Franck Muller works with Rolls Royce to create customized watches and cars

Franck Muller and Rolls Royce in Geneva have teamed up to create custom watches and cars using the “crazy hours” design elements.

Rolls Royce in Geneva will use the innovative super large time scale of the crazy hours Series for interior and instrument design of the phantom customized version, which will be named Rolls Royce phantom crazy numbers.

To celebrate the birth of Rolls Royce phantom crazy numbers, Franck Muller will release two limited watches. The new replica watch has the same blue and black color as the car, one with a blue case with a black dial and a black leather strap, and the other with a black case with a blue dial and blue leather strap.

The movement of the Franck Muller crazy hours watch is patented, and the central hour hand jumps from one hour to the next with random numbers on the dial. Therefore, every 60 minutes, the clock will correctly jump to the next number. At the same time, the minute hand rotates in a regular 360 ° cycle around the dial every hour.

Nicholas rudaz, head of watchland,Franck Muller, said: “I am very pleased to work with the best car manufacturers in the world to produce customized cars and exclusive watches. It’s a fantastic experience to see our special know-how in advanced tabulation is used in the design of exclusive models. “