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Blancpain Villeret “gentleman blue” full calendar moon phase

“Go deep into time and extend time with literature”. In 2020, the Blancpain Utopia literature award will grow into a third ring. When the results of the third literary award were announced, Blancpain Villeret Replica “gentleman’s blue” full calendar moon phase and literature award limited edition wristwatch paid tribute to Literature and youth. This limited edition combines many signature elements of Blancpain’s classic V series, adopts the most popular flagship watch of V series – full calendar lunar calendar watch, matches the color of “Blancpain ambassador” – gentleman blue, and carves the pattern of holding feather pen on the precious metal pendulum with gold carving technology. Blancpain V series “gentleman blue” full calendar lunar phase and literature award limited edition wristwatches are of great commemorative significance. The limited sales of 50 watches in the world are limited, each with its own serial number, which is full of irresistible dignity.

Blancpain Villeret Quantième Complet Replica Watch Blancpain Villeret Moonphase 6654 3640 55B

In the third year, the Blancpain Villeret Utopia literature award has gradually become the most vital and inclusive award in the world of Chinese writing, and it is also an important platform to connect readers and authors. It affirms and praises the creative perseverance and talent of young writers under the age of 45. It also hopes to provide a valuable list of creators for contemporary readers who care about Chinese literature every year, and leave a chronicle of the literary situation when looking back in the future. The Pope Utopia literature award is willing to convey a simple and meaningful message to the public, “reading makes time more valuable”.

For Blancpain, the creator of the classic chronometer, tabulation, like writing, stems from constant love. In 285 years, through the changes of time and various choices in history, Blancpain has always regarded watch making as a favorite, adhering to the noble tradition of only making mechanical watches, turning it into a belief. This kind of love is the same as the writers’ insistence on literature and the pursuit of creating classic works, which is our common starting point. Blancpain, with the identity mark of manufacture de haute Horlogerie on the logo, is a real high-level watch making brand. Blancpain was founded in 1735, marking the birth of the world’s first watch brand. Starting from the legendary town of Villeret, Switzerland, for hundreds of years, Blancpain only made mechanical watches, insisting on self-made watches, and never produced second-class watches. Adhering to the brand DNA of “innovation is tradition”, this is Blancpain, the creator of classic timepieces.

Blancpain V series “gentleman blue” full calendar lunar phase · literature award limited edition, using the classic V series named after the birthplace of Blancpain 285 years ago in Villeret, Switzerland, with the “real master of moon” Blancpain to lead the Swiss watch making industry out of the representative full calendar moon phase function of quartz storm, and use the “Blancpain” color in the “Blancpain” color Ambassador — V series unique noble quiet “gentleman blue” decorative dial.

In addition to paying homage to literature with classic elements, this limited edition also uses the gold carving technology that Blancpain is proud of. It is decorated with exquisite patterns specially designed for literary awards on the penduos, which are hand-held quill pens and are dipped in ink. Through the sapphire glass back through, we can see the gorgeous movement pattern which is finished by the Blancpain gold carving masters by hand. After the classic design, there is a low-key and deep brilliance, which means that the inspiration is surging and the writing is brilliant.

Blancpain V series “gentleman blue” full calendar lunar phase · literature award limited edition wristwatches, on October 28, the third literature award ceremony, the world limited to 50 wristwatches. Blancpain is willing to convey Blancpain’s literary attitude – “marching in depth to time, using literature as the extension line of time”, to pay homage to the literary spirit with such a work with great commemorative significance.