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Oris Big Crown Propilot ALTIMETER

More than 75 years after Oris made its first pilot’s watch, the company is proud to announce the launch of the most innovative pilot’s watch in its history – the Oris Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter, the world’s first automatic mechanical watch with a mechanical Altimeter.
The Oris Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter features an extremely useful complication. Useful for mountaineers, hikers, climbers, skiers, and of course pilots. However this watch will be tell you the correct height when you’re in an airliner, because you’ll be in a …
The Oris Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter 47mm is not just a tool watch exclusively for pilots of private aircraft’s, but serious mountain climbers, skiers and explorers too. The innovative combination of an altimeter in an automatic watch is a feature made to be used by people who are very passionate about their hobby or job, but without costing the price of a small house.

The ProPilot Altimeter is an unsurprising watch coming from Oris – a brand that has made a name for itself by making mechanical watches, with useful complications, at an affordable price point. And this watch also acts as a spiritual sequel to the Oris Aquis Depth Gauge watch: but, instead of measuring depth diving under water – the altitude flying up and into the air.
It accomplishes two vital things that Pilots will need, packed into something that can be worn on the wrist in the form of a gargantuan watch – the time and altitude.
While this watch is part of the ProPilot collection, bearing a great deal in common with its smaller siblings; with the highly legible dial, knurled bezel edge inspired by jet engines, and general design blueprint, I can see it being worn by more than just pilots.
The revolutionary mechanical altimeter is a complication that very few people will get to actually see in action. The altitude graduation on the bezel goes up to 15,000 feet in 100 feet increments (or 4,500m with markers every 25 meters) which I can see being of use for not just pilots of small planes (as commercial planes have pressurised cabins while flying at around 40,000 feet); but, for mountain climbers, skiers, explorers, or even research scientists who work at altitude.
As a guy who enjoys maintain climbing a great deal, and would love to get a pilots licence, I can see that having an altimeter function on a watch as not an expensive toy but a tool that I could really utilise. Using an altimeter in combination with an OS map would bring a whole new perspective to navigating a mountain range. The fact that it’s not electronic so has no batteries to run out of juice, with it having a mechanical barometer, is all to the Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter’s great advantage.

But it’s important to take into consideration the scale of mountains. That the altimeter will not be able to give a reliable reading past where the markings end. To put this into perspective the top 10 highest mountains in Europe range from 4,646m to 5,642m in height meaning the scale on the watch will be short of 1Km or so just in Europe on land alone – and that’s before we consider the vast magnitude of all the mountains in Asia, the Americas, and the rest of the world, with 14 mountains over 8000 meters!
At 47mm wide and with two crowns protruding from its casing, the Oris Big Crown ProPilot Altimeter watch is by no means an insignificant watch. It possesses with it a good amount of heft thanks to its beefy brushed stainless steel construction, that assures the wearer of its tool watch identity.
Oris’s goal when making watches is not so much to make prestigious watches from exotic materials with complications that will never get used. But rather to build exceptionally good quality mechanical watches, with useful functions, at an affordable price point.
The general stylisation of the ProPilot Altimeter is consistent with the other watches in the ProPilot family – but is significantly larger. Its matt black dial with markings and Arabic numerals imbued with the white Superluminova variant BG W9 maintains excellent legibility. The red tipped seconds hand enables it to melt away when not required and helps to maintain a very clear dial design despite all the tasks it must accomplish. And the coin edge pattern on the bezel inspired by jet engines is also shared between these watches.
The reverse of the watch features a special engraved solid case back that converts meters into feet on a circular scale. A welcome addition, but I question how useful a conversion table is on the underside of a watch?

On this watch, we do not get to see Oris’s famed red rotor through an exhibition back. But as doing this would likely add an additional mill or two to the depth of the casing, it would push its thickness to nearly 20mm thick – making the watch just too gargantuan to realistically wear.
Where this watch is so utterly unique, is no doubtably the ability to calculate its altitude relative to sea level – which is one of the 6 most fundamental cockpit instruments that a pilot requires to fly a plane.

This function is controlled by the additional crown set by the 4 o’clock. When it’s screwed in the watch is rated as water-resistant to 100m; and, requires unscrewing in order to measure air pressure. Once out and activated, the red mark reminds the wearer that it shouldn’t be subjected to water that may get inside of the altimeter mechanism. But Oris has managed to add a PTFE vapour barrier to prevent ambient moisture from compromising its internals.
When handling this ProPilot Altimeter watch I was a little surprised by the amount of force required to push this venting crown back into the sealed position, which is something to consider when you get your hands on one.
A red marker indicates atmospheric air pressure and the yellow points (on the opposing side) to altitude. Pulling out this crown into its second position will allow it to be set to a known pressure (by getting the red hand to line up with the red triangle by the 6 marker), or a known altitude (by turning the crown until the yellow marker matches the current altitude around the outer bezel of the watch).


Years from now, 2020 is likely to be a fascinating year for watch collectors. The unique nature of the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically restructured brands’ release plans, likely impacted overall production numbers, deeply influenced sales trends, and influenced the industry in countless other less tangible ways. One of the most fascinating of these ways from a collector’s perspective is what could be dubbed the “phantom limited edition.” Many limited-edition releases in the modern era are tied to event partnerships, and as nearly every major public event since the outbreak of the virus has been either canceled, rescheduled, or held without spectators, this has left a host of special commemorative watches commemorating events that never happened. The latest in this unprecedented club comes from Oris, which has announced a special limited-edition version of its Crown ProPilot GMT to celebrate the 57th running of the world-famous Reno Air Races, traditionally held each year in the Nevada desert but canceled this year due to the pandemic. The Oris 57th Reno Air Races Limited Edition is one of the cleanest and simplest of this year’s “phantom limited editions,” bringing a sporty and modern new colorway to one of Oris’ cornerstone pilot watches.01 798 7768 4284-Set
The clean 41mm stainless steel case design of the Oris 57th Reno Air Races Limited Edition is finished with a graphite gray PVD coating, with a tone that appears in initial images to be perhaps a shade darker than titanium. This is a fresh and distinct alternative from the usual black PVD finish, with enough of a difference to set it apart from raw stainless steel. The form of the case is virtually unchanged from the standard Big Crown ProPilot, including the wide tapering lugs and unique radially toothed bezel design. Around back, Oris has included a numbered caseback with a stylized engraving of aircraft rounding the Reno racing pylon, with the main level of the engraving cutting through the PVD layer for added contrast.
While the dial layout of the Oris 57th Reno Air Races Limited Edition should be familiar to fans of the brand, like the case a few color changes can go a long way toward changing the design’s overall character. Here the updates are limited to pops of electric blue on the seconds hand, the GMT hand, and the pointer date indicator. Introducing a vibrant color to this otherwise stark, modernist take on the tool pilot watch aesthetic does set this limited edition apart, and in initial images, this bright blue seems to complement the darker gray of the case nicely. The ProPilot’s broad futuristic alpha hands and slim, open printed Arabic numerals are left unchanged, keeping a strong family resemblance to the rest of the line while keeping this tool watch concept as legible as possible.
Inside the Oris 57th Reno Air Races Limited Edition beats the Sellita SW330-1 based Oris 798 automatic movement. Beyond the iconic red Oris rotor, the 798 is functionally quite similar to its Sellita forebear, with a 42-hour power reserve at a 28,800 bph beat rate. Oris completes this package with a black fabric strap lined with a deep blue leather. Why this leather was not color-matched to the dial accents is unclear, but the darker shade gives the strap a more subdued look.

Oris Aviation Big Crown Propilot TIMER GMT 44mm

The Big Crown ProPilot GMT Timer (take a breath) is one of the purest tool watches the Swiss watch brand produces. Taking some of the complications and features tool watch buyers want from an entire collection of watches, the GMT Timer smashes them all together in one watch.
Oris Big Crown ProPilot Timer GMT 01 748 7756 4064-07 3 22 02LC men’s watch. Features a brushed stainless steel case and olive textile strap. Jet engine inspired coin edge pattern stainless steel fixed bezel with minutes scale top ring.
The Big Crown ProPilot Timer GMT is a tool watch designed with the professional pilot in mind. Great legibility, a 24-hour GMT hand, and a timing bezel round out a solid set of features that’ll suit you both in the air and on the ground.
Oris’ ‘Big Crown ProPilot’ watches are designed for complete functionality in the cockpit – the faces are simple, clean and easy to read, while the movements are meticulously tested for precision. Powered by an in-house Oris 752 automatic movement, this Swiss-made 44mm reference has a polished stainless steel case with a grooved bezel inspired by the blades of a turbine engine.
This represents a big step for Oris, adding a significant value proposition over the modified Sellita and ETA-based engines driving the rest of the collection. Oris Pilot Watches Then and Now. The first of Oris’s Big Crown ProPilot watches was released in 1938, in the midst of aviation…
Oris’s Big Crown ProPilot Timer GMT is a true pilot’s watch. As well as a second time zone indicated by a red-tipped central hand, it has a bi-directional rotating bezel designed for accurately timing events. Among the watch’s many details are a fabric strap made out of a hard-wearing material first created for the British Royal Air Force during the Second World War called Ventile
Oris pays tribute to its aviation heritage with the ‘Big Crown ProPilot’ collection – the range is developed with professional pilots and has design features that nod to traditional aircrafts, like grooved bezels inspired by turbine engine blades. This 44mm watch has been manufactured in Switzerland with a polished stainless steel case that houses an Oris 752 automatic movement.

Oris Big Crown replica

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