Rolex Datejust 41 126333

Rolex makes great watches and DateJust and Submariner are the two most iconic models in its lineup. This is review of Rolex DateJust 41 reference number 126333 that comes with champagne dial and oyster bracelet. This is two tone Rolex watch with Oystersteel and 18k yellow gold.

Dual Tone Rolex DateJust 126333 comes with a fluted bezel that makes it recognizable from 10-meter distance. It is unmistakably a Rolex – just like Submariner with cyclops date window. Unlike Rolex Day-Date, this DateJust lacks date but at 50% price of Day-Date, we are not complaining.

Some say the DateJust is easily available, but not in 2022. We obtained this from grey market at inflated prices. Sad but this is the reality for every single Rolex model out there. If you want immediate availability, consider getting an Omega Aqua Terra. Infact, you will be able to get two Aqua Terra watches which, interestingly on paper, is a better watch.
But, if you want a Rolex, you will have to pay a premium, even for two-tone models like this one. Unboxing experience is great, not as premium as Omega box. Infact, as someone who recently bought Longines Hydro Conquest watch, even Longines box is better than Rolex unboxing experience. Nothing comes close to Omega box.

This Rolex DateJust 41 comes with 3235 calibre which can be manually winded as well. It has power reserve of 70-hours. Crystal on top of scratch resistant sapphire and like the Rolex Submariner, it has cyclops lens over the date window.
If you’ve larger hands and wrist like me, consider getting the 41mm, the one shown here. Otherwise, there is a smaller 36mm as well.

For bracelet, I went with usual Oyster bracelet but if you prefer jubilee, you can get one with that. I prefer the classic look which is why I went with Oyster bracelet.