Franck Muller Watches–Special shell diving watch

The change of the style of diving watch mainly comes from the dentate shape of unidirectional rotating watch ring, the design of crown shoulder protection and bridge protection, or with different colors. In addition, the diving watch is not only limited to round shape, but also may be square or octagonal, and then to irregular shell types such as pillow type and wine barrel type. The unique shape of watch case can break the established impression of watch fans and bring a new experience.

Franck Muller skafander titanium case, rotating timing inner ring, diameter 46 x 57 mm, hour, minute, second, date, automatic chain movement, power storage for 42 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror, waterproof 100 meters, rubber strap.

In general, the style of wine barrel watch case is mainly located in the form of formal watch or modeling and rarely appears in the form of diving watch. Franck Muller skafander replica watch is one of the most successful examples of integrating wine barrel case into diving watch.

The name of skafander comes from the diving suit of 1930’s, which has good sealing property, and later developed into the prototype of spacesuit. Due to the irregular shape of the barrel shaped case of the Skafander, the one-way rotating table ring is designed in the inner ring and is adjusted 1 points and 5 minutes respectively through 8 points and the 10 o’clock position. When the number on the watch circle moves to the corresponding position, then press the lock button at 9 o’clock to lock, which can avoid the accidental touch in the middle process. The hollowed out design of the dial can see the structure of the movement gear and the date plate. The radial modeling time mark also echoes the shape of the watch case.