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Franck Muller #FR2NCK MULLER Vanguard

To celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, Swiss luxury watch brand Franck Muller and Tokyo-based streetwear label #FR2 have jointly unveiled a new model called the #FR2NCK MULLER Vanguard. This marks the first collaboration between the two brands. This edgy, fashion-forward timepiece comes with a dial anchored by #FR2’s iconoclastic rabbit motif, sitting amid the signature numerals and tonneau case of Franck Muller. #FR2, also known as Fxxking Rabbits, was founded by Ryo Ishikawa, who’s perhaps best known for founding fashion imprint Vanquish. Following its establishment in 2014, #FR2 quickly attracted a following with its signature rabbit and “Smoking Kills” motifs, as well as its products’ bold photographic prints.
The #FR2NCK MULLER Vanguard bridges Swiss luxury watchmaking and Japanese street fashion by melding the elements from each universe and complete with its creators’ signature touches.

This is immediately apparent on the dial, where Franck Muller’s timeless yet avant-garde aesthetic has taken on street style sensibilities. A matte white dial base starts things off by establishing a high key aesthetic, upon which black hands, markings, and appliqué indices lie. At seven o’clock of the monochromatic dial, Franck Muller has placed #FR2’s provocative Fxxking Rabbits motif in lieu of hour markers, with one rabbit’s red eye providing the sole spot of colour on the dial.

Super-Luminova has been selectively applied such that the skeletonised obelisk hands, indices and graphical motif leap out from the dial in the absence of light. The tonneau-shaped Vanguard case has been rendered in a new carbon and glass fibre composite – a first for the brand, and one that will be reserved for Southeast Asia-exclusive models only. Thanks to random variations in combining carbon powder and glass, every watch case will offer a unique pattern of striations.

The white nylon strap has been emblazoned with black text in a typographic style that will be familiar to street fashion aficionados.
Just in time to herald the impending Year of the Rabbit, Franck Muller and Tokyo-based streetwear label #FR2 have jointly unveiled the #FR2NCK MULLER Vanguard. This marks the first collaboration between the two brands, and sees Franck Muller adopting the distinctive design language of #FR2 on its trademark Vanguard watch. The result is an edgy, fashion-forward timepiece with a dial anchored by #FR2’s iconoclastic rabbit motif, sitting a mid the signature numerals and tonneau case of Franck Muller. The #FR2NCK MULLER Vanguard bridges Swiss luxury watchmaking and Japanese street fashion by melding the elements from each universe, complete with its creators’ signature touches. This is immediately apparent on the dial, where Franck Muller’s timeless yet avant-garde aesthetic has taken on street style sensibilities. A matte white dial base starts things off by establishing a high key aesthetic, upon which black hands, markings, and appliqué indices lie.

The high contrast, monochromatic look comes complete with a delightful quirk at seven o’clock. Here, Franck Muller has situated #FR2’s provocative Fxxking Rabbits motif in lieu of hour markers, with one rabbit’s red eye providing the sole spot of colour on the dial. In the dark, the #FR2NCKMULLER Vanguard also offers an idiosyncratic twist. Super-Luminova has been selectively applied such that the skeletonised obelisk hands, indices and graphical motif leap out from the dial in the absence of light. The stark, bold design extends to the rest of the watch. This includes Franck Muller’s tonneau-shaped Vanguard case, which has been rendered in a new carbon and glass fibre composite – a first for the brand, and one that will be reserved for Southeast Asia – exclusive models only. To create the light yet strong material, carbon powder and glass fibres are combined, before the resulting mass is impregnated with a bonding resin. The mixture is then baked at 150 degrees Celsius for three hours under 200 tons of pressure, to finally yield a composite that can then be machined into the necessary components. Due to random variations in how the mix are compressed, every watch case will offer a unique pattern of striations. The final touch here is the white nylon strap, which has been emblazoned with black text in a typographic style that will be familiar to street fashion aficionados. Franck Muller’s work with #FR2 is a rare example of the Swiss watchmaker’s collaboration with external brands, which has been limited to a small, select group of partners. “#FR2’s founder Ryo Ishikawa isn’t just an iconic figure in Tokyo’s streetwear scene,” shares Sharon Lim, CEO of Franck Muller SEA. “As the creative force behind Fxxking Rabbits, he has adopted a muti-disciplinary approach to his label’s creations while maintaining a fiercely independent spirit. These are values that we believe in and identify with at Franck Muller, which makes this Southeast Asia Exclusive a natural collaboration. Of course, the product that we have come up with speaks to that.”

Franck Muller Vanguard Snowflake

Pour ces moments festifs et magiques que sont les fêtes de fin d’année, la Maison Franck Muller enrichit sa collection iconique avec la Vanguard Snowflake.

Cette magnifique Franck Muller Vanguard Snowflake se pare d’éléments délicats. Le cadran estampillé soleil est orné de flocons de neige en relief appliqués, en or rose ou en couleur argent, selon les matériaux du boîtier. Ces flocons de neige sont délicatement découpés et sont tous uniques sur le cadran, comme dans la réalité.

Pour souligner la beauté de cette collection, les chiffres du cadran ont été délicatement remplacés par onze diamants éparpillés, visant à donner la sensation d’une véritable chute de neige à l’intérieur du garde-temps. Le chiffre 12 est le seul entièrement représenté pour symboliser le mois de décembre, lorsque les premières neiges arrivent.

Dotée d’un mouvement à remontage automatique, la Franck Muller Vanguard Snowflake est disponible en acier inoxydable et en or rose, sertie ou non de diamants à la main. Elle est complétée par l’emblématique bracelet en alligator d’un blanc nacré scintillant sous le soleil d’hiver.
When we saw Kingston Chu’s rose gold Vanguard at the opening of the Franck Muller Sydney boutique in October, we knew we had to get a closer look. Here was a Franck Muller unlike any we’d encountered before: lightweight and sporty, yet still boldly designed with the trademark curves. So when we had the opportunity to spend some time with the Vanguard, we jumped at it.
Fans of Franck will be unsurprised to learn that there’s a profusion of Vanguard models available. A quick tally of the brand’s website shows 27 different models, in both time-only and chronograph versions, cased in a diverse range of materials from red gold and titanium right up to carbon fibre and full diamond set options. Really, there’s a Vanguard for everyone – and after careful deliberation we’ve found ours: reference V45 SC DT TT NR BR ER. Sexy, no? But clunky nomenclature aside, there’s a lot we like about this watch.
First up, the curvex case. While the distinctive shape remains, its execution in black PVD-treated titanium with crimson highlights makes the piece feel more dystopian than deco. In our opinion, the best thing about this case design is the broad, curved crystal, which really opens up the dial, allowing you to read it quickly, and inspect the detail closely. And it certainly holds up to such close examination with its hand-finished applied Arabic numerals detailed in red, which really makes them stand out against the dark, brushed dial. It also features compass bearings around the rehaut, though besides keeping things interesting, we feel it’s an unnecessary addition.
One of best things about this Franck Muller Vanguard Snowflake watch (and indeed any Franck Muller curvex) is the case profile. In this instance the middle case section and crown are finished in vivid red, which looks very cool against the matte black of the rest of the watch. The strap, in a mix of leather and rubber, is also seamlessly integrated into the case thanks to hidden screws, and the double fold deployant clasp neatly echoes the case shape. The Vanguard collection as a whole is a refreshingly contemporary take on Franck Muller’s classic design, and this particular reference stands out. The combination of colours and the technical finishes make this Vanguard a sporty, stealthy, almost sinister timepiece – and we mean that in the best way possible.

Franck Muller Vanguard Racing Skeleton

Since Franck Muller first introduced the Vanguard series over five years ago, the collection has leapt forward and become the platform on which new and bold developments are launched. The Franck Muller Vanguard Racing Skeleton collection also introduced a new era for the brand, as it moved away from jewellery-centric watches and re-established itself as a fine watchmaking manufacture. Along with the Vanguard, we saw new chronograph models emerge, as well as impressive oversized tourbillons, and delightful revivals of classic Franck Muller complications such as the Crazy Hours. The Vanguard collection reminded the industry at large that Franck Muller was one of the first watchmakers to place the tourbillon on the front of the watch dial, rather than keep it at the back of the movement as with traditional watchmaking. In many ways, his work introduced an era of dynamic high watchmaking to be shown off on the dial.
On the eve of its 30th anniversary, the brand continues to expand on its Vanguard series, with a new model, the Racing Skeleton, hitting stores this quarter. The watch sets the Vanguard collection’s bold and definitive looks in the style of a motorsport-inspired machine, delivering a sexy timepiece with hidden chassis enhancements that are not immediately evident at first glance.
At the heart of the Franck Muller Vanguard Racing Skeleton is the FM 2800-DT movement, a three-hand caliber that’s a foundation movement used previously in other Vanguard Racing models. The movement is fully skeletonised this time around and visible through the front of the watch, which has a secondary see-through crystal within the watch showing the central seconds and the gear train that lies underneath.

The watch differs from other past Franck Muller Vanguard Racing Skeleton models such as the Grande Date or Gravity. A central seconds ring, which supports the seconds display at the centre of the dial and under which a skeletonised date display rests, is attached to the case via the hour markers, which alternate between angled bars and cut-out Arabic numerals. The movement sits below this layer, with four bridges that support and protect it against shock and are screwed to the back.

While the hour and minute hands run in pretty much the same way, the seconds hand is a different matter altogether. The start of the seconds run is at six o’clock rather than 12, much like the speedometer of a vehicle. This reposition may not seem like much, but it has a very significant effect when it comes to looking at the watch. For example, the minute shift that takes place as the seconds hand passes “59” now occurs at the base of the dial rather than the top, and the date jump is similarly scheduled.
Four case variations are available, in rose gold, steel, carbon or titanium. The watch has a suede strap with a rubberised back, which is also attached to the watch case via two screws rather than a standard spring bar. Thus, the strap appears to merge into the case, rather than sit around it, giving it a seamless appearance in design. Motoring enthusiasts will find this a charming addition to their collection.

Franck Muller X BWD Crazy Hours Snoopy

“Yesterday I was a dog. Today I’m a dog. Tomorrow I’ll probably still be a dog. Sigh! There’s so little hope for advancement.” These words were uttered by Snoopy, the iconic but ultimately fictional dog who’s a product of cartoonist Charles Schulz’s wonderful imagination. But little did the wisest of wise canines know what would be in store for him when querying the “probably” mundane fate of his future days.
The myth of Snoopy being anything close to a modest dog has long since been dispelled when he and his Peanuts gang became household names and their globally recognised faces splashed over all kinds of merchandise and movies. That said, even Snoopy will scarcely believe his next adventure, but when it comes to George Bamford, hope for advancement is always an option. Anything can be possible, like Snoopy waving his arms around a magnificently complicated watch.
Yes, Franck Muller is the latest watchmaker to translate its fondness for Charlie Brown’s trusty old mate into a timepiece and the design is certainly Snoppy’s most active yet. Indeed, while his body is stationary on the captivating, super-luminova ringed black dial, his arms are dancing around the dial. Why? Because Bamford and Franck Muller have chosen the Franck Muller Crazy Hours Cintrée Curvex model for this limited-edition piece.
Anyone who loves Franck Muller – Cristiano Ronaldo and Kanye West to name a few – will know the Crazy Hours is crazy because despite the numerals not being in 1-12 clockwise order as you’d expect them to be, the model’s mechanical movement magically allows the hour hand to jump from one hour to the next in the correct order, thus telling the correct time and keeping Snoppy active every hour. And anyone nuts about Peanuts is in for another treat: Woodstock also pops up twice on the dial, the cheeky little bird, to keep his best friend company.
On the technical side of things, the watch houses a MVD FM 2800-CHR, self-winding movement with bi-directional rotor system, which is capable of producing 42 hours of power reserve with the balance wheel frequency set at 28,800 alternations per hour. That’s legit. The case is 39.6mm of hunky matte black stainless steel and is hand brushed for good measure with a rhodium plating. It’s very easy to call something unique but this watch truly warrants being dubbed one of a kind. Or at least one of 25, as that’s how many it’s been limited to.
All being said though, we’d expect nothing less when two such powerhouses as Franck Muller and George Bamford collaborate. Hats off to them.
Bamford Watch Department has brought its obsession with Snoopy to a monochrome 25-piece limited edition transformation of Franck Muller’s Crazy Hours.

The world’s most famous beagle graces the dial with his arms forming the hour and minute hands but, this being a Crazy Hours, the hour hand progresses in an erratic jumping manner, keeping track of out-of-sequence arrangement of hour markers. Snoopy is also surrounded by concentric luminous loops which put an after-hours spotlight on the pooch.

Woodstock also appears twice on the dial, perched on the 10 and six o’clock numerals.

“Working on the Franck Muller Crazy Hours watch has been so much fun,” says George Bamford, founded of Bamford Watch Department. “I cannot stop smiling when I look at this watch as there are so many cool elements to it. Adding Snoopy to this crazy dial and using his arms to point to the numerals is amazing. I love using the iconic concentric circular pattern around Snoopy, and what takes this watch to the next level is the luminous effect used on the dial.”

The case itself is a matte black coated stainless steel, while the watch is secured on a black fabric strap.

Franck Muller Crazy Hours 30th Anniversary

Franck Muller celebrates its 30th Anniversary with the iconic Crazy Hours complication. The new timepiece combines iconic symbols such as the famous color dreams numerals, hologram numbers on the dial and the Crazy Hours complication. Featured in its perfectly curved Cintrée Curvex case, being the brand’s most distinctive silhouette, the Crazy Hours 30th is flawlessly offering emotions to the owner though its clever and complex mechanism and beautiful dial.
The  Franck Muller Crazy Hours 30th Anniversary  , the most emblematic Franck Muller timepiece, features a wonderful mechanical movement that allows the hour hand to cleverly jump from one hour to the next in the correct order. Thus, to read the time, simply take note of the number indicated by the hour hand, while the minutes hand follows a traditional 60-minute cycle.The Crazy Hours 30th Anniversary presents a new redesigned dial where the hour numbers are off-centered, resulting in a complete work of art. The stamped guilloché with sun pattern and hologram numbers marks Franck Muller anniversary with the number thirty hand-set with 20 brilliant-cut diamonds.
Available in different sizes such as the 5850, 7880 or 8880, the dial will also be colorful with the emblematic hand-painted color dreams numbers, the royal blue dial or the deep burgundy dial.
Franck Muller celebrates its 30th Anniversary with the iconic Crazy Hours complication. We are pleased to present a new timepiece combining iconic symbols such as the famous color dreams numerals, hologram numbers on the dial and the Crazy Hours complication. Featured in its perfectly curved Cintrée Curvex

 case, being the brand’s most distinctive silhouette, the  Franck Muller Crazy Hours 30th Anniversary   is flawlessly offering emotions to the owner though its clever and complex mechanism and beautiful dial.

The Crazy Hours, the most emblematic Franck Muller timepiece, is a watch like no other, where you can immediately notice the untraditional order of the numerals. You may wonder : how to read the time? The collection features a wonderful mechanical movement that allows the hour hand to cleverly jump from one hour to the next in the correct order. 
Thus, to read the time, simply take note of the number indicated by the hour hand, while the minutes hand follows a traditional 60-minute cycle. A new philosophy of time where you wait impatiently for the 59th minute of each hour, hypnotized by the jump of the hour hand.

The Franck Muller Crazy Hours 30th Anniversary presents a new redesigned dial where the hour numbers are off-centered, resulting in a complete work of art. The stamped guilloché with sun pattern and hologram numbers marks Franck Muller anniversary with the number thirty hand-set with 20 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Available in different sizes such as the 5850, 7880 or 8880, the dial will also be colorful with the emblematic hand-painted color dreams numbers, the royal blue dial or the deep burgundy dial.

Franck Muller Grand Central Tourbillon

Franck Muller introduces the Franck Muller Grand Central Tourbillon, with the tourbillon right in the middle of the guilloché dial, housed in the signature Cintrée Curvex case. Three case options are offered – in 18k white gold, 18k rose gold and in titanium, each with their own dial colour.
The Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex is a signature of the maison since 1991. The first watch designed by Franck Muller the watchmaker was a tourbillon in 1983/4, and with this latest introduction, the maison reintroduces its original avant garde flair in an all new grand central tourbillon.
The Grand Central Tourbillon is the world’s first centre tourbillon in a tonneau-shaped case. The result of over a year of industrious research and development: the tourbillon moves from the traditional 6 o’clock position into the centre of the dial. The Grand Central Tourbillon’s hour and minute hands are placed around the central tourbillon cage, drawing attention to the complexity of the movement within.

The tourbillon itself is suspended by a single bridge—which is also shaped to indicate the seconds—and is elevated above the rest of the dial.

While conventionally, a standard minute tourbillon has a cage directly driven by the third wheel, which in turn is driven by the second wheel. As the second wheel’s usual location is right in the middle of the movement, having to place the carriage’s pivot in the center presented a specific challenge.
The tourbillon rotates in its carriage with a single triangular shaped arm which acts as the seconds hand. The tourbillon is also raised from the curved dial. Inspired by the Clous de Paris pattern, the Grand Central Tourbillon’s dial features a new guilloché with a spiral effect that accentuates the rotational movement of the centre tourbillon.

The instantly recognisable Cintrée Curvex case has long been synonymous with Franck Muller Grand Central Tourbillon for nearly three decades and remains an icon to this day. Available in a variety of metals from titanium to white gold, the case measures 40.16 mm in width, 58.70 mm in length and 16.63 mm in thickness.
The galvanised brass guilloché dial is painstakingly coated with 20 layers of translucent lacquer, topped off by Franck Muller’s signature oversized art deco indices, carefully applied by hand. The watch wears large, housing the massive complication and providing enough depth for the curved sapphire crystal. Considering how the glass is angled, it may take some getting used to the reflectiveness and distortion of view from certain angles for those new to the curvex design.
While there is no doubt the central tourbillon is a complication in its own right, the complication to relocate it to the center yields little benefit from a time telling technical perspective. Then again, the whole spiel of a more accurate time keeping using a tourbillon is controversial as well. Ultimately, a tourbillon timepiece is an aesthetic pursuit and that should limit the scope of one’s judgement of this timepiece.

Overall, the watch bears hallmarks of a well made, hand finished haute horologerie timepiece, with an eye capturing central tourbillon floating above the dial. It’s undoubtedly a love it or hate it watch, considering the case shape and loud size, which makes it hard for anyone to sit on the fence about it. Other central tourbillons available today are the De Ville Master Chronometer Tourbillon by Omega and Beat Haldimann’s H1 Flying Central Tourbillon introduced in 2002. Beat claimed his was the first flying central tourbillon which hovered over the dial.

Being the first seems to be an important thing for many brands, and for Franck Muller Grand Central Tourbillon , it also claims to be the first with the specific combination of a central tourbillon in a tonneau shaped case, and we believe this is a true statement.

Franck Muller Grand Central

The Frank Muller Grand Central Tourbillon is an outstanding new collection, where the Tourbillon is in the spotlight, placed at the center of the timepiece. This beautiful central Tourbillon is housed in a redesigned Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex case. One of the complexities of the collection, lies in the fact that we had to totally rethink the watch in order to move the Tourbillon from its original position at 6 o’clock to the center of the watch.
In addition to this attractive and surprising decentering, Franck Muller designers and watchmakers had to find an innovative system to display the time in the center of the watch. Thus, they found an innovative way to place the hour and second hands around the Tourbillon cage, highlighting the beauty of the piece. Extremely rare for a Frank Muller Grand Central Tourbillon collection, the watch holds a self-winding movement, thanks to an eccentric micro rotor, offering 4 days of power reserve.

Regarding the case, it has been redesigned so that the sapphire crystal goes all the way to the bracelet. The bezel which is separate from the case, allowing two-tone treatments. This design totally changes the aspect of the original Cintrée Curvex and fully highlights the beautiful curves of the watch. It also gives full visibility to the dial by limiting the amount of material used on the sides which is technically very difficult to achieve and giving the case a new modern line of life. The open back allows to admire the pure traditional decorations as the Côte de Genève.
As the master of tourbillons, Frank Muller Grand Central Tourbillon has continuously innovated and perfected its tourbillon offerings. Be it for being the most compact, the fastest or even the largest, the watchmaker sets records and new standards for the mechanism with every new interpretation.

With the Grand Central Tourbillon, it makes history as the first centre tourbillon in the world to be housed in a tonneau-shaped case. To be precise, it is encased within the Curvex CX – an updated and redesigned version of the iconic Cintrée Curvex case that has been synonymous with the brand for close to 30 years now. The tourbillon is shifted from its traditional 6 o’clock position to the middle of the dial, where the innovative placement of the hour and minute hands around the central tourbillon cage draws attention to the complexity of the movement within.

Suspended by a single bridge (which has been shaped to indicate the seconds), the 60-second tourbillon is elevated above the rest of the dial, while the aforementioned hour and minute hands extend outward from the central carriage on openwork circles that are also suspended and stacked around the rotating carriage of the tourbillon. A complete redesign of the gear train was required to present this “invisible” display of time. To allow better visibility, a curved sapphire crystal extends fully across the display to the lugs, a feat made possible by a newly perfected technique of fixing the glass at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock to create a bigger display. As for the bezel, it is now separate from its case, which effectively highlights the watch’s sensuous curves and also allows for beautiful two-tone treatments.
Beating within the Frank Muller Grand Central Tourbillon is a self-winding movement – a rarity in a Franck Muller Tourbillon collection – created entirely from scratch by in-house engineers in Watchland. MVT FM CX 40T-CTR can be found in the 40 mm models, while MVT FM CX 36T-CTR is found in the smaller 36 mm. Its sunray-brushed eccentric micro rotor offers a generous 4 days of power reserve. Aesthetic-wise, the timepiece presents an elegant façade with its stamped guilloché dial, coated with 20 layers of translucent lacquer, that bears a unique spiralled Clous de Paris pattern in various colours. The case is crafted from 18-karat rose gold, 18-karat white gold, or carbon. Three of the 36 mm models are further enhanced with diamonds on the outer and inner bezels, as well as on the dial for the full pavé version. Each watch is completed with a handsewn alligator strap with hand-polished white gold or rose gold buckle, set with eight brilliant cut diamonds for the diamond-set models.

Franck Muller Crazy Hours 30th Anniversary

This year, the Swiss luxury watch brand Franck Muller celebrates its Franck Muller Crazy Hours 30th Anniversary. And to mark the special occasion, the company has released a new limited-edition collection of its iconic Crazy Hours watch line. Perhaps that’s why people are expressing a renewed interest in the topsy turvy timepieces that look like they could have come straight out of Alice in Wonderland. In fact, a video of one of the luxury watches in action was recently shared on Reddit, and the clip has received quite a bit of attention.

The short clip highlights the mind-boggling nature of the watch, showing how the numbers on its face are all mixed up; yet, somehow, the hour hand still manages to tell the time correctly. And since it was first posted, the video has garnered more than 1,300 comments discussing the unique watch. Its seeming magical time-telling abilities are all thanks to the watch’s complicated inner mechanics. The numbers are all out of order, but the hour hand compensates for the discrepancy by means of the complex way the watch tourbillon is designed to move.
The Franck Muller Crazy Hours 30th Anniversary company has even released a limited-edition Snoopy-inspired version of the Crazy Hours watches before. Instead of traditional hands, the iconic Peanuts character’s arms tell the time. And he’s even joined by his faithful sidekick, Woodstock. With his arms moving around in the unique Crazy Hours fashion, Snoopy kind of looks as if he’s dancing just like a scene from the famous cartoon. But behind the playfulness of the watch’s design, there’s also a deeper meaning.

Franck Muller Crazy Hours 30th Anniversary describes the luxury Crazy Hours watches as “the realization of a totally innovative approach to the very concept of time…[that] establishes a new philosophy by demonstrating your independence from the order of time.” Or in other words, the Franck Muller Crazy Hours 30th Anniversary watches are designed “to express the concept of time as an abstract construct—that time is ultimately what one makes of it.”

Such a philosophy is befitting a timepiece straight out of Wonderland. And if the White Rabbit was wearing anything like it, that may shed a little more light on why he was so late for his very important date. Scroll down to see the fascinating Franck Muller Luxury Crazy Hours Watches in action.

Franck Muller Christmas Flash collection

Franck Muller, a Swiss high-end watch brand, has selected two exquisite watches and jewelry series to give you a warm gift on Christmas day. These carefully selected products are new products that have made breakthroughs in innovation this year, including vanguard 7 days power reserve skeleton series for masculine and athletic style, vanguard lady moonphase series with novel and unique design and highlighting women’s charm, as well as the gorgeous talisman high-grade jewelry series.

The brand new vanguard lady moonphase replica watch series, which is elegant and extraordinary, attracts people’s attention.

The diamond inlaid case has elegant lines. The sun embossed dial has a diamond inlaid lunar phase display at 6:00, which sets off against each other. The lunar phase display attracts watch wearers’ eyes and appreciates the changes until the full moon night.

Vanguard 7 days power reserve skeleton is the brand’s home-made mechanical wrist watch. The dynamic luxury sports watch also adapts to the daily sports style.

The hand polished bridge shows the self-made movement of the watch factory and the small second disk at 6:00. The hollowed out watch bridge is rich in architectural and geometric beauty, allowing watch lovers to enjoy the whole mechanical structure of the watch. The unique appearance design, the iconic hollow pointer and dial perfectly match, seamless, showing innovative and unconventional decoration details and the essence of traditional watch making.


FRANCK MULLER Vanguard 7 Days Power Reserve Skeleton

FRANCK MULLER Vanguard Yachting–Tribute to the world of navigation

Frank Muller, who enjoys the reputation of “master of complex functions”, has established a cooperative relationship with Italian sea group. In order to solemnly celebrate the event, the brand has launched a new type of watch, vanguard yachting three needle calendar watch, to pay homage to the exquisite craftsmanship and navigation world.

Frank Muller Vanguard yachting Replica series is based on the automatic vanguard series, which uses the details of the navigation world to show time in an innovative way. Yachting wristwatch not only reminds people of the unique curve of Frank Muller yacht, but also integrates the details of various sailing worlds: dark blue face plate, bright white strap suture and wind chart decoration on the face plate, which make the wearer feel like being in the ocean world.

Replica Franck Muller vanguard yachting large three needle calendar stainless steel watch model V 45 SC DT Yachting, stainless steel case, diameter 53.7 × 44 mM, hour, minute, second and 6:00 position date display, fm0800 automatic chain up movement, power storage for 42 hours, decorative Geneva ripple, pearl dot grinding, rhodium plating, rubber (bottom) with cloth (top) strap with folding buckle.

The brand and the Franck Muller yacht created by Italian sea group combine long and beautiful curves with the case design of vanguard yachting watch. The watch case is decorated with yacht pattern, which fully shows the characteristics of the two art treasures and is perfect and harmonious. The clear and easy to read dial has a unique vanguard digital time scale, which coincides with the avant-garde design of the dial.

The dark blue face of the vanguard yachting watch is decorated with a wind chart, which makes the wearer feel like a marine world.

The vanguard yachting watch is made of titanium, red gold or fine steel. It is equipped with classic, chronograph and Tourbillon styles, and is equipped with an automatic chain up movement. This sports watch is the ideal choice for the owner of Frank Muller yacht, which fully reflects the elegant temperament, unique curve and technical characteristics of wrist watch and yacht. Each watch comes with Cordura fabric and rubber strap with white or blue stitching. Precision performance and rowing design are shown in this new artwork.

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