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Franck Muller Christmas Flash collection

Franck Muller, a Swiss high-end watch brand, has selected two exquisite watches and jewelry series to give you a warm gift on Christmas day. These carefully selected products are new products that have made breakthroughs in innovation this year, including vanguard 7 days power reserve skeleton series for masculine and athletic style, vanguard lady moonphase series with novel and unique design and highlighting women’s charm, as well as the gorgeous talisman high-grade jewelry series.

The brand new vanguard lady moonphase replica watch series, which is elegant and extraordinary, attracts people’s attention.

The diamond inlaid case has elegant lines. The sun embossed dial has a diamond inlaid lunar phase display at 6:00, which sets off against each other. The lunar phase display attracts watch wearers’ eyes and appreciates the changes until the full moon night.

Vanguard 7 days power reserve skeleton is the brand’s home-made mechanical wrist watch. The dynamic luxury sports watch also adapts to the daily sports style.

The hand polished bridge shows the self-made movement of the watch factory and the small second disk at 6:00. The hollowed out watch bridge is rich in architectural and geometric beauty, allowing watch lovers to enjoy the whole mechanical structure of the watch. The unique appearance design, the iconic hollow pointer and dial perfectly match, seamless, showing innovative and unconventional decoration details and the essence of traditional watch making.


FRANCK MULLER Vanguard 7 Days Power Reserve Skeleton

Franck Muller Vanguard revolution 3 skeleton watch presents unique outstanding technical and emotional significance

Franck Muller famulan’s Revolution Series Tourbillon watches embody the great vision of watchmakers, gather exquisite technology and amazing beauty, and become the model works in the history of contemporary watch making.

Today, Franck Muller famulan launched vanguard ™ Revolution 3 skeleton wristwatch presents the unique outstanding technical and emotional significance of famulan. The eye-catching hollow out movement design, with fashionable black hollow bridge plate and red aluminum indicator, shows the aesthetic feeling of mechanical operation incisively and vividly.

The traditional Tourbillon can only reduce the influence of gravity when the watch is in the vertical direction, while the three-axis Tourbillon can correct the gravity of all directions. This complex transmission system is a technological miracle and one of the complex creations of advanced watch making industry.

Franck Muller Vanguard ™ Revolution 3 skeleton adopts a highly complex device. The three-axis touring wheel is located in the lower half of the core. It rotates slowly in three frames with 1 hour, 8 minutes and 60 seconds, which makes the travel time accuracy more accurate. It can be called a masterpiece of micro machinery.

The touring wheel uses fixed gear to provide power for the balance wheel through the rotation of the frame to keep the vibration frequency once every five seconds. Vanguard with three frameworks ™ Revolution 3 skeleton needs to overcome greater driveline resistance. For this reason, Franck Muller famulan gives the movement 10 days of power storage, and also provides the 8-minute frame and 60 second frame with the reverse jump indication, which are located at 4:00 and 8:00 respectively.

The vanguard case is used for the first time in this series of watches. The front and back mirrors are made of curved sapphire crystal, which shows the gorgeous and exquisite three-axis Tourbillon. Vanguard case is made of secondary titanium and coated with black PVD coating. The red Alcantara? Chamois strap is easy to fit the wrist shape, matching the red decoration on the movement and case. Franck Muller Vanguard ™ Revolution 3 skeleton is designed and manufactured by Franck Muller famulan. It is an ingenious work combining futuristic design style and exquisite manufacturing technology of the brand.

Franck Muller is the New Vanguard ™ Revolution 3 skeleton offers a five-year Tourbillon warranty, and comes with a special self opening watch box.

Franck Muller Vanguard Lady Gravity

Franck muller vanguard lady replica Series with a full of feminine charm watch and dynamic detail design, both elegant and attractive, especially suitable for women who love complex functions.

The Franck Muller vanguard lady gravity watch, which embodies the novel concept of the tourbillon frame, combines all the outstanding qualities, adopts a creative oval structure, combines cutting-edge technology and unique traditions, and presents a dazzling mechanical device.

This Franck Muller vanguard lady gravity watch has a fully self-designed and manufactured manual winding mechanical movement. This vanguard lady gravity wristwatch will add femininity to women, and it is also a rare modern watch.

The Franck Muller vanguard lady gravity watch is available in 35mm and 38mm sizes, which is suitable for all wrist sizes, and is attractive to every woman.

Franck Muller Replica watch adopts the design of perspective dial and elliptical touring wheel to embody all his professional skills incisively and vividly. This brand-new wristwatch combines feminine elegance with modernity.

The new Franck Muller vanguard lady gravity pays tribute to women who pursue innovation, craftsmanship and a unique watch.

franck muller China’s Valentine’s Day

China’s Valentine’s Day is coming. In this romantic festival, Franck Muller, a senior watch brand in Geneva, sincerely selects three unique watch series for you, including the elegant and charming vanguard lady, the charming vanguard 7 days power reserve skeleton, and the fashionable and innovative crazy hours 15th anniversary Asian special edition watch to convey your love to you. In this warm season, choose a delicate gift for each other to create a sweet Valentine’s day.

The 15th anniversary Asian special edition watch of franck muller crazy hours is equipped with Frank Muller’s famous cintr é e curvex case, which is unique and full of personality. The dial displays time in a way that breaks through the tradition, expressing the characteristics of time as an abstract concept, recording every romantic moment.

Inspired by the classic lines of franck muller cintree curvex, the watch further highlights the enchanting style of vanguard series. This vanguard lady is more moving and beautiful with gorgeous details. The sun embossed dial with color dreams embossed digital time scale and diamond case set off each other, adding elegance and luxury to this watch.

franck muller Vanguard 7 days power reserve skeleton is a masterpiece of mechanical wristwatch made by the brand. Its exquisite and complex structure is amazing. The hollowed out watch bridge is rich in architectural and geometric beauty, allowing watch lovers to enjoy the whole mechanical structure of the watch. Hand polished watch bridge shows the self-made movement of the watch factory, and the small second disc at 6:00, which shows the fashionable style and presents a unique watch for love.