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Franck Muller Crazy Hours 30th Anniversary

This year, the Swiss luxury watch brand Franck Muller celebrates its Franck Muller Crazy Hours 30th Anniversary. And to mark the special occasion, the company has released a new limited-edition collection of its iconic Crazy Hours watch line. Perhaps that’s why people are expressing a renewed interest in the topsy turvy timepieces that look like they could have come straight out of Alice in Wonderland. In fact, a video of one of the luxury watches in action was recently shared on Reddit, and the clip has received quite a bit of attention.

The short clip highlights the mind-boggling nature of the watch, showing how the numbers on its face are all mixed up; yet, somehow, the hour hand still manages to tell the time correctly. And since it was first posted, the video has garnered more than 1,300 comments discussing the unique watch. Its seeming magical time-telling abilities are all thanks to the watch’s complicated inner mechanics. The numbers are all out of order, but the hour hand compensates for the discrepancy by means of the complex way the watch tourbillon is designed to move.
The Franck Muller Crazy Hours 30th Anniversary company has even released a limited-edition Snoopy-inspired version of the Crazy Hours watches before. Instead of traditional hands, the iconic Peanuts character’s arms tell the time. And he’s even joined by his faithful sidekick, Woodstock. With his arms moving around in the unique Crazy Hours fashion, Snoopy kind of looks as if he’s dancing just like a scene from the famous cartoon. But behind the playfulness of the watch’s design, there’s also a deeper meaning.

Franck Muller Crazy Hours 30th Anniversary describes the luxury Crazy Hours watches as “the realization of a totally innovative approach to the very concept of time…[that] establishes a new philosophy by demonstrating your independence from the order of time.” Or in other words, the Franck Muller Crazy Hours 30th Anniversary watches are designed “to express the concept of time as an abstract construct—that time is ultimately what one makes of it.”

Such a philosophy is befitting a timepiece straight out of Wonderland. And if the White Rabbit was wearing anything like it, that may shed a little more light on why he was so late for his very important date. Scroll down to see the fascinating Franck Muller Luxury Crazy Hours Watches in action.

Franck Muller Christmas Flash collection

Franck Muller, a Swiss high-end watch brand, has selected two exquisite watches and jewelry series to give you a warm gift on Christmas day. These carefully selected products are new products that have made breakthroughs in innovation this year, including vanguard 7 days power reserve skeleton series for masculine and athletic style, vanguard lady moonphase series with novel and unique design and highlighting women’s charm, as well as the gorgeous talisman high-grade jewelry series.

The brand new vanguard lady moonphase replica watch series, which is elegant and extraordinary, attracts people’s attention.

The diamond inlaid case has elegant lines. The sun embossed dial has a diamond inlaid lunar phase display at 6:00, which sets off against each other. The lunar phase display attracts watch wearers’ eyes and appreciates the changes until the full moon night.

Vanguard 7 days power reserve skeleton is the brand’s home-made mechanical wrist watch. The dynamic luxury sports watch also adapts to the daily sports style.

The hand polished bridge shows the self-made movement of the watch factory and the small second disk at 6:00. The hollowed out watch bridge is rich in architectural and geometric beauty, allowing watch lovers to enjoy the whole mechanical structure of the watch. The unique appearance design, the iconic hollow pointer and dial perfectly match, seamless, showing innovative and unconventional decoration details and the essence of traditional watch making.


FRANCK MULLER Vanguard 7 Days Power Reserve Skeleton

FRANCK MULLER Vanguard Yachting–Tribute to the world of navigation

Frank Muller, who enjoys the reputation of “master of complex functions”, has established a cooperative relationship with Italian sea group. In order to solemnly celebrate the event, the brand has launched a new type of watch, vanguard yachting three needle calendar watch, to pay homage to the exquisite craftsmanship and navigation world.

Frank Muller Vanguard yachting Replica series is based on the automatic vanguard series, which uses the details of the navigation world to show time in an innovative way. Yachting wristwatch not only reminds people of the unique curve of Frank Muller yacht, but also integrates the details of various sailing worlds: dark blue face plate, bright white strap suture and wind chart decoration on the face plate, which make the wearer feel like being in the ocean world.

Replica Franck Muller vanguard yachting large three needle calendar stainless steel watch model V 45 SC DT Yachting, stainless steel case, diameter 53.7 × 44 mM, hour, minute, second and 6:00 position date display, fm0800 automatic chain up movement, power storage for 42 hours, decorative Geneva ripple, pearl dot grinding, rhodium plating, rubber (bottom) with cloth (top) strap with folding buckle.

The brand and the Franck Muller yacht created by Italian sea group combine long and beautiful curves with the case design of vanguard yachting watch. The watch case is decorated with yacht pattern, which fully shows the characteristics of the two art treasures and is perfect and harmonious. The clear and easy to read dial has a unique vanguard digital time scale, which coincides with the avant-garde design of the dial.

The dark blue face of the vanguard yachting watch is decorated with a wind chart, which makes the wearer feel like a marine world.

The vanguard yachting watch is made of titanium, red gold or fine steel. It is equipped with classic, chronograph and Tourbillon styles, and is equipped with an automatic chain up movement. This sports watch is the ideal choice for the owner of Frank Muller yacht, which fully reflects the elegant temperament, unique curve and technical characteristics of wrist watch and yacht. Each watch comes with Cordura fabric and rubber strap with white or blue stitching. Precision performance and rowing design are shown in this new artwork.

Franck Muller Vanguard Heart Skeleton Watch Replica

To challenge the established rules of premium watches, Franck Muller has launched a new feminine Watch: the vanguard heart skeleton watch with the brand’s classic timeless features. Franck Muller Vanguard Heart Skeleton Watch Replica

This vanguard heart skeleton replica watch is a collection of harmonious design and ingenious construction. Inspired by a feminine heart-shaped design, this watch balances its creative design perfectly.

This vanguard heart skeleton is completely self-designed and manufactured. It is driven by a 153 part manual mechanical movement inlaid with 23 jewels. The heart-shaped design makes this masterpiece.

Available in sizes of 32mm and 35mm, this outstanding watch has been carefully designed to be worn on a delicate wrist to add charm to the wrist. This vanguard heart skeleton watch is so skillful that it makes the heart-shaped pattern an essential part of a mechanical device with a perspective dial, showing all its complex functions and movement components.

This vanguard heart skeleton embodies the modern and elegant temperament of women, combining masculine appearance and extreme femininity. Famulan’s unique femininity wristwatch shows its exquisite craftsmanship and elegant connotation.

Franck Muller Vanguard World Timer GMT Watch Replica

Franck Muller’s finest Vanguard ™ Watch adds strength to his men’s collection Vanguard World timer GMT stands out with its powerful, eye-catching and classic features. Franck Muller Vanguard World Timer GMT Watch Replica

Modern and famous shapes cater to the simplest and oldest idea: global time for me. The watch shows the latest official world time zone, including 24 iconic locations around the world, to let the wearer know the time around the world from Paris to Moscow to New York.

This iconic watch, driven by an automatic mechanical movement, allows you to easily understand the time in two time zones. It is the most exquisite famulan watch. As a gentleman’s three piece set, this famulan universal hours has three watch rings.

The center of the dial is treated with a drawing sun pattern and decorated with a map of the world. There are exquisite reliefs on the map, highlighting various continents. The world map is divided into 24 official time zones, making the watch a detailed description of world time.

This replica watch is a masterpiece of Franck Muller: it’s modern and of exceptional quality, and it’s a stunning and meticulous design.

Franck Muller Vanguard revolution 3 skeleton watch presents unique outstanding technical and emotional significance

Franck Muller famulan’s Revolution Series Tourbillon watches embody the great vision of watchmakers, gather exquisite technology and amazing beauty, and become the model works in the history of contemporary watch making.

Today, Franck Muller famulan launched vanguard ™ Revolution 3 skeleton wristwatch presents the unique outstanding technical and emotional significance of famulan. The eye-catching hollow out movement design, with fashionable black hollow bridge plate and red aluminum indicator, shows the aesthetic feeling of mechanical operation incisively and vividly.

The traditional Tourbillon can only reduce the influence of gravity when the watch is in the vertical direction, while the three-axis Tourbillon can correct the gravity of all directions. This complex transmission system is a technological miracle and one of the complex creations of advanced watch making industry.

Franck Muller Vanguard ™ Revolution 3 skeleton adopts a highly complex device. The three-axis touring wheel is located in the lower half of the core. It rotates slowly in three frames with 1 hour, 8 minutes and 60 seconds, which makes the travel time accuracy more accurate. It can be called a masterpiece of micro machinery.

The touring wheel uses fixed gear to provide power for the balance wheel through the rotation of the frame to keep the vibration frequency once every five seconds. Vanguard with three frameworks ™ Revolution 3 skeleton needs to overcome greater driveline resistance. For this reason, Franck Muller famulan gives the movement 10 days of power storage, and also provides the 8-minute frame and 60 second frame with the reverse jump indication, which are located at 4:00 and 8:00 respectively.

The vanguard case is used for the first time in this series of watches. The front and back mirrors are made of curved sapphire crystal, which shows the gorgeous and exquisite three-axis Tourbillon. Vanguard case is made of secondary titanium and coated with black PVD coating. The red Alcantara? Chamois strap is easy to fit the wrist shape, matching the red decoration on the movement and case. Franck Muller Vanguard ™ Revolution 3 skeleton is designed and manufactured by Franck Muller famulan. It is an ingenious work combining futuristic design style and exquisite manufacturing technology of the brand.

Franck Muller is the New Vanguard ™ Revolution 3 skeleton offers a five-year Tourbillon warranty, and comes with a special self opening watch box.

Franck Muller Vanguard skeleton Swiss limited edition watch

Franck Muller further enriches the vanguard skeleton collection with a striking hollowed out watch. Decorated in pure white and crimson, this watch pays homage to the Swiss flag. The brand-new vanguard skeleton Swiss wristwatch is limited to 50 pieces, providing a fascinating perspective for appreciating the movement. The movement is completely made by famulan, which can be called a mechanical treasure.

The ingenious design of the bridge deck highlights the modern architecture and geometric appearance, so that watch lovers can watch the whole mechanical device carefully. The bridge deck is carefully chamfered, and the delicate and elegant small second dial is set at 6 o’clock.

The Franck Muller vanguard skeleton Swiss limited edition watch features a titanium case with a hand polished and white enamel coating. The watch is made of white alligator leather strap with red stitches, which perfectly matches the red anodized aluminum bridge plate.

Franck Muller Vanguard skeleton Swiss limited edition watch

Model: V 45 S6 SQT BC (ER)

watch case

Secondary titanium case, white enamel coating, hand polished, with red inserts on both sides

It is 44 mm wide, 53.7 mm long and 12.7 mm thick

Sapphire crystal mirror

Waterproof performance of 30m


Hours, minutes and seconds (6 o’clock position)


MVT FM 1740-vs manual winding movement

Width 37.05 mm, length 40.20 mm, thickness 6.00 mm

Double spring box

Independent development of high efficiency escapement device

Frequency 18000 times / h (2.5 Hz)

Number of parts: 175

Number of gems: 21

Power storage: 7 days

Chain belt

Hand sewn white alligator strap

Secondary titanium folding buckle

Franck Muller Master diving French limited edition watch

Franck Muller Master diving is a revolutionary French limited edition watch, which challenges the established rules of advanced watches with its retro design.

Designed with a round dial and a rotating ceramic bezel, Replica Franck Muller master diving has three chronographs and is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. The watch is famous for its excellent diving characteristics.

Franck Muller Master diving replica watch is equipped with an automatic winding movement, which can accurately control the decompression stage and control the travel time under water and on land.

Black rubber strap with colorful dials (white, black, red, orange, blue) gives this watch quality and aesthetic feeling, while showing innovative fashion style.

Franck Muller’s unique wristwatch brings time to the depths of the ocean, bringing excellence to lovers seeking quality and novelty.

Franck Muller Vanguard Lady Gravity

Franck muller vanguard lady replica Series with a full of feminine charm watch and dynamic detail design, both elegant and attractive, especially suitable for women who love complex functions.

The Franck Muller vanguard lady gravity watch, which embodies the novel concept of the tourbillon frame, combines all the outstanding qualities, adopts a creative oval structure, combines cutting-edge technology and unique traditions, and presents a dazzling mechanical device.

This Franck Muller vanguard lady gravity watch has a fully self-designed and manufactured manual winding mechanical movement. This vanguard lady gravity wristwatch will add femininity to women, and it is also a rare modern watch.

The Franck Muller vanguard lady gravity watch is available in 35mm and 38mm sizes, which is suitable for all wrist sizes, and is attractive to every woman.

Franck Muller Replica watch adopts the design of perspective dial and elliptical touring wheel to embody all his professional skills incisively and vividly. This brand-new wristwatch combines feminine elegance with modernity.

The new Franck Muller vanguard lady gravity pays tribute to women who pursue innovation, craftsmanship and a unique watch.

Franck Muller Vanguard Tourbillon three questions spring Watch

Franck muller vanguard tourbillon skeleton lived up to the reputation of “master of complex functions” and created an extraordinary perspective three question spring watch. Franck Muller created this extremely complex movement with extraordinary advanced watch making techniques and high professional standards. The intricate features of Franck Muller reflect the craftsmanship and creativity of Franck Muller. franck muller vanguard tourbillon cheap price

Totally designed by the company, the manual mechanical movement contains 389 parts and 33 gemstones, providing an amazing power storage of up to 60 hours. In addition, this vanguard touring wheel watch is designed with a large case, providing ample space for complex movements.

Press the sliding button at 8 o’clock position to start the spring beating device at any time. The percussion hammer makes two sounds of Yungong, which gives out the special sound of “time”, “carving” and “minute”.

This brand-new hollowed out wristwatch fully shows that famulan’s use of complex watch making technology has reached the point of perfection. It inherits the traditional design of advanced watch and perfectly integrates innovation and modern design. Replica Franck Muller Vanguard Tourbillon

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