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Blancpain Villeret “gentleman blue” full calendar moon phase

“Go deep into time and extend time with literature”. In 2020, the Blancpain Utopia literature award will grow into a third ring. When the results of the third literary award were announced, Blancpain Villeret Replica “gentleman’s blue” full calendar moon phase and literature award limited edition wristwatch paid tribute to Literature and youth. This limited edition combines many signature elements of Blancpain’s classic V series, adopts the most popular flagship watch of V series – full calendar lunar calendar watch, matches the color of “Blancpain ambassador” – gentleman blue, and carves the pattern of holding feather pen on the precious metal pendulum with gold carving technology. Blancpain V series “gentleman blue” full calendar lunar phase and literature award limited edition wristwatches are of great commemorative significance. The limited sales of 50 watches in the world are limited, each with its own serial number, which is full of irresistible dignity.

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In the third year, the Blancpain Villeret Utopia literature award has gradually become the most vital and inclusive award in the world of Chinese writing, and it is also an important platform to connect readers and authors. It affirms and praises the creative perseverance and talent of young writers under the age of 45. It also hopes to provide a valuable list of creators for contemporary readers who care about Chinese literature every year, and leave a chronicle of the literary situation when looking back in the future. The Pope Utopia literature award is willing to convey a simple and meaningful message to the public, “reading makes time more valuable”.

For Blancpain, the creator of the classic chronometer, tabulation, like writing, stems from constant love. In 285 years, through the changes of time and various choices in history, Blancpain has always regarded watch making as a favorite, adhering to the noble tradition of only making mechanical watches, turning it into a belief. This kind of love is the same as the writers’ insistence on literature and the pursuit of creating classic works, which is our common starting point. Blancpain, with the identity mark of manufacture de haute Horlogerie on the logo, is a real high-level watch making brand. Blancpain was founded in 1735, marking the birth of the world’s first watch brand. Starting from the legendary town of Villeret, Switzerland, for hundreds of years, Blancpain only made mechanical watches, insisting on self-made watches, and never produced second-class watches. Adhering to the brand DNA of “innovation is tradition”, this is Blancpain, the creator of classic timepieces.

Blancpain V series “gentleman blue” full calendar lunar phase · literature award limited edition, using the classic V series named after the birthplace of Blancpain 285 years ago in Villeret, Switzerland, with the “real master of moon” Blancpain to lead the Swiss watch making industry out of the representative full calendar moon phase function of quartz storm, and use the “Blancpain” color in the “Blancpain” color Ambassador — V series unique noble quiet “gentleman blue” decorative dial.

In addition to paying homage to literature with classic elements, this limited edition also uses the gold carving technology that Blancpain is proud of. It is decorated with exquisite patterns specially designed for literary awards on the penduos, which are hand-held quill pens and are dipped in ink. Through the sapphire glass back through, we can see the gorgeous movement pattern which is finished by the Blancpain gold carving masters by hand. After the classic design, there is a low-key and deep brilliance, which means that the inspiration is surging and the writing is brilliant.

Blancpain V series “gentleman blue” full calendar lunar phase · literature award limited edition wristwatches, on October 28, the third literature award ceremony, the world limited to 50 wristwatches. Blancpain is willing to convey Blancpain’s literary attitude – “marching in depth to time, using literature as the extension line of time”, to pay homage to the literary spirit with such a work with great commemorative significance.

There are aurora in the Blancpain ocean

What color is the sea? I said: in the ocean of Blancpain, we see aurora green. Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Replica

More than a decade ago, Marc A. Hayek, the global president of Blancpain, first saw the modern redesigned 50 gauge wristwatch when he published it again. Although Blancpain’s 50th watch was already available as early as the 1950s, it was also used by the French navy. It was one of the models of diving watch design, but it was still low-key in the market at that time. Marc A. Hayek almost tried his best to upgrade the brand image of Blancpain, which was deeply rooted in everyone’s mind and closer to the classical tradition, and explored the historical roots of Blancpain. Through innovative design and exquisite technology, it showed another side of Blancpain. Almost every high-end wristwatch brand has an elegant traditional design. At the same time, it will also have a sports classic style. At that time, Blancpain needed more efforts.

Marc A. Hayek has a great taste in watches. The first redesigned 50 gauge watch promoted by Hayek fully understands what the so-called “luxury” is: first, it retains the wide and thick rotating circle of the original 50 gauge watch, and the extremely simple time mark design. The most important key to make the 50KU watch stand out in the contemporary era is: the production of the case and the rotating watch The circle pays attention to craft. The rotatable watch ring, which is often treated with coating or hardness, is the most important functional design on diving watches, and it is also the key factor of the overall appearance integrity. However, it is only in the last decade that there have been changes in the design of ceramic rings and liquid metal watches. Back 20 years, Marc a Hayek decided to cover the whole rotating watch with sapphire mirror when redesigning the watch. This not only increased the difficulty of the production process, but also greatly improved the overall texture and visual effect of the watch. In the era when the diving watch was just a sports type rather than a high-end watch, it was not only an innovation, but also pushed the design of diving watch to another level A realm.

From the beginning of its birth, the conventional 50 gauge wristwatch has been doomed to its aristocratic status and status. From the meticulous density of details and technology to the use of materials, a new chapter of titanium metal chain belt style has been opened recently. From market positioning, price setting to classic creation of overall watch design, all of them have achieved market success. In the changes of the series, from the reprint of historical watches to the launch of bathyscaphe models, the series gradually penetrated into the younger people, and thus the series became one of the indispensable classic styles of modern sports watches.

The design of deep submersibles is more rough and uninhibited, probably because its design inspiration is from Blancpain’s 50s watch in the 1970s. Its more simple lines and simple face plate design are more suitable for daily wear than the delicate attention of the conventional 50 gauge wristwatch, and the pricing also makes it easier to start with the 50 gauge series. Even the 38mm bathyscaphe is more suitable for a wide range of people, even for men and women. The new model in 2020 is the titanium metal chain belt style in the conventional 50 series which pays attention to high-end and meticulous degree; while the deep submersibles launch the desert color weekly calendar style, with a simple and fresh design on the face plate, and the multi tooth square dividing time mark makes the dial more colorful and vivid. With the launch of the surface model of deep submersibles, the 50 series models will be more complete and diversified.

From the original ocean exploration project to coelacanth exploration research project, to the world ocean project and world ocean day and other sponsorship activities, Blancpain is using a more in-depth way to make 50% no longer low-key in the historical heritage, not only further evolving in the design and technology of the watch, but also focusing on the conservation of the world’s marine ecology while establishing the classic of the watch Make.

In 2008, Blancpain once invited editor Dietmar W. Fuchs to make a special issue for the 50th edition, and invited many well-known underwater photographers to gather their best works to present the colorful underwater world. Since 2008, the magazine has been published once a year, and the length of each magazine is exactly one square. After 12 years, Blancpain launched “Fifty special issue” again in 2020, which has collected 50 pieces of underwater photographers’ most wonderful underwater photography works with different styles in these 12 years. The color and scenery are amazing. This will also be the final work of “Fifty special issue”, which is close to the end Precious.

I’ve seen half of the photos in the special issue in advance, and I’m surprised that the colors of the underwater world are so diverse. One of the pictures of moonlit jellyfish dancing under the aurora starry sky is even more incredible. Is there Aurora under the sea? It is said that the green ocean world can be seen in the ocean waters from the Arctic to the tropics. This is because there are a large number of phytoplankton and seaweed on the sea floor, which reflects the aurora green. Only in the sea areas suitable for the reproduction of aquatic organisms can such Aurora green be seen.

This is also the source of inspiration for the most important 50 m deep submersible’s new aurora green return time meter in 2020. Based on the phenomena captured by underwater photography, Blancpain also takes great pains to reflect this vivid Aurora green on the dial. It seems that the dial of the aurora green flying back time meter of the 50 m deep submergence vehicle is not simply green. It seems that there will be different changes of blue-green, cyan, brilliant green and normal green from different angles. This is also very similar to the continuous illusion of Aurora in the sky. The dial has to go through dozens of processes such as coloring, polishing and so on, trying to present the not “simple” Aurora green in a complex and rich way. Satin like polishing effect, from different positions, it seems that there is always a gradual magic effect.

Some watch friends may know that Blancpain’s most famous ultra-thin code watch movement 1185 is the most famous and widely used modified code watch movement by other high-end brands since it came out in 1989. At first, I saw that the overall configuration of the 50 m deep submersible flight back time meter is very close to that of the three Hertz f185 code meter based on 1185, and even the date window is in the same position. However, the aurora green flight back time meter of the 50s deep submersibles is the same as the previous black style. It is equipped with F385 flight return code meter movement newly developed by BOPP. The diameter and thickness of the meter are larger (13 nm diameter, 6.65mm thickness), and the vibration frequency of the movement is 5 Hz (36000 times per hour), which is higher than that of f185 movement. F385 is also a guide wheel and vertical coupling structure. The free retraction and release structure of silicon hairspring used by its cycloid wheel is the biggest separation from f185 code meter. It is also one of the reasons for the improvement of vibration frequency, power storage for 50 hours, and better magnetic resistance and accuracy. This also makes the return time meter of deep submersibles become one of the few excellent high vibration frequency code meters in the market.

People see different values and views of history on different brands of diving watches. On the 50 meter Aurora green return time meter, I can see that a once dusty history has been excavated and interpreted in a new language, which has become a modern new classic. Through Blancpain’s sponsorship and support for the marine conservation program, the ocean is no longer just blue to us. It can be color, the original color of marine life, or aurora green, a hue that can only be seen when there are abundant aquatic plants growing in healthy sea areas. Only if we continue to pay attention to the ocean and continue to carry out professional understanding and protection, can the undersea world continue Only in its colorful world can it have the shining hope of Aurora glowing.

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