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oris diver sixty five chronograph replica

The New Replica oris diver sixty five chronograph is pleased to introduce the first series-produced version of the Divers Sixty-Five Chronograph. The watch is based on the design of the very first diver’s watch Oris created in 1965.

In 2015, Oris relaunched its 1965 dive watch. Riding the wave of nostalgia for vintage-inspired timepieces, the Oris Divers Sixty-Five replica watch was and is a resounding success. With funky material combos of bronze, steel and bronze and a wide variety of colours, the Sixty-Five family proved that owning a cool vintage-style dive watch did not mean breaking the bank. Following in the wake of the top hit 2016 Carl Brashear Limited Editio…

Brice introduced the regular production Divers Sixty-Five Chronographearlier this year and I have to admit that the dimensions seemed a bit off-putting on paper. Weighing in at a hefty 43mm with a case height of 16.93mm, the stainless steel case is large but wears nicely on an 18.5mm wrist as you can see from the photos. It certainly sits high on the wrist but the profile of the watch has been shaped to virtually decrease this thickness. The notched bronze trimming on the bezel is a perfect touch. Discreet but effe…

The black and golden colour scheme, the touch of bronze on the bezel and the legibility are all winning factors. I guess the idea of a dive watch combined with a chronograph doesn’t make a lot of sense to serious divers, but if you look at it as a chronograph with a 100m water-resistant case, the sales pitch is perfect. If only it could be a bit smaller/thinner.

The Oris Sixty-Five Chronograph is equipped with an automatic chronograph movement based on Sellita SW 510 with a decent 48-hour power reserve. The watch comes with two strap options, a brown leather strap with a buckle or an integrated stainless steel riveted bracelet with a folding clasp. Prices start at EUR 200 on leather to EUR 200 on steel. More details at perfectwrist.co.

The Oris Divers Sixty-Five Chronograph is based on a watch from 1965. Based on Oris’s First Divers’ Watch The high-fidelity reissue of the three-handed watch from the 1960s was followed by a retro-modern facelift, various special models – also with innovative wristbands made of recycled plastic – and finally a chronograph.

This vintage-inspired diver features a modern, water-resistant case, chronograph function, and a little pop of bronze in the bezel. Why We Love It The Divers Sixty-Five has already cemented a reputation as one of the all-time greatest values in the entire category. It’s cool, it’s comfortable, and it just gets it right.

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Oris Divers 65 36mm replica

Combining a near replica-level of visual design authenticity with updated construction methods and technology at a fair price, Oris Divers Sixty Five 36mm replica series has grown in size and popularity since its release in 2015. While initially available in a middle-of-the-road 40mm-diameter case, Oris has expanded the collection several times to include a 42mm version, as well as a new 36mm case size more in keeping with vintage tastes. In this Wrist Time Review, I’ll delve into the Replica Oris Diver Sixty-Five 36mm to discover whether or not a modern watch in a surprisingly small size can scratch the vintage itch.

I’ve had my eye on the Sixty-Five since its release. Of all the vintage reissue watches in recent years, and my God there are lots, Oris stands almost alone in daring to create a modern reference that almost exactly replicates the design of one its 1960s pieces. (Longines’ Legend Diver also comes to mind.)

Naturally, modern tech was applied to the Diver Sixty-Five, where applicable, in the form of an AR-coated, domed sapphire crystal, as well as the Sellita SW-200 caliber, but the dial, bezel, case shape, and even tropic-style strap were all seemingly ripped from a mid-sixties Oris catalog. For those wanting a vintage-looking watch with modern reliability and performance, Oris nailed it with the Sixty-Five and they have been adding to the collection ever since.

For those after a diver in a “modern” size, Oris offer the Sixty-Five in 42mm, a sweet spot for many wrists, as well as the original 40mm. However, Oris’ decision to produce the 36mm discussed here was more eyebrow-raising, despite the fact the original reference for the Sixty-Five was, indeed, about that diameter. But how will such a small watch stack up in the modern watch world, especially one in which most diving watches are 42mm-wide, or more, and boast obscenely unnecessary water resistance ratings?

The Oris Diver Sixty-Five replica case is well executed, if a bit simple. With vertical brushing on top, polished sides and caseback, a signed, polished crown, and a unidirectional, 120-click bezel with a polished coin edge, the Sixty-Five 36 is all business and all vintage in both look and feel.

While some may argue over the lack of refinement in Sixty-Five’s case finishing, especially given the not terribly inexpensive price point, the watch is made to harken back to a vintage Oris with equally straightforward finishing. It really does look and feel like a vintage watch, an effect most notably driven home by the case size, a matter we must discuss in detail.

While I consider myself a fan of vintage watches, and I own several, I don’t actually wear them often. They are more delicate, especially where water intrusion is concerned, and generally more difficult and expensive to replace or repair than their descendents. I’m a diver by trade, and water is a real threat to my watches in my daily life. Vintage watches are also most often a bit smaller and, therefore, jarring when first strapped on. At 36mm-wide and 13mm-thick, the Oris Sixty-Five 36mm gave me exactly the same sensation.

Sure, a smaller, lighter watch looks absolutely tiny if it’s the first thing you put on after a Seiko Tuna, but that’s ok. Your eyes will adapt. When they do, they’ll be treated to a well done, Swiss-made diver that oozes the old days of scuba, before dual-hose regulators and swimming trunks gave way to $1,500 diving computers and PADI Nitrox Wreck Archaeologist Ice Diver cards.

To sum up the Oris Sixty-Five’s smaller diameter, size does matter, but bigger is certainly not always better. If you like the look and feel of vintage watches, you will like wearing the Diver Sixty-Five 36. Going this small is also a bold choice from Oris. Even Tudor, lover of all things heritage, only went for 39mm in its smallest diving Black Bay.

To boot, the Sixty-Five 36 is a modern watch with modern seals and the benefit of recent pressure testing (the Diver Sixty-Five 36 is rated to an absolutely adequate 100 meters). While the overall size may be the most catching aspect of the Sixty-Five 36, the dial is more than worthy of some attention.

While the general design of the Diver-Sixty 36 dial is, as you’d imagine, the same as its larger brethren but smaller, the color is a really interesting deep blue you seldom see. Lying indoors on your desk, the Sixty-Five dial is almost black, a color some would call “midnight,” or the like, but out in the sun the blue comes alive, adding depth and interest to an otherwise understated design.

Applied, polished, steel-rimmed hour markers complement polished, steel-rimmed baton hands, and all are equipped with vintage colored Super-LumiNova (Light Old Radium, Oris or Super-LumiNova call it).

While the look is the same as the larger Oris Diver Sixty-Fives out there, the old-school dial is even more old-school when presented in a smaller package. Complementing the vintage feels, Oris has designed an excellent domed sapphire, AR coated (on the inside) crystal that perfectly replicates so many old acrylic crystals on so many old diver’s watches.

While I’m not personally the biggest fan of “faux vintage” watch lume, in this case, I get it. In a watch like the Sixty-Five, which so closely replicates its ancestor, Oris went for it all the way, offering a new watch that actually does look like an old watch. However, this particular lume just isn’t all that bright, despite the seemingly liberal application on the dial and hands. When you’ve just shelled out $1,900 for a diver, the lume should be great, faux vintage or not.

While the Sellita SW 200 isn’t necessarily sexy, it is a solid choice for a Swiss-made watch caliber in a sports watch like the Oris Diver Sixty-Five. This hacking, handwinding, automatic movement runs at 28,800vph on 26 jewels with a power reserve of 38 hours. More and more, watch brands are selecting Sellita over ETA due to the ease of availability and equally capable performance.

For those living under rocks, the SW200 is essentially the exact same movement as the ubiquitous ETA 2824-2, a point we covered in detail here. It’s unclear whether Oris do anything significant in terms of modifying the basic SW200 or simply include the caliber with a signed rotor.

If the movement is, at it appears to be, not at all enhanced, modified, or messed with, some will take issue with the $1,900 price tag. There are certainly similarly appointed watches with vintage styling and the exact same movement as the Sixty-Five for a lot less coin, but the Oris name and accompanying heritage does carry a certain amount of weight. For what it’s worth, my Oris Sixty-Five 36 kept excellent time at plus three-four seconds a day when worn.

Part of what really makes this watch look and feel old is the Tropic style strap. For those out of the vintage diving loop, rubber straps of this style, many made by the Tropic brand, were the strap of choice on many diving watches of the sixties and seventies. At 17mm at the lugs, we’re already talking about a startlingly small strap by today’s standards, but the strap tapers to just 14mm, with a signed Oris buckle that also perfectly replicates the smaller buckles on Tropics of old.

As the owner of many original Tropic straps, I can say this one perfectly replicates the look and feel, except for Oris’ crafty quick release feature at the lugs. However, on this watch, in this day and age, the strap does amplify the shock value of an already diminutive watch. For those who really want the watch to feel like they just made an excellent vintage eBay find, the strap is perfect.

For many others, I think either the beautiful rivet-style bracelet or an untapered (or less tapered) strap would aid in the overall appearance of heft on a smaller watch. An 18mm NATO also fits well, and gives the watch a little more presence.

As I’ve said, the Oris Diver Sixty-Five 36 is small, especially by today’s standards. For the very large-wristed out there, it simply might not work. For the Herculean out there, Oris does produce two other case sizes in this series, in an attempt to please everyone. However, the Sixty-Five 36 recreates the feel of a vintage watch, in both diameter and sensation, so well that the smaller size and associated look feels purposeful.

Frankly, times have changed. Virtually all men’s (full-size) watches are larger than they were in the sixties. Many watches are downright huge compared to those of yesteryear. Surely, a 36mm watch will be relegated to the wrists of the slender-wristed, perhaps boys and women. Many people, perhaps even myself included, thought exactly that of the Sixty-Five 36mm upon its release. Throughout the review process, I learned I was, quite frankly, wrong. As it turns out, 36mm might be a sweet spot more brands can and should go after, especially when the watch is as well executed as the Oris Diver Sixty-Five 36.

Oris Divers 65 40mm replica

The Oris Divers Sixty-Five Replica features a stainless steel case of 40mm. The black dial is adorned with luminous markers with a vintage hue matching the hands. The bezel is DLC-coated to resemble the black-painted one found on the original. Oris Divers Sixty Five 40mm replica

The Oris Divers Sixty-Five 40mm in Green Dial with Bronze bezel. September 13, 2019. Share. Over the last couple of years, the watch industry is still excited and mesmerized on how vintage models and designs have crept back into the scene. Dozens and dozens of classic designs and models have found its way back into the new watch market with stellar …

In comparison, the Oris Divers 60-Five Replica is much more of the relaxed vacation diver’s replica watch, particularly in this light gray, Deauville blue, and pale-eco-friendly color plan. For that guy or woman who wears a conservative dress replica watch all week in the office, the Best Oris Divers 60-Five is jeans-and-a-t-shirt-ready and pleading to become matched having a bathing suit next time you mind south.

Oris has dived back in time and is delighted to present the Oris Divers Sixty-Five – a revival of an iconic diver’s watch that first appeared in the Oris collection 50 years ago. The new Oris Divers Sixty-Five shares the retro looks of the 1960s original, but it’s been modernised using 21st century watchmaking techniques. The case is made of anti-corrosive stainless steel. The vintage …

Oris Divers 65 42mm replica

Inside the Oris Divers Sixty-Five replica is the surely understood Sellita SW 200-1 programmed that hacks and elements a date. It has 26 gems, keeps running at 28,800 bph and has a force store of 38 hours. Starting now, the watch highlights a dark elastic strap that is styled precisely like a vintage Tropic Sport. Oris Divers Sixty Five 42mm replica

No risk of second-album syndrome here – this slightly larger take on the Divers Sixty-Five is a worthy, if slightly more mainstream, follow-up to the original release. There must be something good in the water at Hölstein, because Oris has been on fire lately. The 100% mechanical brand has always had a solid following thanks to its no-fuss divers and pilots pieces, but even though the watches represent excellent bang for buck, they’ve always b…

High on my list of favorite replica watches from Baselworld 2016 is the Oris Divers Sixty-Five 42mm (aka “Sixty-Five 42”). Sharing a few common traits with the previous smash-hit Divers Sixty-Five, this new 42mm model is a bit bigger and has an entirely different dial, with a more traditional dive replica watch layout and a lovely gradated blue coloring.

High on my list of favorite replica watches from Baselworld 2016 is the Oris Divers Sixty-Five 42mm (aka “Sixty-Five 42”). Sharing a few common traits with the previous smash-hit Divers Sixty-Five, this new 42mm model is a bit bigger and has an entirely different dial, with a more traditional dive replica …

The Oris Divers Sixty-Five 42mm , for better or worse, comes with a depth rating from 1965 as well- a meager 100 meters. In today’s world, that’s hardly a qualifier for a diver’s replica watch, with most true diver designs starting at 200m and up.

In comparison, the Oris Divers 60-Five Replica is much more of the relaxed vacation diver’s replica watch, particularly in this light gray, Deauville blue, and pale-eco-friendly color plan. For that guy or woman who wears a conservative dress replica watch all week in the office, the Best Oris Divers 60-Five is jeans-and-a-t-shirt-ready and pleading to become matched having a bathing suit next time you mind south.