120 hours of power reserve at a 28,800 bph beat rate. Oris also touts the longevity of the Calibre 400 platform, recommending a service interval of 10 years rather than the more standard five recommended years between services. While the Calibre 400’s performance is undeniably robust, the movement’s finishing is simple, bordering on industrial. A matte-blasted three-quarter bridge covers up most of the real estate beneath the display caseback besides the balance wheel, and the signed skeleton rotor bears a clean brushed finish.
The semi-integrated stainless steel three-link bracelet with dive extension has historically been a hallmark of the Oris Aquis’ design, and the new Aquis Date Calibre 400 41.5mm line continues the trend. With a sharply tapering profile that flows from a narrow clasp directly into the case and bright polishing on the outer links to visually match the lugs, this bracelet offers a unique and eye-catching look. Oris keeps the bracelet from appearing too monotone or flashy thanks to vertically brushed center links. For those that prefer straps, all three models in the new line can also be optioned with the brand’s signed textured black rubber strap, which also includes a folding clasp and dive extension for a modern and functional sporting look.
Funny, when I unboxed this new Oris Aquis Calibre 400 for this review, I couldn’t stop looking at the dial. I know it should be all about the in-house caliber 400, but I’ll tell you that it took a few minutes before taking the watch off again to have a glance at the new Oris movement.

The dial (and watch) look quite similar to their Aquis Ocean Cleanup limited edition. That watch was a bit smaller, and there are some aesthetic differences, but it just reminded me of that one. If you’re a watch fanatic, you haven’t missed the introduction of the new Oris movement: Calibre 400. It is interesting that Oris decided to introduce the movement first, and a few weeks later introduce the first watch to be powered by it. And here it is, the Oris Aquis Calibre 400. With a beautiful gradient blue dial.
I am not a diver, but I do have and have had my share of divers watches. From all sorts of brands and in all sorts of price ranges. What they all have in common are the typical features for diving purposes. A uni-directional bezel, 300 meters of water resistance, screw-down crown, screw case back, and a very legible dial. This watch is no different when it comes to those features. The Oris Aquis has a case shape that is rather unique, of course. And a proper stainless steel bracelet, with the opportunity to swap it for a rubber strap. But the new in-house movement is what makes this watch stand out. The recently introduced Oris calibre 400 has been discussed in this article, but let me summarize.
On 15th October this year, Swiss watch maker Oris unveiled Calibre 400, the brand’s new generation mechanical self-winding movement featuring enhanced anti-magnetic features and an incredible power reserve of five days.

The much-awaited Oris in-house Calibre 400 set a new standard for automatic mechanical movements. This modern mechanical movement was developed entirely in-house by Oris watchmakers and Engineers. It comes with 10-year recommended service intervals and a 10-year warranty.

On 29th October, the brand announced its new diving watch model Aquis Date Calibre 400, the first Oris timepiece to be equipped with the newly released movement.
Oris’s engineers identified that one of the most frequent issues with automatic mechanical movements concerns the ball-bearing system that allows the free-spinning oscillating weight (or rotor) to rotate. This is a critical element of an automatic watch – as the rotor spins, it generates power that’s stored in the mainspring, which is housed in the barrel.

Oris removed the ball bearing altogether and replaced it with a low-friction slide bearing system, in which a metal stud runs through a lubricated sleeve. This is much less complex, highly efficient, and involves far less wear and tear, making it less prone to breakdowns.
The movement provides an impressive 120 hours (5 days) power-reserve via twin barrels, both of which house an extended mainspring, each long enough to store two-and-a-half days of power.

Most mechanical watch movements will be magnetised if exposed to the strong magnetic forces we encounter in daily life. When this happens, they become less accurate, and can stop altogether. To make it highly antimagnetic, Oris engineered Calibre 400 using more than 30 non-ferrous and anti-magnetic components, including a silicon escape wheel and a silicon anchor. In testing by the renowned Laboratoire Dubois, Calibre 400 deviated by less than 10 seconds a day after exposure to 2,250 gauss.

For context, the latest version of the ISO 764 standard for anti-magnetic watches requires that to qualify as anti-magnetic, a watch must be accurate to within 30 seconds a day after exposure to 200 gauss. Calibre 400 recorded one third of the deviation allowed after exposure to more than 11 times the force permitted, making it a highly anti-magnetic movement.

The movement features 21 jewels and beats at 28’800 vph (4Hz). It follows the three-hands and date lay-out featuring centre hands for hours, minutes and seconds functions and a date window at 6’ o clock.

The Oris 400 movement measures 30.00 mm (13 1/4’’’) diameter. It is larger than Cal. 733 (Base Sellita SW 200-1 movement, 25.60 mm or 11½’’’), which has been used for the Aquis Date models since long time.

The Calibre 400 features the same dial lay-out as the SW 200-1 movement: Three hands and date. The new automatic calibre also incorporates instantaneous date mechanism, date corrector, fine timing device and stop-second. In terms of autonomy, the Calibre 400, which is a twin-barrel movement, provides 120 hours of power reserve where as SW 200-1 offers a power reserve of 38 hours.

Naturally, the first watch to house Oris’s innovative automatic movement is the Aquis Date, a popular model from the brand’s contemporary diver’s watch collection.

Oris Big Crown Hölstein Edition

Following up on last year’s inaugural “Holstein Edition” timepiece, an all- bronze version of its popular Divers Sixty-Five chronograph, Oris has unveiled the latest in its limited series of watches paying tribute to the Swiss village of its founding. The Big Crown Holstein Edition 2021 provides a novel take on Oris’s vintage-inspired Big Crown model, first produced in 1938.
Oris Big Crown Hölstein Edition 2021
Notably, it is the first Oris watch to contain a variation of the widely acclaimed, in-house Caliber 400 movement that is not a dive watch or a diver-style watch. Oris, has in fact, had a dive-watch-heavy year thus far, expanding its flagship, vintage-inspired, and professional lines over the last several months. The release of this second Holstein Edition indicates the brand is likely to continue the tradition of offering highly limited, exclusive models throughout its various product families in the years to come.
The sword hands and non-fluted bezel are new to the Big Crown collection.
The watch’s 38-mm, polished and brushed steel case, as with previous Big Crown models, appears to be well proportioned and geared toward a wide audience of enthusiasts. However, the new model does features some notable differences from the rest of the collection, including a smooth rather than a fluted bezel, and a flatter crystal over the dial as opposed to the domed crystal more often used on this and other Oris models. These changes, in addition to the watch’s signature oversized crown and traditional case shape, help provide the watch with an overall sportier feel — channeling more of a field watch style than the aviation-inspired style of the watch’s actual origins.
Red details contrast with the gray dial.
Underneath the flat sapphire crystal is a matte gray dial, which carries on the neo-vintage tradition of the Big Crown. Around the outermost edge, a printed ring from 1 to 31 displays the analog date, each point indicated via a red-arrow-tipped hand. A step closer to the interior, a railroad track minute ring outlines the legible, straightforward Arabic hour markers. This style is broken up only at the 6 o’clock position where a small subdial for the running seconds rests, its indicator also accented with a burst of bright red. At the center of the dial and passing over the various descriptors toward 12 o’clock are two lume-filled, sword style hands, which differ quite drastically from the bold cathedral-style handset previously put to use within the Big Crown collection.
The Oris bear graces the caseback as a relief engraving.
The Oris Caliber 403, which powers the new limited edition, is based upon the aforementioned Caliber 400 launched by the brand last year inside the Aquis Date Caliber 400. Like the base caliber, the 403 boasts a five-day power reserve, a relatively high level of anti-magnetism, and an industry-leading 10-year warranty. The movement, which differs from its base by its use of a 6 o’clock small seconds subdial and an analog date indicator, is protected behind a solid, commemorative caseback, its surface engraved with a motif of Oris’s bear mascot.
The red-tipped hand indicates the analog date.
Available now, the Oris Big Crown Hölstein Edition 2021

Oris Aquis Diving

It will not make your day boring because all of these Oris Aquis watches that will be stated here have unique and colorful designs that will surely make your day feel brighter, and you will feel alive. And the best thing about this is that you will not need to pay tons of money just to have that excellent feeling that you have been craving.

If you are looking for a cheap and affordable watch with features to make up for the price, you should consider choosing Oris Aquis. However, it is best for the best options if you stick around because the four designs that will be presented here are deemed the best of them all. Rest assured that once you are done, you will find the perfect one.
Oris Aquis Star Limited Edition Automatic Wars Stormtrooper Black Dial Men’s Luxury Watch
First, the list of great Oris Aquis watches is none other than the Oris Star Limited Edition Automatic Wars Stormtrooper Black Dial Men’s Luxury Watch. Just by reading the name, there is no doubt that the first thing that will come into your mind is that it is expensive because it is a limited edition, and there are only a few released.

If you do think that, then this is where you’re wrong. Because even if it has a design that is inspired by the stormtroopers from Star Wars made with stainless steel and a Sapphire crystal that keeps this safe from any external harms like rusts and scratches, you would be shocked to know that it only has a price range of about $2,000 up to $3,000.

Oris Aquis Limited Edition Automatic Carysfort Reef Blue Dial Men’s Luxury Watch
Another limited-edition timepiece with a low price range is the Oris Aquis Limited Edition Automatic Carysfort Reef Blue Dial Men’s Luxury Watch. This piece is slightly lower when it comes to the price range than the Star Wars Limited Edition because it only amounts from $2,000 up to a whopping amount of $2,500. Check this out!

Made with an Orange rubber strap and a blue-colored dial, you would say that the color combination of this piece is oddly satisfying. However, just like the one on top, this also has a stainless steel casing that keeps it safe from rusting and a Sapphire crystal that ensures that this piece is scratch-resistant. It also has a 300m water-resistant feature.

Oris Aquis Limited Edition III Great Barrier Reef Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Luxury Watch
Now, this is another limited edition, much like the other two on top. However, you can rest easy knowing that it has a much lower price range compared to them. So, if those two are a little bit expensive for you but you still want a watch that is rare enough that there is only a slight chance of bumping into someone with the same piece, then this is for you!

With a price range of about $1,500 up to $2,000 only, you would be able to purchase the Oris Aquis Limited Edition III Great Barrier Reef Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Luxury Watch that offers a calm and glossy blue colored dial paired with a reservoir of about 40 meters. It also has a total of about 30 jewels that are embedded in it to make it more lavish.

Oris Aquis Automatic Date Green Dial Men’s Luxury Watch
Finally, the cheapest and most inexpensive piece on this list is the Oris Aquis Automatic Date Green Dial Men’s Luxury Watch that only has a price range of about $1,000 up to $1,500. With that kind of price range, you would not see something as glamorous looking as this one with the other brands. You can only see it here at Oris.

So, if you are a little bit tight on budget, then you should not miss the chance to check this one out because if you do, you will be missing one of the best timepieces ever made in the history of man that has a surprisingly low price range. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy this as soon as possible so that you can obtain a great watch.

Well, there you have it, four of the best Oris Aquis watches to have ever been created and designed. If you are in search of greatness, then these are the ones that you are looking for. So, please do not think that you would be wasting your time here because once you get to see what they offer, rest assured that you will not regret it for even a second.
One of the best things about the Oris Aquis is that it appeals to a lot of people. While dive watches are considered very niche, this model is available in different kinds. Case in point, there’s a straightforward dive watch for the pros. Meanwhile, fashionistas will love the diamond-studded version.

And if you’re having a hard time finding the perfect Oris Aquis model for you, you’ve come to the right place. But first, let’s look at how the brand started.

A Brief History of Oris
The brand’s origins can be traced back to the Swiss town of Hölstein. Paul Cattin and Georges Christian bought the recently closed watch factory called Lohner & Co. And by 1904, they started producing pocket watches. Wristwatches and alarm clocks were still not produced back then.

Eventually, Oris became the largest employer in Hölstein with more than 300 workers. And by 1929, they expanded and had factories built in Holderbank, Como, Courgenay, Herbetswil and Ziefen.

The First Batch of Oris Wristwatches
Following their success, Oris began experimenting with wristwatches. In addition to the watch factories built, they opened their own electroplating factory in Herbetswil. The factory produced bracelet buckles, which were fitted to their existing pocket watches. Thus, transforming them into wristwatches.

Since then, they have produced plenty of high-quality watches that cater to different walks of life. One collection is the Oris Aquis, a lineup of high-performance dive watches that never fail to impress. Let’s check out which Aquis models caught our attention by reading our list below.

2021 Oris TLP Limited Edition

Earlier this week, Oris announced their latest partnership with an elite pilot training school based in the Spanish city of Albacete named Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP). The pilot training school was founded in 1978 when TLP was preparing NATO-allied coalition forces for global tactical air operations. To celebrate this latest partnership, Oris has released the Oris TLP Limited Edition, a 750 piece model based on Oris’s famous ProPilot line of pilot timepieces.
The diameter of this new timepiece is 44mm, with the stainless steel case being coated with anti-glare gun metal gray PVD. The gun metal grey certainly fits the part of blending in with the overall dark tones of the watch, letting the colours of the dial do the talking. The green dial is inspired by TLP’s pilot’s flying overalls. The eagle eyes in the TLP logo are decorated with beige details. The hour indices are applied beige numerals which contrast rather well against the green dial. The minute hand on the Oris TLP Limited Edition is black with a red tip. While the red tip stands out against the green dial, going with the colour choice of black might not have been the best choice as it does look too subdued by the dial background.
The movement used inside the Oris TLP Limited Edition is the Oris 752 caliber. As well as powering the minute, hour, and seconds functions, the Oris 752 caliber also allows for enlarged individual day and date windows (located at 3 o’clock), day corrector, fine timing device, and stop-second function. Operating at a frequency of 4Hz (28, 800 Vph), the Oris 752 caliber gives out a power reserve of approximately 38 hours.
Oris is offering the TLP Limited Edition in a green Ventile strap. Ventile is a high-performance textile, invented during the Second World for the British Royal Air Force pilots, that saved the lives of countless pilots who were forced to abandon during operation. Oris Big Crown ProPilot Replica
The Swiss brand is also releasing a bespoke edition of the Oris TLP limited edition model to pilots that are graduating from TLP. This bespoke edition will carry the pilot’s name, programme year, and limited-edition number on the case back. When purchased, the Oris TLP Limited edition will be offered in an olive and orange travel pouch and with a cardholder made from Ventile, where the warranty card will also be located.


Oris introduces a new brown gradienter for the ever lasting divers six five diving timepiece, giving it a warm, almost hazy look, like a never-ending Mediterranean sunset. The outer edge of the watch ring and the central link of the metal chain are made of bronze, showing the same rich color.ORIS DIVERS SIXTY-FIVE

The spirit and design of the new watch are reminiscent of the first diving watch released by oris in 1965. The 40mm stainless steel case, curved sapphire crystal mirror, screw in crown and automatic mechanical movement are all symbols of high quality, which fully show the performance and style of contemporary divers sixty five diving watch.

Oris has dived back in time and is delighted to present the Oris Divers Sixty-Five – a revival of an iconic diver’s watch that first appeared in the Oris collection 50 years ago. The new Replica Oris Divers Sixty-Five shares the retro looks of the 1960s original, but it’s been modernised using 21st century watchmaking techniques. The case is made of anti-corrosive stainless steel. The vintage-inspired bubble-curved glass is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and comes with anti-reflective coating on the inside to reduce glare and increase legibility underwater.


Oris 400 independent movement is a high-quality complex movement independently developed by oris, which reshapes the new benchmark of automatic mechanical movement. It has a five-day power reserve (120 hours), a strong diamagnetic, recommended maintenance intervals of 10 years, and a 10-year warranty commitment. ORIS AQUIS DATE CALIBRE 400

When we thought about the oris 400, our engineers realized that people might not wear the same watch every day. If a mechanical watch is randomly removed and placed for a day or two, it will stop running as time goes by and the dynamic storage is exhausted. The oris 400 has a five-day power storage device, and even if you don’t wear the watch until Thursday to next Tuesday, it’s still accurate. The dual spring box design can provide a longer service life for the watch. Both of them are equipped with an extended version of the spring, which can store energy for two and a half days.

Holly’s unremitting exploration of clock technology, meticulous production of complex mechanical wristwatch all the necessary planning. Therefore, we are very confident in the performance of the oris 400 autonomous movement. When you register your watch on myoris, we will provide a 10-year warranty for all Holly watches with this new movement. In addition, we suggest that the wristwatch equipped with oris 400 should be maintained every 10 years. In short, your mechanical watch does not need any repair or maintenance until 2030 unless accidental damage or water proofing are checked. This new standard represents a truly timeless watch.

The philosophy of oris 400 autonomous movement is to eliminate the problem before it occurs. Engineers at oris found that one of the most common problems with automatic mechanical movements is in the ball bearing system, which enables a freely rotating pendulum (or pendulum) to drive the spring box to the top of the watch. This is an indispensable part of the automatic movement. As an eccentric heavy hammer, it generates power by driving a group of gear trains, and stores the power in the spring box to wind up the spring, so as to make the automatic watch run normally. However, we have completely removed the ball bearing and replaced the traditional operation with a low friction sliding bearing system. In this new system, the complexity is simplified, and the wear of the parts involved is much less, and the failure is not easy. ORIS AQUIS DATE CALIBRE 400 Replica

Our daily life is full of various strong magnetic fields, exposed to such magnetic forces, most Swiss watch movements will be magnetized. The occurrence of this phenomenon is traceable, the wrist watch will become less accurate when it goes, or it may stop completely. In order to make the wrist watch with high diamagnetism, oris designed the oris 400 autonomous movement, using more than 30 non-ferrous metal and diamagnetic components, including silicon escapement wheel and silicon anchor. Tests conducted at the prestigious Lab of Laboratoire Dubois showed that the oris 400 deviated by less than 10 seconds a day at 2250 Gauss. Another set of data also shows the innovative and practical function of this movement. The latest version of ISO 764 standard stipulates that the watch must be exposed to 200 Gauss and be accurate within 30 seconds. The test results of the oris 400 autonomous movement show that the travel time accuracy can reach one third of the allowable deviation after bearing more than 11 times of the magnetic force, which proves that it has a strong antimagnetic effect. ORIS


There is a certain balancing act that must be respected when designing a successful “automotive-themed” watch, with many examples simply falling prey to the uncanny valley of making the watch look much like a car, wheel, or gauge. With the new Oris Williams Engine Date, the brand has found an equilibrium with a legible steel sport watch that won’t look out of place in a pit lane. Oris has enjoyed a long-standing partnership with Willams F1 and the new Williams Engine Date is far from their first automotive themed watch (they also work with Audi). Using the same distinctive case design established by the previous Oris Williams models, the Oris Engine Date adds some dial skeletonization and detailing to further establish a connection with automotive designs.
Much like the Oris Williams Day Date, the Williams Engine Date uses a 42 mm steel case with a mix of brushed and polished finishing. With an anti-reflective sapphire crystal up front and a mineral crystal display case back, the Engine Date is water resistant to 100m. Despite being automotive-themed, the dial design is legible, with large numerals at three and nine and wide luminous hands.fake ORIS TT1 ENGINE DATE
The skeletonization is limited t o the center of the dial and the minute numerals are printed horizontally, rather than following the curve of the dial. The movement is finished with an anthracite coloring and I rather like how it integrates with the main dial. With a long minute hand and minute track on the rehaut, the proportions are strong and the design is eye catching, especially for a watch at this price point. The seconds hand and the marker beneath the date window at six are blue, a match for Williams F1’s team colors.
For the Williams Engine Date, the titular “engine” is Oris’ calibre 733, a modified Sellita SW200-1. With 38 hours power reserve and a beats at a 4 hz rate, this automatic movement is finished with Oris’ instantly recognizable red oscillating weight. While the SW200, which is essentially direct competition for the ETA 2824, is not a fancy movement, it is perfectly acceptable at this price point and offers excellent reliability, performance and serviceability for its cost.

fake oris tt1 day date

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replica oris artix gt

With the new Artix GT Chronograph, Oris introduces a new type of countdown indicator displayed in a vertical aperture appearing on the subdial at 9 o’clock. This indicator is made up of fives squares which are filled in five seconds – one square per second – five seconds before the quarter, half, three-quarter and full minute.
The Artix GT Chronograph is aimed at fans of motorsport, especially those with sympathies for the Audi Sport Teams which Oris sponsors. Indeed, the colourway of this watch employs the colours used on the lightweight carcass of an Audi branded WEC race car.
Oris Artix GT Chronograph. With the new Artix GT Chronograph, Oris introduces a new type of countdown indicator displayed in a vertical aperture appearing on the subdial at 9 o’clock. The transparent case back showcases the automatic Oris Calibre 774 (base Sellita SW500) beating at 28,8000 vph with 48 hours of power reserve and its characterising red rotor.
Oris has presented a new timekeeper that comfortably combines a nicely executed, old-fashioned chronograph with a number of trendy features. Belonging to their Artix series, it is called Oris Artix GT Chronograph (Ref. 674 7661 4434) and is not only equipped with a trendy black ceramic bezel but also features a nice linear “progress bar”-style small seconds indicator.
The also new-for-2015 Replica Oris Artix GT watch has a day/date dial and isn’t associated with Audi Sport, but has the same case and a very similar dial with different complications. On the wrist, Oris uses the same 44mm-wide steel Artix-style case that we’ve seen on the limited edition chronograph, and other past models.
The Artix GT Day Date and Artix GT Chronograph relate to the previous models in name alone. Both watches are a part of Oris’ Motorsport series and are easily recognizable as sports watches. The black dial with bright hands and indices feels very modern and resembles the dashboard instruments

More on Oris Artix GT. Oris Artix Collection Review. This is the best 21st-century design of the Oris collection. It combines the Oris complication design with the avant-garde case. It gives rise to the Oris Artix GT collection. The Oris Artrix GT collection is a steel sport watch with lots of interesting features.
Aesthetically, the Artix GT Chronograph is a redesign of an earlier watch sharing the same name. The earlier iteration was quite similar in appearance. The biggest difference was that it had a linear retrograde seconds function at nine o’clock—a feature largely unique to Oris.
Oris merges and brings the best of both approaches to the table. The Artix GT is both durable and intricate. It has the backing of an inclusive and comfortable warranty. You’ve got over a thousand days to brandish your Artix GT. During that time you’ll have the full assurances of the manufacturer. That’s quite an insurance policy.
The Oris Artix GT Day Date is a sleek timepiece from the brand’s motor sport collection that features a stunning stainless steel finish and a black dial topped with contrasting indices and hands and Superluminova BG W9 plots. The Artix GT Day-Date is powered by an Oris calibre 735, base SW 220-1 movement with self-winding, a 38-hour power …

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