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Replica oris audi sport gmt watch

As part of Oris‘ ongoing relationship with Audi Sport, for 2015, we get the Oris Audi Sport GMT watch that offers one of the more simple driving-themed GMT watches around. In fact, at a glance, the watch doesn’t necessarily look like it is a GMT at all. Last year, Oris released the Oris Audi Sport Limited Edition Chronograph as part of celebrating their new relationship with Audi Sport. With its attractive all steel-toned dial, it was a success that this year is followed-up by the Oris Audi Sport GMT which is not a limited edition.
Based on the larger Artix collection of racing-inspired timepieces, the Oris Audi Sport GMT’s brushed “matte silver” dial and applied lume-filled hour markers are both distinctive and very legible. I also find the dial to be rather attractive, given the similarity in all the tones. Oris does a good job at keeping reflectivity levels down and the raised inner portion of the dial keeps the watch from looking boring.
As you’ll notice, the GMT hand with its small red arrow tip could just as easily be a seconds hand if you only saw the watch in pictures. The GMT hand uses a relatively discreet 24 hour marker scale that is placed on the periphery of the dial on the flange ring – and not the rotating bezel as you might expect. That makes the Oris Audi Sport GMT among the rare GMT watches that have both a 24 hour scale as well as a traditional 60 minute diver-style rotating bezel. Oh, and in an uncommon move, the bezel rotates in both directions.
The bezel is produced with a very hard tungsten insert with a rubber outer liner which adds some black color and a pleasant tactile experience when operating it. For the seconds indicator, Oris sticks with the “linear gauge” style subsidiary hand which actually uses a disc under the dial. A small red line appears to fill up the linear dial as time goes on. In my opinion, Oris did a nice job ensuring that the dial design is a positive mixture between being busy enough, but also having enough white space for your eyes to calmly move around from element to element.
Interestingly, Oris is now not using its brushed silver dial exclusively for Audi Sport edition watches. The also new-for-2015 Oris Artix GT watch has a day/date dial and isn’t associated with Audi Sport, but has the same case and a very similar dial with different complications.
On the wrist, Oris uses the same 44mm-wide steel Artix-style case that we’ve seen on the limited edition chronograph, and other past models. I’ve always found this case design to be versatile and modern, while still rather classic and subdued. Oris certainly makes a contemporary racing watch but one that doesn’t feel as though it needs design cues from car engines or brakes.
Available attached to the Oris Audi Sport GMT is a perforated black leather strap as well as a five-link steel metal bracelet. I have a feeling that given the theme of the watch, most people will opt for the slick-looking black leather strap, but the bracelet should not be discounted given how nicely the design is integrated into the shape of the case.
Through the sapphire crystal caseback window, you can see the Swiss mechanical automatic movement in the Audi Sport GMT watch. Oris calls it their caliber 747, but this just a Swiss Sellita SW220-1 automatic that has the time, date, and 24-hour GMT hand. Nothing too fancy in the movement department, but nothing to frown about either. All in all, the Oris Audi Sport GMT watch is a fine addition to the brand’s larger racing watch collection. There are some unique elements to this watch such as the GMT hand and rotating timing bezel which might hit a sweet spot for some people and which make the model just that much more interesting.

Franck Muller Wraith Crazy Numbers Replica Watch Franck Muller Crazy Hours and Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge

Rolls-Royce Geneva and Swiss luxury watchmaker Franck Muller have recently joined forces to design two new creations: The Wraith Black Badge Inspired Crazy Hours Watch and an upcoming Wraith Black Badge “Wraith Crazy Numbers.”

Sharing a passion for excellence, Rolls-Royce Geneva and Swiss luxury watchmaker Franck Muller have joined forces to design two new creations: The Wraith Black Badge “Crazy Numbers” and the Wraith Black Badge inspired “Crazy Hours” watch.

Or to put it another way – Rolls-Royce Geneva will customize a special Black Badge edition of the Wraith to reflect elements of Franck Muller’s Crazy Hours watch, and Franck Muller is creating a Wraith Black Badge inspired version of the watch.

Benefitting from the expertise of the Rolls-Royce’s “Bespoke Programme,” the Rolls-Royce Geneva “Crazy Numbers” Wraith Black Badge is an artistic demonstration of the extreme personalization that can be achieved and will see elements of Franck Muller’s iconic Crazy Hours watch intertwined throughout the vehicle design.

Featuring a special Velvet Sparkle exterior finish with a Twin-Coachline motif in Silver/Cobalto Blue mirroring the Crazy Numbers theme, the special Wraith edition will feature a deep Cobalto Blue interior and a unique dashboard fascia and embroidered “Crazy Hours” numbers on the rear console. Overhead the Starlight Headliner will also depict the “Crazy Hours” watch face.

Rear console embroidery inspired by Franck Muller “Crazy Hours” watch. Credit: Rolls-Royce Geneva
Sharing on the customization options of the special edition Matt Danton, Bespoke Designer at Rolls-Royce, commented, “Distinction, leadership and genuine expression is at the heart of the Bespoke Programme. The car is regarded as a key element of one’s taste and personal style, so it’s only natural it’s bespoke.”

Custom dashboard fascia inspired by Franck Muller “Crazy Hours” watch. Credit: Rolls-Royce Geneva
As yet, Rolls-Royce has only provided teaser images of the upcoming edition; however production of Wraith Black Badge “Crazy Numbers” is set to commence shortly with the actual motor car presented in the 4th quarter of 2020.

To celebrate the partnership, Franck Muller has also created two unique versions of the Crazy Hours watch. Featuring the same Cobalto Blue color scheme as the vehicle, one watch has a black dial with a Cobalto Blue case and black leather strap, while the other is a reverse combination with a Cobalto Blue dial, black case and blue strap.

Two versions of the Franck Muller Crazy Hours Wraith Black Badge Edition. Credit: Franck Muller
“We are thrilled to be partnering with the world’s finest car manufacturer to produce this bespoke car and this exclusive watch collection,” says Nicholas Rudaz, director of Franck Muller Watchland. “To see our exceptional know-how of haute-horlogerie be interpreted into such an exclusive car has been a fascinating experience.”

For the uninitiated, the Franck Muller Crazy Hour watch is a self-winding watch with a 42-hour power reserve that displays the watch numbers in a very unconventional order and, at first glance, reminds one of something the Mad Hatter would wear to his next tea party.

Using its patented Crazy Hours mechanism, the central hour hand jumps to the correct hour number (one to twelve) even though the numbers are not in the standard order. Meanwhile, the minute hand continues to follow a conventional pattern and revolves around the dial on a 60-minute cycle.

As yet, pricing has not been announced for the Franck Muller Wraith Inspired Crazy Hours watch or the Rolls-Royce Wraith Black Badge “Crazy Numbers.”

Franck Muller Unveils the Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton

Today, Franck Muller unveils the Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton, that offers an exceptional technical spectacle as well as emotions only to be found at Franck Muller.

Featuring a breathtaking skeleton movement, this timepiece stylishly reveals openworked black bridges and red aluminum indicators that allows to observe one of the most beautiful mechanism in all of Horlogerie.

This triple axis tourbillon corrects the force of gravity in all positions, contrary to a classic tourbillon which only compensates it when the wristwatch is in a vertical position. This complex system of carriages is a technical marvel and is the result of one of the most complex creations in Haute Horlogerie.

Dominating the lower half of the movement, the extraordinary triple axis tourbillon slowly turns through the one-hour, eight-minute and 60-second cycles of its respective three carriages. This highly complex mechanism makes the Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton a wonder of precision and above all a masterpiece of micromechanics.

Franck Muller Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton Replica Watch

The triple axis tourbillon of the new Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton corrects the force of gravity in all positions. This complex system of carriages is a technical marvel and is the result of one of the most complex creations in Haute Horlogerie.

Power flows from the gear train through all three carriages to activate the balance wheel five times each second. As the Revolution 3 has three carriages, the gear train has significant resistance to overcome. So as to provide an abundance of energy to drive this triple axis tourbillon, the movement was given a massive 10 days of power reserve. Furthermore, there are two retrograde indications at 4 and 8 o’clock for the progression of the eight-minute carriage and the 60-second carriage.

Housed for the first time in a Vanguard case, this timepiece features a unique sapphire dome on the front and back of the watch, allowing to further highlight the magnificent triple axis tourbillon.

The Vanguard case, made of grade-2 titanium, is treated with black PVD coating. The strap, made of red Alcantara®, effortlessly takes the shape of the wrist and perfectly complements the red decorations on the movement and the Vanguard case.

Wholly designed and manufactured in-house, the futuristic design of the Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton is a mechanical treasure showcasing the exceptional know-how Franck Muller manufacture.

The new Franck Muller Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton comes with Franck Muller’s 5-year tourbillon warranty and is delivered in a very special box with an automated opening system.

Franck Muller Vanguard Skeleton Swiss V 45 S6 SQT BC (ER)

V 45 S6 SQT BC (ER)

The Franck Muller Vanguard Skeleton Swiss V 45 S6 SQT BC (ER) Limited Edition, enriches the collection with a new striking red skeleton body.
Paying homage to Switzerland, the colors that adorn this collection recall the pure white and intense red of the Swiss flag.
This limited edition of only 50 timepieces provides a mesmerizing view on the movement that is a mechanical treasure entirely crafted in-house.

The architectural and geometric open worked bridges have thus been designed to accentuate the modern architecture of the timepiece and allow watch lovers to admire the mechanism in its entirety. The bridges, hand-chamfered to perfection, showcase a subtle and elegant seconds counter at 6 o’clock.
The Vanguard ™ Skeleton Swiss limited edition is housed in a hand polished Vanguard™ titanium case, with white enamel coating. Its features a white alligator strap with red stiches on the side that perfectly compliment the hypnotic red anodized aluminum bridges of the movement.

This limited edition is available from now and exclusively in our emblematic flagship store in Geneva, with the possibility of shipping worldwide.

The triple axis tourbillon of the new Vanguard Revolution 3 Skeleton corrects the force of gravity in all positions. This complex system of carriages is a technical marvel and is the result of one of the most complex creations in Haute Horlogerie.

DGC Franck Muller Foundation Limited Edition watch

DGC Franck Muller luxury fund was jointly founded by notz Stucki and famulan, Geneva asset managers, in December 2014, specializing in luxury jewelry. To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the investment fund, we will launch 50 exclusive limited edition watches.

The collection will be the first perfect encounter between the “Franck Muller Master Banker” series with financial and business temperament and the iconic vanguard series with modern innovative design.

These watches are a great example of the DGC Franck Muller luxury jewelry Fund: the Franck Muller Master Banker collection, inspired by Wall Street, offers three different time zones and can be adjusted with the same crown. As a result, the wearer can know the local time of the selected global stock exchanges at the same time. The center of the watch shows the local time (hours and minutes), and there are two timeplates at 6:00 and 12:00 to display the other two time zones. To pay homage to fund manager notz Stucki, Franck Muller’s designers adopted the unique blue tone that symbolized the asset management company and continued the iconic look of Replica Franck Muller vanguard. This new product combines aesthetics with complicated tabulation.

The new Master Banker continues the vanguard shape, recreates the classic design and dynamic appearance, and shows the traditional essence of Franck Muller.

The cooperation between the two Swiss companies has yielded fruitful results. This year, the scale of the fund has reached 70 million Swiss francs, and since its establishment, it has achieved more than 10% performance gains. The fund complements Franck Muller’s reputation for investing in luxury goods companies known for their products and services and excellent financial fundamentals.

All the watches I’ve never seen are here

In other words, there have been all kinds of small watch exhibitions before. If you miss them, you will miss them. After all, maybe you can enjoy them in the local brand Direct stores. As a brother in the forum said, in order to see a small watch exhibition, you have to work hard. It can be, but it’s really unnecessary

There are some large-scale watch exhibitions, such as sihh or Basel world watch exhibitions, which are held in inconvenient places for Chinese people. But today’s recommended watch exhibition – “Kuang Shi Cang watch” appreciation meeting, we must not miss it.

What’s the difference between the watches on display in this world’s grand luxury watch and jewelry retail exhibition, as well as a landmark event in DFS Master Series? Why should I say that we must not miss this year?

Coincidentally, the first appreciation fair was held in 2020, and this year marks the 10th anniversary of the fair. So, in order to commemorate the 10th anniversary, in addition to selecting more than 450 rare watches and jewelry masterpieces from 30 world-famous brands, some brands have specially made customized watches for DFS and “Kuangshi Collection Watch” appreciation Association. Some customized watches are still limited edition, and the market of limited edition and high-quality products is well known.

So if you miss this year, you may miss it for a lifetime. Well, after all that said, seeing is better than hearing. Although I can only share pictures, I always want you to open your eyes first.

Hey, hey, watch is a must to see, but the opening activity of this wonderful and dreamy “Kuang shicang watch” appreciation meeting is also have to see.

The inspiration of the scene installation of the opening ceremony is derived from the refraction theme of “the vast collection of watches”. The dinner is set up on the stage of the Venetian Theatre (Amazing). With the help of customized digital devices, dishes and digital devices set off a sensory journey of taste buds and vision, and feel the legendary time in the appreciation meeting.

franck muller VANGUARD CRAZY HOURS replica

Franck Muller replica watch that makes people say, “Oh, it must be frank Muller.” Brand.

Since its establishment in 1991, the exaggerated digital scale on the dial has become the classic symbol of Copy Franck Muller. Its unique feature lies in the disordered arrangement of time scales on the dial. Here, we have to sigh about the unruly ideas and superb watch making techniques of French Mulan watchmaker.

The number “10” on the dial of this special edition watch uses contrasting Roman numerals to pay homage to the 10th “great collection watch” appreciation meeting. The design adopts dazzling red color and presents DFS brand color logo. The case is inlaid with 443 diamonds. The case and dial are elegant, exquisite and eye-catching.

It is equipped with a manual up chain movement fm2800ch. The power reserve is 42 hours. This wristwatch is sold exclusively by DFS, with only 5 watches in the world.

franck muller China’s Valentine’s Day

China’s Valentine’s Day is coming. In this romantic festival, Franck Muller, a senior watch brand in Geneva, sincerely selects three unique watch series for you, including the elegant and charming vanguard lady, the charming vanguard 7 days power reserve skeleton, and the fashionable and innovative crazy hours 15th anniversary Asian special edition watch to convey your love to you. In this warm season, choose a delicate gift for each other to create a sweet Valentine’s day.

The 15th anniversary Asian special edition watch of franck muller crazy hours is equipped with Frank Muller’s famous cintr é e curvex case, which is unique and full of personality. The dial displays time in a way that breaks through the tradition, expressing the characteristics of time as an abstract concept, recording every romantic moment.

Inspired by the classic lines of franck muller cintree curvex, the watch further highlights the enchanting style of vanguard series. This vanguard lady is more moving and beautiful with gorgeous details. The sun embossed dial with color dreams embossed digital time scale and diamond case set off each other, adding elegance and luxury to this watch.

franck muller Vanguard 7 days power reserve skeleton is a masterpiece of mechanical wristwatch made by the brand. Its exquisite and complex structure is amazing. The hollowed out watch bridge is rich in architectural and geometric beauty, allowing watch lovers to enjoy the whole mechanical structure of the watch. Hand polished watch bridge shows the self-made movement of the watch factory, and the small second disc at 6:00, which shows the fashionable style and presents a unique watch for love.

Richard Mille RM 011-05 Replica Watch

rm 11-05 automatic chronograph gmt CALIBRE RMAC3 Skeletonised automatic winding movement with hours, minutes, seconds at 3 o’clock, oversize date, month, flyback chronograph with minutes and countdown counters at 9 o’clock, hour counter at 6 o’clock, UTC function and variable-geometry rotor. Richard Mille Replica is not like the Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, and other brands that have a long time of precipitation and technical accumulation. Just less than 20 years of history, they can live in the ranks of top watches and are sought after by the world’s rich and celebrities. RICHARD MILLE RM 011-05 Replica

The Richard Mille RM 011 Replica Watches have the deepest black color. The RM 011 self-winding flyback chronograph replica has a very cool name: Richard Mille RM 011 Black Phantom watches. Its case is made of black TZP ceramic material, this material has a very strong anti-wear properties, but also not as fragile and brittle as traditional ceramics. The tripartite case of the 11-05, therefore, has a Cermet bezel, a Carbon TPT mid-case and a titanium back all held together by Richard Mille’s spline screws in grade 5 titanium. The RM 11-05 Automatic Flyback Chronograph GMT will be available as of July 2020, in a limited run of 140 pieces. Movement.

Item Type: Richard Mille RM 011 Replica Watches


Model Number: RM 11-05 Automatique Chronographe Flyback GMT

Movement: Self winding

Case Material: titanium,Tonneau

Gender: men

Dial Diameter: 50.00×42.70 mm

Glass: Sapphire

Thickness: 16.15mm

Dial: Skeletonized

Clasp Type: Pin Buckle

Boxes: common box package without paper

Band Material Type: Rubber strap

Water Resistance Depth: life proof water

Functions: Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date,Month,Flyback Chronograph,Second Time Zone

Year: 2020

Richard Mille RM 011-05 Replica

Treat your mother as a good girlfriend

People used to say that “mother is like the moon”, but when it comes to getting along with my mother, it is actually more like a “good girlfriend” relationship. I can talk about everything and share everything. I have accompanied my mother to experience her young years. , Fenghua time, so you can understand her girl’s heart, consider her hard work as a mother, in this important festival, how to express deep gratitude and love to the mother? Is it a hug? A good time together? Or an ingenious exquisite gift?

The selfless dedication of the mother is often the spiritual pillar of the whole family. You may choose to choose a special commemorative gift for the mother on this grateful Mother’s Day, just like the model of Franck Muller replica watches. From the perspective, as the main axis of the design, take your mother to the store to choose a watch, so that her warm hands can be surrounded by more meaningful family affection! Let her count every minute and every moment when you are busy at work and people can’t see you in the field, looking forward to the days together.

The charming pink design is suitable for elegant mothers. With Vanguard’s neat case as the main design of the whole watch, coupled with the Crazy Hours function, the Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady replica watch is elegant and more elegant. It enhances youth and vitality, and the embossed digital hour markers on the dial also perfectly match the case with sparkling diamonds. The pink crocodile leather strap makes the shape very magnificent and elegant. It also allows the elegant mother to hold her hands at all times. The gratitude of the child.

This Cintrée Curvex Lady replica watch with a 42-hour power reserve and self-winding is like a strong female mother alone, often exuding the charm of being a mother. The rose-colored watch is gentle and outstanding. The watch is mounted on the iconic Cintrée Curvex case with diamonds. The dial is embossed with sun embossed and embossed digital hour markers, and is lined with a diamond-encrusted rose gold case, showing extraordinary charm.

In fact, every mother has a girlish heart. Through the collocation of the colorful hour markers and leather strap of Franck Muller, these two Cintrée Curvex Lady stainless steel and diamond watches, and the Cintrée Curvex Lady rose gold and diamond watches look Younger, so that the mother who still has a girlish heart has an excellent choice.

FRANCK MULLER Cintrée Curvex Lady and Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady

Franck Muller Watches Send My father’s Day

With My father Birthday Day approaching, Replica Franck Muller watches , a high-end watch brand in Geneva, has selected two exquisite watch series, including the fashionable and innovative vanguard crazy hours Asian special edition watch and the charming vanguard 7 days power reserve skeleton watch to let time confirm this deep and lasting paternal affection. Send a unique wristwatch for Dad, let him treasure it forever, accompany him through every warm moment.

Vanguard crazy hours Asia Special Edition replica watch fully reflects the bold style of the brand and shows its unique aestheticism. The watch is equipped with elegant rose gold and light carbon fiber case. The dial is decorated with hand inlaid embossed digital time mark, which sets off with the same color crown. It is full of sports atmosphere and shows the extreme male charm. Carefully select a watch for steady dad, let him always exude the gentlemanly flavor.

Vanguard 7 days power reserve skeleton replica watch is a masterpiece of mechanical wristwatch made by the brand. Its exquisite and complex structure is amazing. The hand polished bridge shows the self-made movement of the watch factory and the small second disk at 6:00. The hollowed out watch bridge is rich in architectural and geometric beauty, allowing watch lovers to enjoy the whole mechanical structure of the watch.

FRANCK MULLER Vanguard 7 Days Power Reserve Skeleton

FRANCK MULLER Vanguard Crazy Hours

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