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Cristiano Ronaldo love franc kmuller 7008 T INV C INV R watch

Recently, the new epidemic situation in foreign countries has become more and more serious, and there are more international reports on the epidemic. A few days ago, a news report said that “Cristiano Ronaldo bought an island with hard nuclear isolation” was in fact false news. However, he did buy an island. It was just a gift for his agent’s marriage a few years ago. As the Juve players have already had a confirmed case, Cristiano Cristiano is also isolated at home with his family. Cristiano Ronaldo, who can buy a gift from the island in minutes, is also an eye-catching watch collector. Almost all fans know that he is a watch lover. What kind of watches does this world-class football star have? Today, let’s take a look at the “trench watch” that Cristiano Ronaldo used to have!

Among the many watch models of Cristiano Ronaldo, this Tourbillon wrist watch of full diamond watch of franck muller replica watch is remarkable. The price of this watch is said to have reached 1.5 million US dollars, equivalent to about 10 million yuan. Full diamond dial, strap, ear, ruby embellishment dial design. As you can see from the news chart, it’s really flashy. It can be seen on other occasions, including photos with my son.7008 T INV C INV R

7008 T INV C INV R

There is no flash, only more flash. Cristiano Ronaldo, who took part in a sports meeting in Dubai at the end of last year, once again put everyone’s eyes on his wrist. It is said that the price of the diamond Rolex is 4.5 million yuan, and the yellow diamond ring is also expensive. In fact, diamonds seem to be an eternal theme in Cristiano Ronaldo watch.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the winner of the world footballer, golden ball and Golden Boot award, although he is very old in terms of player’s career, the 35 year old has recently transferred to Juve. It is said that the team gave him an annual salary of 30 million euros a year. It is almost 231645000 yuan (200 million yuan) in RMB. And that’s just the income that the team brings him, not including his commercial endorsement and other income. In last year’s Forbes list, he ranked second with $109 million (763970100 yuan, about 700 million yuan) after Messi.

Franck Muller launches Vanguard Racing hollow Series Watch

Vanguard launched by Franck Muller Racing hollowed out series, inspired by racing, calls for the aesthetics of fashion engine rotation.

Just as a racing car must be carefully adjusted to allow the driver to race. The vanguard racing hollowed out series is remodeled by Franck Muller engineers and designers to add a strong texture and enhance display performance. The watch is equipped with an automatic movement, which is light in structure and shows the mechanical beauty of a racing engine. Carbon fiber, titanium metal, aluminum and other body materials present the scientific and technological aesthetics of wristwatch. The engine is burning and racing, and is ready to explode.

Vanguard racing hollow series has hour, minute, second and date display. The central second hand timer accurately records the time, matches with the smoked sapphire mirror, boldly reveals the automatic movement, attracting people to appreciate the exquisite craftsmanship. The second hand is indicated at the bottom, starting from zero and turning clockwise, reminiscent of a racing car’s tachometer. The main body of the pointer is black and white, and the tip is red, so that the seconds can be read from both ends of the second hand, so that the wearer can read the number of seconds conveniently. The breath of the competition field is coming, arousing the desire of racing in the heart.

The date and digital dials are also fully hollowed out, revealing the art of movement.

The wristwatch subverts the conventional spring rod connection technology. The strap is skillfully fixed in the case with two screws. It is silent, invisible and smooth. The ear lines echo the elegant body lines. The inner rubber of watch band fits the shape of wrist naturally, which is comfortable and aesthetic. Alcantara? Suede echoes the racing cockpit, giving it a strong sporty and luxurious feel.

Vanguard Racing hollowed out series is specially designed for racers, with elegant and smooth lines and full sports style. It is available in 18k rose gold, fine steel, titanium metal and carbon fiber.

Vanguard Racing skeleton series, inspired by racing competition, calls for the aesthetics of fashion engine rotation. V 45 SC DT RACING SQT (ER)