Urwerk Unveils New Limited UR-100 Gold Edition

Perhaps no other boutique luxury watch brand would feel as much at home in a sci-fi action movie as Urwerk. After all, Urwerk has been the watch of choice for none other than Iron Man for several different cinematic adventures, and the brand has enthusiastically embraced its fantastical and futuristic place in the pop-culture consciousness. Fittingly, then, when looking to create a gold-cased variant of its UR-100 astronomical watch, the brand’s internal nickname for the project was “C-3PO.” The end result of Project C-3PO, the new limited edition Urwerk UR-100 Gold Edition, offers a more traditional and luxurious take on the core UR-100 model. In addition, the brand has taken the launch of this new model as an opportunity to help in the ongoing fight against the global COVID-19 pandemic.
The main case of the Urwerk UR-100 Gold Edition is milled from a single block of 2N yellow gold, with a unique asymmetrical set of lugs and a prominent 12 o’clock crown. While not dress watch thin at 14 mm, the overall 41 mm by 49.7 mm dimensions make this one much more wearable than many of Urwerk’s other planetary gear designs. The satin-finished, flat, and vaguely octagonal surfaces of the case give a vaguely industrial look to the overall design, broken up by a thin polished bevel atop the lugs and prominent toothed surfaces at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. The flat and angular overall shape of the case makes the bubble dome of the sapphire crystal even more dramatic, allowing the complex mechanisms of the dial to visually fill this clear space.
As with previous UR-100 models, the dial of the UR-100 Gold Edition is an intricate interplay of space-age parts that can be difficult to decipher at first glance. Essentially, it boils down to this. The central rotating assembly contains three arms, each with its own rotating disk with hour numerals, and ending in a red pointer. The actual timekeeping is done in the bottom third of the dial, where the numeral exposed on that disk is the current hour and the red pointer indicates the current minutes on the outer track. On its own, this is unique enough, but the top two scales flanking the upper two-thirds of the dial are where the UR-100 really jumps into the realm of science fiction. Between approximately 9 o’clock and 11 o’clock on the dial, the pointer on one of the three arms tracks the 555 km the Earth’s surface moves at the equator during 20 minutes of rotation. Between 1 o’clock and 3 o’clock, the last of the three arms tracks the 35,470 km the Earth itself moves in orbit around the sun through those same 20 minutes. Together, these two are the textbook definition of useless complications, but add a bit of fun to the dial while driving home the sci-fi inspiration of “Project C-3PO.”
The in-house Caliber UR 12.01 automatic movement, on display through both the dial and the sapphire caseback, is the real centerpiece of the UR-100 Gold Edition. This complex mechanism is starkly different in layout to a traditional mechanical movement, relying on a complex chain of helical and planetary gears to drive the series of three rotating bridge arms. Topping this off is Urwerk’s unique Windfänger winding rotor, designed to reduce stress on the rotor-bearing system to keep winding reliable for longer service intervals. Urwerk also claims a 48-hour power reserve and a 28,800 bph beat rate.
Urwerk pairs the UR-100 Gold Edition with a simple black crocodile strap, which may seem incongruous at first. With such an aggressive and avant-garde design, the first impulse would be to pair this watch with some equally outlandish cutting edge strap material, but this simple dressy choice speaks volumes about Urwerk’s intentions for this watch. Many of the brand’s larger and more complex offerings are really more pieces of wearable art than usable timepieces, designed as engineering flights of fancy with few real concessions to usability. The (relatively) entry-level UR-100 series, by contrast, is first and foremost a watch. The 41 mm case isn’t outlandishly big, the display is instantly legible once one is acquainted with the unique layout, and the strap is a simple piece of black crocodile leather. This is a watch that’s meant to be worn, to be used, and to exist out in the real world.

HYT Soonow

Launched globally on March 12, 2020 in a limited edition of just five pieces, the HYT SOONOW DROP THREE boasts an audacious and lively design.

Following in the footsteps of a unique, propriety fluidic mechanism and the development of an intricate, skull-shaped capillary, it’s now time for an unexpected color scheme to turn heads. The anodized titanium dial of the hyt SOONOW DROP THREE presents a turquoise canvas for a skull in burgundy and orange. This incorporates 313 pins in 18-carat rose gold and almost 1,000 high-precision perforations. Smiling out of the skull are rose gold teeth that engage rather than spook.
One eye socket acts as a colorful power reserve display. The other focuses on the passing of the seconds, featuring “small print” reminding of the imminence of SOON turning into NOW. Meticulous micro-painting subtly frames all of the skull’s facial features, while Orange Super-LumiNova here and underneath the capillary add an extra vibrant signature.
The SOONOW timepiece by HYT reflects the times we live in through a dynamic and colorful union of art and science. These times suspend the present in a constant flow that owes its momentum to the power of the past and the promise of the future. Moving on is the norm of contemporary life. In the watch, this ongoing process is in the capable hands of the fluidic module that fuels an exclusive mechanical movement in seamless collaboration.

Recently elapsed time is represented by transparent liquid to convey clarity. The pending future adopts a sleek, enigmatic black. An architectural approach houses domed shaping, smooth lines and multi-layering. Written-out numbers appear to float above the skull’s outline, endorsed by perforated renditions encircling the case.
With Soonow and its ‘Drop’ collection, HYT reminds us of the transience of time. A rainbow-skull watch, the latest limited edition released by the brand is meant to convey the brand’s unique perspective on time, in particular in relation to recent events and the global lockdown. Exuberant or audacious? You won’t remain neutral about its unique design and its unique way to portray time… but life and time are never black and white. Meet the HYT Soonow Instant Rainbow.
At HYT, this ephemeral nature of life and the unstoppable flow of time are also embodied by the unique way its watches tell the time. The temporal tension between the past, the present and the future is portrayed by two immiscible fluids in a capillary to indicate the hours. One liquid represents the past, the other represents the future and the junction of these two indicates the present moment, the ‘now’ and its infinite vanishing.
When the meniscus separating the liquids gets to 6 pm, it flows back to its original position. In the instance of the HYT Soonow Instant Rainbow, a transparent and blue liquid run on top of a yellow SLN track.

HYT H5 fluid

Water erosion traces the ongoing impact of Nature on Earth’s substance; fluid time by HYT tracks an unrelenting path through the past, present and future.

The new H5 turns to the color blue to make its mark on an essentially contemporary concept of time. Using a design language focused on three-dimensionality and transparency, this timepiece reveals time’s passage in the form of a vivid azure liquid. Running steadily through a fine capillary, the fluid frames a multi-layered horological masterpiece where movement is the constant.
The harmony of diversity
Mechanical and fluidic innovation join forces in a propriety calibre, the 501. Two years of development went into a mechanism where opposites attract and harmoniously interact. Layer by layer, element by element, the essence and relevance of time are revealed in a beautiful visual theatre. After all, HYT is an established master at enabling art and science to share the same stage.
In the unique movement, a hand-winding unit sets a consistent pace. This releases precisely the right amount of energy for two contrasting immiscible liquids to represent the recent past, the present and the near future. Visible through the see-through sapphire case back, an intricately shaped cam offers thirteen different possibilities to adjust and index the hour and minute indications, ensuring they operate as one. An over-sized, curved lever connects the movement’s collaborating elements. This orchestrates a complex chain reaction, whereby the caliber pushes against a regulating bellow four times thinner than a human hair to launch time’s next twelve-hour journey.
The new H5 variation by HYT combines an array of shades of grey – from anthracite on the hour ring and flange, to a gun-metal bridge – with dynamic colored accents. This punctuates the layered look and highlights the core message that each tiny element of the whole is vital to seamless dynamic performance. A sense of vibrancy is heightened by white Super-LumiNova under the blue liquid that shows elapsed time, and the neoralite hour ring. A bright red arc and a black hand, matching that of the second counter, distinguish the power reserve. Just as erosion is Nature’s storyteller, fluidity is the storyteller of time itself.
The HYT H5 Blue Fluid is the latest creation from the Neuchâtel-based Maison. The model features the brand’s fluidic hours display, minutes, seconds and power reserve. Housed in a 48.8mm stainless steel case, this limited-edition of 25 pieces promises exclusivity and an extraordinary quotient of style.
When HYT emerged onto the watchmaking scene in 2012, it set aside convention. No longer were hours expressed using a conventional hand. Instead, liquids imparted meaning in a simple to interpret form.

A glass capillary containing two liquids, one coloured and one clear, sits adjacent an hour track. The meniscus between the two liquids denotes the hour. A hand-wound mechanical movement drives two bellows pumps, propelling the liquids around the capillary. Once the coloured liquid reaches 6am or 6pm, the coloured liquid returns to its point of origin (retrograde hours) and the journey starts anew.

The development of the inaugural HYT models presented a myriad of challenges. For example, the inner surface of the glass had to be coated to prevent adhesion, allowing the liquids to move smoothly. The liquids within the capillary may have been subject to heat expansion or conversely, contraction, hence some form of temperature compensation system was needed. Perhaps the biggest challenge was the coloured liquid. It had to remain homogenous at all times.

The liquid must not degrade when subject to UV light and the colour of the liquid cannot change with the onset of years. Both the coloured and clear liquids must remain discrete and should not foam or form bubbles. In order to create one new colour, HYT has to invest a colossal sum of money in its development. It is for this reason that the brand does not offer a myriad of different shades. The inventory of colours currently includes black, blue, green and red. HYT also introduces variety by conceiving different watch styles.

For 2020, the brand has unveiled the HYT H5 Blue Fluid which presents time in a distinctive, three-dimensional form. It looks spectacular and upholds the Maison’s reputation for creating thought-provoking designs.

The brand’s press release

Water erosion traces the ongoing impact of Nature on Earth’s substance; fluid time by HYT tracks an unrelenting path through the past, present and future. The new H5 turns to the colour blue to make its mark on an essentially contemporary concept of time. Using a design language focused on three-dimensionality and transparency, this timepiece reveals time’s passage in the form of a vivid azure liquid. Running steadily through a fine capillary, the fluid frames a multi-layered horological masterpiece where movement is the constant.

The harmony of diversity

Mechanical and fluidic innovation join forces in a propriety calibre, the 501. Two years of development went into a mechanism where opposites attract and harmoniously interact. Layer by layer, element by element, the essence and relevance of time is revealed in a beautiful visual theatre. After all, HYT is an established master at enabling art and science to share the same stage.
In the unique movement, a hand-winding unit sets a consistent pace. This releases precisely the right amount of energy for two contrasting immiscible liquids to represent the recent past, the present and the near future. Visible through the see-through sapphire case back, an intricately shaped cam offers thirteen different possibilities to adjust and index the hour and minute indications, ensuring they operate as one. An over-sized, curved lever connects the movement’s collaborating elements. This orchestrates a complex chain reaction, whereby the calibre pushes against a regulating bellow four times thinner than a human hair to launch time’s next twelve-hour journey.

Dynamism in detail

The new H5 variation by HYT combines an array of shades of grey – from anthracite on the hour ring and flange, to a gun-metal bridge – with dynamic coloured accents. This punctuates the layered look and highlights the core message that each tiny element of the whole is vital to seamless dynamic performance. A sense of vibrancy is heightened by white Super-LumiNova under the blue liquid that shows elapsed time, and the neoralite hour ring. A bright red arc and a black hand, matching that of the second counter, distinguish the power reserve. Just as erosion is Nature’s storyteller, fluidity is the storyteller of time itself.

HYT FLOW Blue fluid

It’s good to know where light comes from; it’s better to know where it leads. In the boldly dynamic HYT FLOW Blue fluid timepieces, HYT takes the craftsmanship of mechanical watchmaking into a new age of enlightenment. Mechanics replace electronics as the unexpected catalyst of illumination, with a proprietary new complication generating light on demand. The resultant rays exercise their technically-sourced brilliance to reflect the energized momentum of current times.
HYT’s FLOW watches mirror the brand’s relentless quest to bring innovation that resonates with its contemporary context. Literally speaking, light brightens what already exists; figuratively it brings deeper understanding. The latter describes these timepieces’ purpose in the watchmaking arena. They are about the possibilities that emerge when performance enters new territories. Triggered by a pusher, a specially developed micro-generator stores and dispels the energy to activate 8 or 13 meticulously positioned LEDs, according to the version. These then visibly spread light evenly across the dial, mimicking a natural wave. Element by element, the illumination reveals the various “stories” that make up the piece’s time-telling capacity, never allowing us to lose sight of time’s unstoppable flow.
Two variations on the FLOW theme, both limited editions, play very different games with the emitted light. On one, a dome of 73 baguette-cut 1.7-carat diamonds dances spectacularly to rhythms derived from the 13 LEDs below it. Just as time’s flow is constant, this unique horological light show is a theatre for continual, energized change uniting jewelry and light thanks to the dynamic reflection and refraction. Innovation meets beauty and quite literally dances the night away.
Another execution addresses the concept of infinity through a precisely tapered vortex shape. Here the imagination is invited to visualize a revolving, apparently never-ending flow down towards the bellows, as a side-aperture welcomes the light emitted by 8 LEDs. The limitlessness of infinity fits neatly into the focus on time’s inevitable transience.
In the HYT FLOW Blue fluid, opposites do far more than attract – they form a rich source of design energy. An apparently contradictory combination of liquid and electric light set the scene; the bold asymmetrical shape of the 51 mm case and vibrant color choices pick up the thread. A visual wave sweeps around its side, reminding that stopping time’s momentum is never an option. This well-considered curve tempts the eye to explore new perspectives on time, a vital element of modern life.
A ring of Super-LumiNova documents the antithesis of night and day. Polished accents on the circular-brushed case underline specific elements such as bezel angles. This is an appropriate overture to the three-dimensional character of the opaline-finished grey dials, where “metallic” and “velvety” sit together comfortably in the descriptive dictionary. Sophisticated electro-erosion adds a further signature to the theme of tension with its use of electric current to physically cut out strips of metal to obtain the wave illusion. The high-energy appearance of the dials’ backgrounds contrasts with the calmer, more minimalistic time indication. Concave and convex surfaces tease each other, as the eye peeps behind the waves to catch a glimpse of the intriguing mechanical mechanism below. It’s flow time. 24/7.

Ralph Lauren Automotive Skeleton Steel Watch

Ralph Lauren is still a name I tend to associate more with polo shirts than watches, but with recent offerings including minute repeaters and double tourbillons, there can be little doubt that the brand takes its watchmaking seriously. Ralph Lauren the man is a collector of rare and vintage automobiles, whose cars have won the “Best in Show” awards at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance twice so far before being exhibited at several museums. In 2015 the brand released some watches inspired by this car collection, the Ralph Lauren RL Automotive Skeleton & Non-Skeleton Watches (Hands-On here). They have followed up this collection with a new steel version this year, the aptly named Ralph Lauren Automotive Skeleton Steel.
The Ralph Lauren Automotive Skeleton Steel is visually very similar to its skeletonized predecessor from a few years ago, but instead of a black PVD-coated and bead-blasted finish on the case and movement, this version opts for exposed steel in a variety of finishes. The brand’s “RL” logo at 12 o’clock and the small seconds counter at 6 o’clock feature circular graining, while the movement bridges appear to have been satin-brushed. Perlage and vertically brushed surfaces are also visible through the sapphire caseback, which is an improvement over the rather plain and industrial view offered by the previous RL Automotive Skeleton watch. This version also features hour and minute hands that are “shiny black oxidized” rather than filled with faux-vintage lume, which offers a good contrast against the mostly-steel dial.
The signature wooden bezel is still present with the Ralph Lauren Automotive Skeleton Steel, made of a wood called Amboyna burl, which apparently features in the interiors of some of Ralph Lauren’s own vintage cars. The securing screws are also automotive-inspired, and meant to reference “the rivets securing the chassis of a car.” On a more practical level they also provide a measure of legibility to the dial by marking every second hour. The watch case measures 44.80mm by 11.20mm, offers 5 Bar (or approximately 50m) of water resistance, and is delivered with two bracelet options: a 3-link steel bracelet, or a brown alligator leather strap. The “RL” branded crown is also notched for ease of use, which will come in handy as this watch is powered by the manually-wound Caliber RL1967.
This calibre was developed by IWC exclusively for Ralph Lauren and then further skeletonized by Val Fleurier, a Richemont-owned movement manufacturer. Although quite attractive to look at, this calibre oscillates at the tepid pace of 18,000 vph or 2.5Hz, which will affect both timekeeping accuracy and the smoothness of the second hand’s movement. The power reserve is also somewhat lackluster by modern standards at approximately 45 hours, so this is a watch that will need to be hand-wound often. A power reserve needle is visible through the caseback, but unlike previous watches in this collection it appears to lack a corresponding power reserve gauge on the movement’s bridge.
The Ralph Lauren Automotive Skeleton Steel shows the brand’s growing refinement as a watchmaker, as it’s arguably a more attractively finished piece than previous versions, even though it’s priced considerably less than the previous RL Automotive Skeleton watch. And, although the skeletonization and decoration performed by Val Fleurier is impressive, the asking price of $34,200 certainly limits the buyer pool for this product, I have a feeling that lovers of the uniquely American luxury vintage/automotive style Ralph Lauren has honed will be enamored with this timepiece

Ralph Lauren RL888

The name of Ralph Lauren’s RL888 collection, its first collection designed exclusively for women, was not chosen because of any resemblance between the figure 8 and the symbol for infinity. 888 is in fact the address of the Ralph Lauren store on New York’s Madison Avenue, a mecca for women’s shopping. But the timeless elegance of this collection, launched in 2016, may yet ensure its place in eternity! The classic round case with its generous bezel, available in diameters of 32 mm and 38 mm, frames an understated yet original Art Deco-inspired dial, which features four oversized Roman numerals at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock, interspersed with eight smaller Arabic numerals. The slender Breguet-style “apple” hands, combined with a black-on-white (or white-on-black) dial, cement the watch’s classically stylish appeal. Simple but far from unsophisticated, all the RL888 models are supplied with hour and minutes functions by the Swiss-made quartz calibre RL057, decorated with vertical Geneva striping, which is guaranteed to run for 60 months.
This year’s five new versions of the RL888 remain faithful to the collection’s aesthetic codes. Inspired by Ralph Lauren’s passion for fine jewellery, the most sophisticated piece is snow-set with 99 diamonds (totalling approx. 0.45 ct) around the bezel of the 32 mm steel case. The white lacquered and polished dial contrasts elegantly with the black alligator strap. The RL888 Snowfall Diamond also comes in a 38 mm version set with 153 diamonds. Continuing the diamond theme, a 38 mm variant of the RL888 in polished rose gold offers a larger-sized alternative to last year’s 32 mm version. The 61 diamonds (approx. 0.99 ct) set around the bezel are complemented by a rose-cut diamond in the crown. This year’s final two versions of the RL888 are both steel: one 32 mm with a black dial, and the other 38 mm with a white dial.

Although the watches themselves come in only black and white, Ralph Lauren has nevertheless given women plenty of colour options. The RL888 collection comes with a wide range of interchangeable straps in alligator, calfskin, patent leather, satin and grosgrain, in a broad colour palette. An 18K rose gold-plated steel bracelet, triple-linked for flexibility, provide a further, dressier option for the rose gold models.

On seeing these new Ralph Lauren watches for the first time at the launch in Milan, I instantly knew that this American house was on to a winner. And that’s because not only is the RL888 a chic little timekeeper, it also comes with an array of watch straps that will bring summer to the wrist, with colors cooler than any Italian gelateria could match.
I love color, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Summer has me thinking of icy fresh peach and sorbet tones. And with the 40 or so choices available for the strap of your RL888, you can change your watch with each season, just like the rest of your wardrobe. A white strap takes you straight into summertime mode, after which you could move into a rich bottle green for fall, warm red or purple for the Holiday Season, and floral pinks and greens to welcome in spring.

Color is key to pulling together an outfit, which is why it always baffles me when I see a gorgeous new watch presented on a ho-hum black strap. To me this is like having just one handbag or a single pair of sensible black shoes. Imagine an evening out wearing those black shoes with your ivory, sequined silk dress? Or having nothing to sling over the shoulder of your crisp, white, laser-cut linen dress other than a clunky black handbag?

And then along comes Mr. Ralph Lauren, who not only knows what women want but inspires us with new ways to dress up. Just like his revival of British country manor tweed, pre-war aviator chic and cowboy cool, he has presented us with a new way to wear an old favourite, in the very pretty form of the RL888 watches for women.
The RL888 is classic yet classy. The dial mixes up Roman and Arabic numerals, evoking the decadent glamour of the Jazz Age, while the sober, round case is all about the elegance of the Art Deco skyscrapers in New York. But the fun really starts when you see the rainbow of watch straps. There are over 40 different shades to choose from, which match the colours of the famous Ricky handbags, named after Mr. Lauren’s wife. So go to town and match your watch to your bag or your shoes, and ask yourself: why has no one thought of this before?

The straps – available in leather, alligator, grosgrain or satin – snap in and out easily, which means you can change them yourself in a flash. When you buy the RL888 it comes on a standard black strap, metal or gold bracelet, but after that, you can add as many to your collection as you want.
The straps are presented in a handsome, black, alligator-clad box with five drawers: two for the glossy alligator versions and one each for leather, grosgrain and satin. Slide open any one of the velvet drawers and a mouth-watering selection of colored straps appears. I had as much fun playing with this box, as I did when I got my first ever box of Swiss coloring pencils.

And although this may sound like a trivial detail, the fact that the gold or metal bracelets can also be swapped is a very cool feature. Normally, once you opt for a bracelet-style strap, you are wedded to it for life. But not with the RL888 as these too can be changed – though it does mean a trip to the nearest Ralph Lauren boutique. A small price to pay for such flexibility.
It had to be an outsider to the Swiss watch industry who could come up with such an astoundingly simple idea. Ralph Lauren waited many years to bring his laidback luxury to the traditional world of fine Swiss watchmaking, as he knew that when he did launch a watch collection, it had to be a true reflection of his style and obsession with craftsmanship. In an interview I wrote for the Financial Times in 2009, to coincide with the launch, the all-American designer – a total watch buff – said: “I wanted to build a watch brand, not a fashion accessory. I wanted my watches to sit up there with the best watch companies in the world.” Which the RL888 does, with the added bonus of all those gorgeous straps to choose from. Thank you, Mr. Lauren!

Ralph Lauren Petite Steel Stirrup

Ralph Lauren introduces a new miniature size of his iconic stirrup-shaped timepiece as part of the 10th anniversary celebration of the Stirrup collection. Complemented by a colorful array of interchangeable straps, the miniature watches are elegantly presented in 18K rose gold, polished stainless steel, or with a delicate diamond setting, affording equestrian lovers a variety of ways to make a statement of personal style.

Perfectly proportioned for the female wrist, the new size measures 16.8mm by 22.5mm and is powered by a RL1032 Swiss manufacture quartz caliber. The lacquered white dial highlights black Roman numerals and a minute track with black oxidized sword-shaped hands. Distinctive details express the designer’s signature vision of equestrian style, including interchangeable straps—in alligator, calfskin, or bridle leather with contrast stitching—featuring a small tab and stud that attach the top of the watchcase to the strap, emulating a rider’s saddle. The unique strap design recalls the contour of a saddle as it passes beneath the case and through the stirrup to secure it.

The Ralph Lauren Petite Steel Stirrup collection is completed this season by new jewelry-inspired petite 23mm steel bracelet timepieces with lacquered black or blue dials for a striking, chic contrast. Two sizes of the traditional off-white dial steel case, in 27mm or 32mm, are additionally adorned with an intricate pattern of diamonds encircling the bezel—inspired by the natural beauty of a snowfall—for a glamorous and feminine finish. “Some days I go to work in a suit and other days I wear jeans. I experiment with style. I believe in expressing your individual taste. It’s the personal details, such as the playfulness of a watch, that become the truest form of self-expression,” says Mr. Lauren.

Also available from the Ralph Lauren Petite Steel Stirrup Collection, each offered in multiple sizes:
RLR0040700 Stirrup Petite Steel
RLR0011700 Stirrup Small Rose Gold
RLR0012701 Stirrup Small White Gold With Diamonds
RLR0040000 Stirrup Petite-Link Steel

Signature pieces from the Equestrian Fine Jewelry Collection:
RLR47209 Double Stirrup Bracelet, offered with or without diamonds
RLR4750000 Small Stirrup Pendant, offered in multiple sizes


Launched in 2008, Ralph Lauren Watches and Fine Jewelry is a joint venture between Ralph Lauren and Richemont, two leading companies in the global luxury market. In this unique partnership, Ralph Lauren and Richemont design, manufacture, and distribute luxury watches and fine jewelry through select Ralph Lauren boutiques and the finest independent watch and jewelry retailers worldwide. The watch collections feature the highest-quality Swiss Made manufacture movements and Ralph Lauren’s most iconic inspirations, from the Ralph Lauren Stirrup watches to the 888 and 867 timepieces to the Safari and Automotive collections. Ralph Lauren Fine Jewelry includes the signature Ralph Lauren Equestrian, Diamond Link, and Chunky Chain collections, handcrafted with the finest materials and techniques.
This bell-shaped watch is the Stirrup by Ralph Lauren. Equestrians now have another timepiece dedicated to their hobby. No longer can brands like Piaget and Hermes share in most of the horse world spotlight. Ralph Lauren’s Polo sub-brand can’t be separated from the sport it is meant to honor, and I think a watch based on riding equipment and Ralph Lauren immediately makes sense, even though Mr. Lauren’s design and inspirational scope is much larger. The Ralph Lauren Watch Company is rather far removed from mainstream Polo shirts available at Macy’s. Ralph Lauren has an impressive higher-end division, with the watches being a sort of thematic diamond sitting on top of the heap.

I remember a conversation I was included in several years ago. I believe it was late 2008 and a Richemont executive made a statement about the upcoming Ralph Lauren watch brand. Two other people there (also Richemont employees) sort of scoffed at the idea. Reasonably questioning the nature and purpose of the brand which was linked to the fashion empire. You see, watches made with fashion brand labels, aren’t always top quality or pedigree, even though they often charge top quality and pedigree prices. It was reasonable to be skeptical.
The Richemont executive countered almost slyly, pointing out that their hesitations about taking the upcoming brand less than seriously might not be merited. Having no stake in the new brand, they nodded their head seriously and mentioned that the Ralph Lauren pieces would be serious watches. Everyone there seemed to be curious about how it would go.

I believe it was at SIHH 2009 where Ralph Lauren watches officially made their debut. I was there, and got a chance to see the seminal collection. The three main characters in the new horological drama were the Sporting, Slim Classic, and the Stirrup. The first two easily had the most mainstream appeal, while the Stirrup was to be Ralph Lauren’s most distinct product, and hopefully a new visual trademark for the fresh brand. It came in versions for both men and women, with some of the latter being particularly poised and high-end jewelry pieces. One thing that always stuck out a lot to me, was the logo. “Ralph Lauren” was spelled out cleanly and in an unpretentious manner. I thought that was clever, and made it look like a name that had been around much longer than it actually was. Taking away the matter of price, I am happy to say that overall, Ralph Lauren watches are relatively speaking, nice and unpretentious watches. That even applies to this solid 18k rose gold Stirrup large, with a slightly glossy bund-style alligator strap.

This “large” version of the Stirrup is 36.60mm wide by 38.50mm tall. It is also 12.15mm thick. Also available in steel, the case is finely rendered and well polished. This 18k rose gold version offers large areas of polish which greatly emphasizes the warmth of rose gold. You’ll notice that the strap connects differently on both ends of the watch, but it is designed so that underneath there is a flush surface for comfort. The strap is solid, but not overly thick. A charming detail is the buckle on the fold-over clasp, which mirrors the design of the case. The strap uses an 18k rose gold tension clasp which requires a firm push to get it to audibly click into place. While I tend to prefer locking or push-button deployant clasps, the buckle on the Stirrup does benefit from having a rather thin profile. It does remind me a lot of clasps I have seen on Cartier watches in the past.
On the wrist the Stirrup large isn’t what I would call large, but rather medium-large. On my wrist it actually looks quite proportional, but I have small wrists. I think they should eventually offer one size larger for wide-wristed men who want to sport this unique design. I am not saying the watch is small, but you need to try it on for yourself – especially because the unusual shape of the case can be hard to visualize on your wrist without actually wearing it. I do appreciate how the tapered strap does help the case appear larger than it is.

If you look closely at the 18k rose gold and steel models, you’ll notice that Ralph Lauren designed them with slightly different dials. This Chronograph model has a white lacquered dial with all black hands and indexes. This results in pretty perfect contrast between what you want to read and the watch face. Still, the chronograph subdials are slight recessed, and even have a snailed texture if you look really closely. It isn’t hard to imagine where the dial style came from. Ralph Lauren himself made it clear each of the watches in his collection were based on things that inspired him. Going to a range of classic pieces with Roman numeral hour markers and sword-style hands, he was able to settle on something which is genuinely satisfying and familiar looking. The design ethos opted to take an unusual case design, and try to render it in a way that felt very natural – as though this was a watch mimicking something you discovered in your wealthy uncle’s estate property.
When Ralph Lauren watches were announced, it was immediately made clear that they would not be using their own movements, but rather proudly be using movements made for them by other brands in the Richemont Group. You see, Ralph Lauren watches is not inherently part of the Richemont Group, but rather made an agreement with them to produce watches together. Richemont owns a number of the world’s most successful high-end luxury watch brands, and it was a rather logical partner for the endeavor. Rather than try to reinvent the wheel, Ralph Lauren would take a very traditional approach to making watches by using movements from existing and respected watch movement makers. Some people thought this was strange, but they are forgetting their history.

The examples are countless, but a good example is with Piaget. The Ralph Lauren Slim Classic timepieces each use movements made by Piaget for Ralph Lauren. Piaget started as a watch movement maker. Selling their their products to others who would put them in their own cases. It was not until the 1940s I believe that there was ever a Piaget watch. Today Ralph Lauren recalls that tradition. They design the watch and then work with a respected high-end watch movement maker to outfit them with movements. It makes sense to me, and I appreciate the transparency. To be honest it even helps me feel more comfortable about the value proposition than if Ralph Lauren attempted to make their own movements.

Inside the Stirrup Chronograph is a movement produced by Swiss Jaeger-LeCoultre, called the caliber RL 750. This automatic caliber has the time and 12 hour chronograph with a 48 hour power reserve. Jaeger-LeCoultre makes watches and movements, and is a very well respected movement maker. It should be seen as a benefit to have this movement in the watch. As of now, the most complex movements in Ralph Lauren watches are produced by Jaeger-LeCoultre. Piaget and IWC make the other ones.

Chopard Happy Sport replica watch

The Chopard Happy Sport is a well known figure on the watch market, having first been unveiled in 1993. Now as it hurtles towards its 30th anniversary, Chopard has launched two new Happy Sport models that are based on that very first model from ’93. The watch was conceived by Chopard Co-President and Artistic Director Caroline Scheufele, stated in 1993 at its launch that the Happy Sport was: “A watch that I could wear all day long: at the gym, in the office or for a dinner in town.” This versatility was possible, in some parts, thanks to its stainless-steel sporty case style with the addition of diamonds. And it’s the diamonds that are the clever bit.
To the observer, the Happy Sport seemingly has diamonds that happily cascade around the face of the watch. The seven ‘dancing diamonds’ are each encased in a spinning-top capsule that moves freely between a sandwich of two sapphire crystals, which is a clever optical illusion that is manufactured entirely in-house by the artisans at Chopard. In fact, it was Scheufele’s mother who first discovered the original prototype that was made in 1976 and made the point that diamonds are “happier when they are free”. And freely they seemingly dance on the wrist with each movement of your day.

The Chopard Happy Sport the First watches are available in two versions, both 33mm stainless-steel cases based on the original design. The first version is available in a launch-year-referencing 1,993 pieces with a silver dial that has blue Roman numerals that echo the blue cabochons on the winding crown and four lugs. The second watch is available in a run of 788, a lucky number for Scheufele, with a diamond set bezel and textured mother-of-pearl dial.
The Happy Sport is more than just a pretty face though, boasting an in-house movement that is entirely designed and produced by Chopard. Calibre 09.01C is automatic and has a 42-hour power reserve and is made up of 148 components. A watch’s bracelet is key to its overall aesthetic and Chopard has developed, again fully in-house, a four-pebble link bracelet. Similar in concept to a beads of rice bracelet, the pebble bracelet promises fluidity and comfort on the wrist.

To help celebrate the launch of the new watches, Chopard has enlisted Julia Roberts. Says Caroline Scheufele, “It was her and nobody else! Julia Roberts was the only person I felt could convey the spirit that I see in Happy Sport.” Julia Roberts stars in a video (see below) that was directed by Xavier Dolan who was also responsible for the artistic direction of a photoshoot with Shayne Laverdière.
Ross Povey, the founder of TudorCollector.com is regarded as the world’s leading expert on vintage Tudor watches. Although an expert on Rolex and Tudor watches primarily, Ross’s work covers the entire field of horology and he is currently Editor-in-Chief of Revolution magazine in the UK. He writes for and has contributed to some of the most influential horological publications, including; The Telegraph, The Rake, Bulang & Sons, Watchonista, Hodinkee, QP and is the co-author of the book Daytona Perpetual, a celebration of the automatic Rolex Daytona released through Pucci Papaleo Editore. Ross is also an international speaker and regularly hosts watch events in the UK and Europe.

Oris Aquis Diving

It will not make your day boring because all of these Oris Aquis watches that will be stated here have unique and colorful designs that will surely make your day feel brighter, and you will feel alive. And the best thing about this is that you will not need to pay tons of money just to have that excellent feeling that you have been craving.

If you are looking for a cheap and affordable watch with features to make up for the price, you should consider choosing Oris Aquis. However, it is best for the best options if you stick around because the four designs that will be presented here are deemed the best of them all. Rest assured that once you are done, you will find the perfect one.
Oris Aquis Star Limited Edition Automatic Wars Stormtrooper Black Dial Men’s Luxury Watch
First, the list of great Oris Aquis watches is none other than the Oris Star Limited Edition Automatic Wars Stormtrooper Black Dial Men’s Luxury Watch. Just by reading the name, there is no doubt that the first thing that will come into your mind is that it is expensive because it is a limited edition, and there are only a few released.

If you do think that, then this is where you’re wrong. Because even if it has a design that is inspired by the stormtroopers from Star Wars made with stainless steel and a Sapphire crystal that keeps this safe from any external harms like rusts and scratches, you would be shocked to know that it only has a price range of about $2,000 up to $3,000.

Oris Aquis Limited Edition Automatic Carysfort Reef Blue Dial Men’s Luxury Watch
Another limited-edition timepiece with a low price range is the Oris Aquis Limited Edition Automatic Carysfort Reef Blue Dial Men’s Luxury Watch. This piece is slightly lower when it comes to the price range than the Star Wars Limited Edition because it only amounts from $2,000 up to a whopping amount of $2,500. Check this out!

Made with an Orange rubber strap and a blue-colored dial, you would say that the color combination of this piece is oddly satisfying. However, just like the one on top, this also has a stainless steel casing that keeps it safe from rusting and a Sapphire crystal that ensures that this piece is scratch-resistant. It also has a 300m water-resistant feature.

Oris Aquis Limited Edition III Great Barrier Reef Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Luxury Watch
Now, this is another limited edition, much like the other two on top. However, you can rest easy knowing that it has a much lower price range compared to them. So, if those two are a little bit expensive for you but you still want a watch that is rare enough that there is only a slight chance of bumping into someone with the same piece, then this is for you!

With a price range of about $1,500 up to $2,000 only, you would be able to purchase the Oris Aquis Limited Edition III Great Barrier Reef Automatic Blue Dial Men’s Luxury Watch that offers a calm and glossy blue colored dial paired with a reservoir of about 40 meters. It also has a total of about 30 jewels that are embedded in it to make it more lavish.

Oris Aquis Automatic Date Green Dial Men’s Luxury Watch
Finally, the cheapest and most inexpensive piece on this list is the Oris Aquis Automatic Date Green Dial Men’s Luxury Watch that only has a price range of about $1,000 up to $1,500. With that kind of price range, you would not see something as glamorous looking as this one with the other brands. You can only see it here at Oris.

So, if you are a little bit tight on budget, then you should not miss the chance to check this one out because if you do, you will be missing one of the best timepieces ever made in the history of man that has a surprisingly low price range. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy this as soon as possible so that you can obtain a great watch.

Well, there you have it, four of the best Oris Aquis watches to have ever been created and designed. If you are in search of greatness, then these are the ones that you are looking for. So, please do not think that you would be wasting your time here because once you get to see what they offer, rest assured that you will not regret it for even a second.
One of the best things about the Oris Aquis is that it appeals to a lot of people. While dive watches are considered very niche, this model is available in different kinds. Case in point, there’s a straightforward dive watch for the pros. Meanwhile, fashionistas will love the diamond-studded version.

And if you’re having a hard time finding the perfect Oris Aquis model for you, you’ve come to the right place. But first, let’s look at how the brand started.

A Brief History of Oris
The brand’s origins can be traced back to the Swiss town of Hölstein. Paul Cattin and Georges Christian bought the recently closed watch factory called Lohner & Co. And by 1904, they started producing pocket watches. Wristwatches and alarm clocks were still not produced back then.

Eventually, Oris became the largest employer in Hölstein with more than 300 workers. And by 1929, they expanded and had factories built in Holderbank, Como, Courgenay, Herbetswil and Ziefen.

The First Batch of Oris Wristwatches
Following their success, Oris began experimenting with wristwatches. In addition to the watch factories built, they opened their own electroplating factory in Herbetswil. The factory produced bracelet buckles, which were fitted to their existing pocket watches. Thus, transforming them into wristwatches.

Since then, they have produced plenty of high-quality watches that cater to different walks of life. One collection is the Oris Aquis, a lineup of high-performance dive watches that never fail to impress. Let’s check out which Aquis models caught our attention by reading our list below.

Ulysse Nardin Diver X Skeleton 44mm

As a part of its 2021 novelties, Ulysse Nardin recently revealed the new Limited-Edition Diver X Skeleton watch. Featuring a heavily skeletonized dial packed inside a lightweight, 44mm Titanium case, this new watch is designed to offer consumers a unique dive watch experience blending artistic ideas with a rugged and utilitarian aesthetic. Ulysse Nardin Diver X Skeleton 44mm
The real draw with this watch is the dramatic open-worked dial. While previously released dive X watches feature an X formation that blends with the rest of the dial, the Skeleton X, does the opposite and makes the concept more pronounced. Emanating from the center and presented in sporty shades of blue and orange, the ‘X’ formation is the centerpiece of this watch. The letter ‘X’ is also, for the most part, the only bit of dial on this watch, as the surrounding areas have been hollowed out to reveal the complex mechanical internals underneath. On the outer periphery of the dial is a printed orange minute track and lume filled hour indexes that have been applied in such a manner that they give an illusion of being suspended in the air. The broad baton-style hour and minute hands have been borrowed from other members of the Diver X family, whereas the second’s hand has a nice paddle-style shape. Furthermore, the hands also get a blue PVD treatment with a hint of orange to blend in with the overall color scheme.
Beating inside the new Ulysse Nardin Diver X Skeleton is Ulysse Nardin’s in-house calibre UN-372. It is an automatic movement based on the manually wound UN-371 calibre. One of the major differences between the two is the X-shaped oscillating weight on the UN-372. The movement operates at a frequency of 3 Hz and offers a healthy autonomy of around 96 hours. Apart from the fact that its architecture can be admired from the front as well as the back, the movement bears an industrial look, leaving nothing much to write about with regards to the decoration.
Machined from Titanium, the case on this watch measures a modern 44mm in diameter. To match the colors on the dial and give the watch a coherent visual appearance, the case has been PVD coated in blue except for the vibrant orange crown guards. The case has been finely finished and features micro-beaded sides and satin polished lugs. Ulysse Nardin Diver X Skeleton 44mm It is water-resistant to 200 meters, and there is a chunky un-directional bezel on top of the case to time those recreational dives. Due to its carbon composite construction, the bezel also adds a fair bit of visual intrigue to the watch, exhibiting several shades of blue and grey.
Ulysse Nardin has merged two of it designs into a single watch, introducing the signature aesthetic of its Executive Skeleton watch to its Diver collection, creating the Diver X Skeleton.

Limited to 175 individually numbered piece, the Diver X Skeleton strikes out alone as a new flagship within the Diver collection. The watch’s 44mm case and bezel are formed of Carbonium, a robust yet lightweight composite material used in the aerospace industry, before being given a blue PVD coating.

The Diver X Skeleton is able to resist water ingress to depths of 200m, with its unidirectional rotating bezel sitting proud of its sapphire crystal, protecting it from potentially catastrophic impacts underwater.

The watch’s UN-371 movement, which is usually employed within the Executive Skeleton collection, has been redesigned to take on the visual cues of the Diver collection. In order to accommodate the central blue PVD X which instantly identifies the Executive Skeleton, the Diver’s hour markers needed to be discretely fixed, giving them the appearance of floating above the dial.

Ulysse Nardin also emphasises the depth effect by building up the movement and dial in layers while applying different finishes to play with the light. A new X-shaped automatic winding rotor has been added while a blue Carbonium barrel cover can also be seen through the dial at the 12 o’clock position, matching the material used for the bezel. Ulysse Nardin Diver X Skeleton 44mm

The blue of the case, bezel and movement are offset by bright orange accents on the central X, the tip of the seconds hand and the five-minute markers on the bezel.
The Ulysse Nardin Diver X Skeleton blends two hitherto disparate horological genres. Launched at Watches & Wonders 2021, this new creation is housed in a 44mm case, dressed in blue PVD, and features a unidirectional bezel formed of blue Carbonium. The skeleton dial affords views of the self-winding movement, the UN-372 calibre, while the addition of orange accents enhances the overall appearance of this harmonious composition. It’s a fascinating watch and a highly original composition.

Imagine for a second, eating a salad washed in deionised water, incorporating dehydrated tomatoes, garnished with kale, sprinkled with organic broccoli and with a serving of quinoa on the side. The composition of this dish is rich in dietary virtue, albeit it sounds a tad boring.

Having consumed this dish, rich in minerals and vitamins, it seems inconceivable that you would then proceed to eat chocolate cake, lavishly drenched in chocolate sauce and cream, with a generous helping of ice cream on the side. Put simply, some things in life are simply incompatible.

In the world of horology, some genres are compatible, likely to result in a harmonious composition. Conversely, some creations seem ill-matched. A skeleton watch involves removing superfluous material from the dial and/or movement. Often they are slender, elegant, slightly delicate in temperament and ideally suited for formal occasions. By their very nature, they are likely to have minimal water resistance and are not suited to harsh treatment. Ulysse Nardin Diver X Skeleton 44mm

In contrast, divers’ watches are about robustness, they are not averse to getting their hair wet and have some features intended to meet specific professional needs. Intended to be worn over a wetsuit, this type of watch has a tendency to be large. Moreover, bold styling and impressive legibility are prerequisites for this type of watch, even for those wearers who seldom dip their toes in the sea.

These two very distinct categories of watch are seldom mentioned in the same breath. Well, that is until now. Ulysse Nardin, the Swiss Manufacture founded in 1846 and known for making marine chronometers in the past, has just unveiled its new Diver X Skeleton at Watches & Wonders. On paper, it sounds like utter madness, but the images reveal a fabulously-styled watch, exuding a high quotient of ingenuity and destined to evoke a smile even on the most miserable face.
The 44mm case is dressed in blue PVD, while the unidirectional bezel is formed of blue Carbonium. This latter material is formed of two thirds ‘intermediate modulus carbon fibre and one third high temperature epoxy’. The material, widely used in the aerospace industry, is three times stiffer than titanium and yet only half its weight.

Luminescent hour and minute hands collaborate with baton-style indexes which emanate from the case. The dial features a prominent X-shaped structure spanning the dial, bestowing it with a highly unusual appearance. The openworked dial design affords views of the keyless works, gear train, balance and escapement. Interestingly, the balance wheel, anchor and escapement are made of silicon, a material closely associated with the Maison. A blue-toned barrel is positioned below noon.

The Ulysse Nardin Diver X Skeleton is equipped with the self-winding UN-372 calibre, an evolution of the existing UN-371 used in the Executive Skeleton collection. The model is water-resistant to 200m and is offered with a choice of blue or orange strap.

Until a few days ago, I would never have thought of fitting a divers’ watch with a skeleton dial, however, with the advent of this model, Ulysse Nardin has now erased my former opinion. Quite simply, the Ulysse Nardin Diver X Skeleton is one of my favourite novelties to be launched at Watches & Wonders.

The brand’s press release

Ulysse Nardin’s links with the sea are as deep as the ocean itself. The Swiss Maison was a pioneer in watchmaking innovation from 1846, when the brand cemented its reputation for incomparably accurate marine chronometers; robust navigational instruments that allowed sailors to calculate longitude at sea. Now Ulysse Nardin is reaffirming its status as a watchmaker destined to rule the oceans with the arrival of the DIVER X SKELETON. In 2019, Ulysse Nardin launched the DIVER X Cape Horn, Nemo Point and Antarctica, celebrating the bravery of the solo round-the-world sailors of the Vendée Globe. Now, to celebrate its 175 years, Ulysse Nardin is pushing the design of its DIVER X even further by stripping away the dial and revealing its skeleton.

In an Xciting merger of the two DIVER and EXECUTIVE SKELETON worlds, Ulysse Nardin adds a new design to its range of horological UFOs: the DIVER X SKELETON, an exclusive edition of skeleton diving watches limited to 175 timepieces, all numbered. This cutting-edge evolution of the DIVER X retains its sporty appeal, while taking a radical step towards transparency. As the new hero watch of the DIVER collection, the DIVER X SKELETON is an explosive fusion between the sporty design of a DIVER and technical prowess of the EXECUTIVE SKELETON. It’s a match that was written in the stars.
Like all of Ulysse Nardin’s DIVERS, the DIVER X SKELETON is designed to withstand the potentially fatal pressures that exist at a depth of 200 meters. To achieve this, it is equipped with a concave inverted unidirectional rotating bezel, which protects the domed sapphire glass against untimely impacts.

The engineering team has completely redesigned the UN- 371 movement, which is visible through the 44mm case. Originally designed for the EXECUTIVE SKELETON collection, it has been improved by the addition of an oscillating weight in the shape of the Ulysse Nardin’s iconic X. There is also a barrel cover placed at midday with a blue Carbonium, which is the same as the bezel, and the hours, minutes and seconds hands are coated with Superluminova, so you won’t struggle to read the time underwater.
The desire to keep the dial interface of the DIVER X SKELETON in the shape of the blue PVD X was one of the most technical and complex developments ever undertaken by Ulysse Nardin. The hour markers had to be secretly connected to the dial, so they appear to be floating. To achieve the sensation of depth, overlaid layers were used to emphasize the tiered construction of the central “X”. Different levels of finish were also employed to cause a play of light, which was amplified by the transparency of the skeleton movement.

The case, microbeaded on the sides with satin polished lugs, has been coated in blue PVD. Orange details, such as the hour markers, the internal lines of Ulysse Nardin’s signature “X” and the protective rubber around the crown, add vibrant pops of colour and emphasize the model’s sports origins.
On the bezel, Ulysse Nardin has used blue Carbonium, a material originally used on its FREAK X. Carbonium  is an extremely lightweight aerospace material and among the most robust and durable materials ever developed by scientists. It is made from the same fibres as those used for the fuselage and wings of the latest generation of aircraft. Because its manufacturing process involves using waste materials, it has a 40% lower environmental impact than other carbon. This high-performance material is created using a complex process which involves subjecting carbon fibres, which have a diameter of only 7 μm, to high pressure and temperature conditions. The process causes the fibres to form a pattern that is unique to each watch.

The DIVER X SKELETON comes on a rubber strap in either ocean blue or supercharged orange with an element adorned with the Ulysse Nardin anchor also in orange. A constant reminder that Ulysse Nardin has always ruled the waves by looking to the stars.