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Rolex Milgauss 116400GV

The Rolex Milgauss 116400GV is a cult favorite among collectors in the know. It boasts everything many luxury watch enthusiasts seek, including the exclusivity of the Rolex brand, a versatile design set, and intriguing heritage, complete a triumphant return to the market after a lengthy hiatus. It’s a unique take on the traditional Rolex tool watch that offers the functionality of a professional series watch while also somewhat resembling a dress watch. Really, what isn’t there to love?

If you’re interested in learning more about Rolex’s iconic anti-magnetic scientist’s watch, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the Rolex Milgauss 116400GV before you invest, including its history, variations, price, and where to buy it.
During the 1950s, electricity became a standard presence throughout the modern industry. Many individuals found that the electromagnetic fields emitted by the equipment in their work environments significantly disrupted the timekeeping of their wristwatches. At the time, ordinary mechanical watches could have their accuracy affected by magnetic fields as little as 50 to 100 gauss. However, many scientists and medical professionals were exposed to much greater magnetic fields throughout their everyday work.
Rolex’s solution arrived in the 1950s and came in the form of the Milgauss, whose name was a combination of the words mille (Latin for a thousand) and gauss (the unit of measurement for magnetic fields). By encasing the movement within a Faraday cage, potentially harmful electromagnetic charges were redistributed throughout the cage’s conducting material, thus neutralizing their effects inside the cage. The stainless steel used on the case is also slightly thicker when compared to other Rolex sports models, further protecting the movement within.

Although the concept of the Faraday cage was hardly new technology, its implementation in wristwatches was a relatively new convention; and with the ability to withstand electromagnetic forces greater than 1,000 gauss, the Milgauss became known as the watch for scientists.
The first iteration of the Milgauss came to market in 1956 via ref. 6543. Rolex only produced about 150 examples of the watch before it was quickly replaced by ref. 6541 that same year. Reference 6541 was the first commercially produced Milgauss and remained in production for only four years before being discontinued in 1960. Much like the reference 6543 that preceded it, reference 6541 was essentially a modified version of the original Rolex Turn-O-Graph. It featured a 38 mm stainless steel case with a black “honeycomb” dial and a rotating timing bezel and somewhat resembled the Submariner. Additionally, reference 6541 was the first watch to feature the now-iconic, lightning bolt-shaped seconds hand, which has since become the defining characteristic of the Milgauss line.

Since the internal Faraday cage provided the Milgauss with its antimagnetic capabilities, the various self-winding movements used to power early Milgauss references did not need to possess any antimagnetic properties of their own. The original reference 6541 is emblematic of a time in Rolex’s history when the company was first starting to experiment with watches engineered for specific professional uses. Its design is highly derivative of other early Rolex sport watches. It perfectly represents how Rolex did not yet have a definitive vision for what they wanted the Milgauss to be
Reference 1019 hit the market in 1960. It followed an entirely different design code than its predecessors, opting for a smooth bezel and stick hour markers instead of the rotatable bezel and round luminous hour markers used on references 6543 and 6541. The charming lightning bolt seconds hand is also gone, with a red arrow-tipped seconds hand taking its place. Additionally, the collection became available with either a black or silver dial for the first time in Milgauss history. Rolex also upgraded the movement, replacing the cal. 1080 powering the first two iterations of the Milgauss with an improved cal. 1580 and bringing with it a hacking seconds function.

There are also rare editions of the ref. 1019 referred to as “CERN dial” Milgauss watches produced at the behest of CERN scientists. These examples don’t feature any lume on the dial. This is because the slightly radioactive properties in the Tritium material on the hands and hour markers interfered with their laboratory equipment. These are among the rarest reference 1019 watches on the secondary market.

The Rolex 1019 Milgauss is held in high regard by many avid vintage luxury watch collectors. It remained in production until 1988 and is relatively easy to find on the pre-owned level. When it was discontinued in the late 1980s, so was the entire Milgauss collection.
After a nineteen-year absence from the Rolex catalog, the Milgauss line returned for Baselworld 2007 with the reference 116400. As the story goes, it was released the same year that the CERN Large Hadron Collider was completed. The newly redesigned case saw an increase in size to 40 mm in diameter, and the watch was fitted with a fixed, smooth bezel proportional to the rest of the case. In contrast to Rolex’s traditionally sober and classical aesthetic, the reference 116400 has a rather bold and playful design, featuring bright orange accents, which extend to its signature, lightning bolt-shaped seconds hand.
Upon its initial release, the reference 116400 was sold in three variations – black or white dials topped with a clear sapphire crystal or a black dial with a green “Glace Verte” sapphire crystal. Today, all reference 116400 watches are fitted with green-tinted sapphire crystals, which Rolex does not do on any other watch, and the reference number has been updated to Rolex Milgauss 116400GV to reflect the presence of green sapphire. Additionally, the white dial option has been discontinued, and instead, the Milgauss ref. 116400 can be purchased with either an electric blue dial coated in zirconium that Rolex aptly calls “Z-blue” or a black dial with luminescent orange hour markers that first appeared on the anniversary edition of the Milgauss.

Rolex Yacht-Master 42 226659-0002

The Yacht-Master’s bidirectional rotatable 60-minute graduated bezel is made of precious materials. The raised polished numerals and graduations stand out clearly against a matt, sand-blasted background. This functional bezel – which allows the wearer to calculate, for example, the sailing time between two buoys – is also a key component in the model’s distinctive visual identity.
Like all Rolex Professional watches, the Rolex Yacht-Master 42 226659-0002 offers exceptional legibility in all circumstances, and especially in the dark, thanks to its Chromalight display. The broad hands and hour markers in simple shapes – triangles, circles, rectangles – are filled with a luminescent material emitting a long-lasting glow.
By operating its own exclusive foundry, Rolex Yacht-Master 42 226659-0002 has the unrivalled ability to cast the highest quality 18 ct gold alloys. According to the proportion of silver, copper, platinum or palladium added, different types of 18 ct gold are obtained: yellow, pink or white. They are made with only the purest metals and meticulously inspected in an in-house laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment, before the gold is formed and shaped with the same painstaking attention to quality. Rolex’s commitment to excellence begins at the source.
All Rolex watches are assembled by hand with the utmost care to ensure exceptional quali-ty. Such high standards naturally restrict Rolex production capacity and, at times, the de-mand for Rolex watches outpaces this capacity.

Therefore, the availability of certain models may be limited. New Rolex watches are exclu-sively sold by Official Rolex Retailers, who receive regular deliveries and independently manage the allocation and sales of watches to customers.

C.D.Peacock is proud to be part of the worldwide network of Official Rolex Retailers and can provide information on the availability of Rolex watches.
The Rolex Yacht-Master 42 226659-0002 was, once upon a time, Rolex’s least popular model. Reportedly a botched attempt to rejuvenate the Submariner line for a wealthier audience, it languished for decades at the bottom of the pile, unloved. But something has changed in recent years, something that has revitalised the Yacht-Master into a watch people actually want. Could the latest addition to the collection be the best yet?
Okay, so the story goes that in the early days, post-quartz crisis, Rolex was floundering to realign the brand into something that would catch the attention of a modern audience. Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe had demonstrated a demand for high-end, high-priced sports watches, and by comparison, Rolex’s no-nonsense Submariner et al were a little reserved.

In fact, a little reserved was Rolex’s whole business model. The brand had spent a century building up dominance from scratch by utilising a simple platform to build a series of professional watches that were primarily designed for work and not play. There was no fancy finishing or exquisite designs—it was the utilitarian nature that made a Rolex stand out from its competitors.

But professionals didn’t need these watches any more, and so that left Rolex with a problem. It was time to adapt or go home. That’s when someone at Rolex headquarters had a good idea: why not take the Submariner, give it a polish, dress it up with fancy materials and re-release it as the new-and-improved Submariner for the gentleman who likes to dive not from an oil platform, but a yacht?

So, that’s what Rolex Yacht-Master 42 226659-0002 did, but legend has it that right at the last minute a decision was made, and this new watch was released not as the new Submariner, but the Yacht-Master instead. First seen in 1992, all in gold with a dial in rich blue sunburst or white with black markers, the new Yacht-Master was destined to make a splash.

Rolex Submariner 124060-0001

The Submariner’s rotatable bezel is a key functionality of the watch. Its 60-minute graduations allow a diver to accurately and safely monitor diving time and decompression stops. Manufactured by Rolex from a hard, corrosion-resistant ceramic, the Cerachrom bezel insert is virtually scratchproof. A luminescent capsule on the zero marker ensures legibility, no matter how dark the environment. The bezel’s knurled edge is carefully designed to offer excellent grip under water, even with gloves. The dial’s luminescent Chromalight display is an innovation that improved visibility in dark environments, an essential feature for divers. Hour markers in simple shapes – triangles, circles, rectangles – and broad hour and minute hands enable instant and reliable reading to prevent any risk of confusion underwater. Rolex uses Oystersteel for its steel watch cases. Specially developed by the brand, Oystersteel belongs to the 904L steel family, alloys most commonly used in high-technology and in the aerospace and chemical industries, where maximum resistance to corrosion is essential. Oystersteel is extremely resistant, offers an exceptional finish once polished and maintains its beauty even in the harshest environments.
All Rolex watches are assembled by hand with the utmost care to ensure exceptional quality. Such high standards naturally restrict Rolex production capacity and, at times, the demand for Rolex watches outpaces this capacity.

Therefore, the availability of certain models may be limited. New Rolex Submariner 124060-0001 watches are exclusively sold by Official Rolex Jewelers, who receive regular deliveries and independently manage the allocation and sales of watches to customers.

Precision Watches is proud to be part of the worldwide network of Official Rolex Jewelers and can provide information on the availability of Rolex watches.
The 2020 Rolex Submariner 124060-0001 set the internet abuzz when it made its debut with a larger 41mm case size and what many had suspected was coming for quite some time – integration to the next generation of Rolex in-house movements – calibers 3235 and 3230. The iconic diver received a few other tweaks, including to the dial and bracelet. However, its overall design remains true to the beloved Submariner aesthetic, making it easily one of the most successful dive watches in the world.

Join us today as we take an in-depth look at the current Submariner 124060, the various changes made to the series when Rolex discontinued the original 6-digit Submariner collection to make way for the new 2020 generation, and where you can buy the model that is quickly becoming one of the hottest watches on the market.
The Submariner 124060’s history technically began in 1953, when Rolex released the very first Submariner. While the waterproof Oyster case, self-winding Perpetual movement, and 60-minute diver’s bezel have always been fixtures of the series, early editions of the watch did not feature a date mechanism on the dial. It wasn’t until about a decade later that Rolex added their iconic date window display at the 3 o’clock marker with the ref. 1680, after which the classic Submariner No-Date was effectively left in the shadows. The next several decades saw countless upgrades to the series, including replacing the acrylic crystal with sapphire, developing a safer uni-directional bezel, and increasing the water resistance up to 300 meters, but nearly all advancements were exclusive to the date-displaying models.

In 1990, the no-date Rolex Submariner 124060-0001 made a triumphant re-launch with reference 14060. Much like the original Submariner watches from the 1950s, the ref. 14060 did not feature a date mechanism or accompanying Cyclops lens. It was produced alongside its date-displaying counterpart, the immensely successful ref. 16610. Both editions of the Submariner featured an aluminum bezel insert, white gold-trimmed hour markers, and high-beat movements.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 124300

It’s now official! Not unsurprisingly, Rolex has presented an update to its Oyster Perpetual collection. Rolex has officially discontinued the Oyster Perpetual 39mm and gone all-in on 41mm. With that said, Rolex has now presented the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41mm reference 124300 with a ton of new bright and bold dial colors! This new movement features the new generation caliber and also a long-requested upgrade to the clasp to feature the Easylink extension system! To mark this, Rolex has slightly upgraded the design and fitted it with the in-house caliber 3232.
The predecessor 114300 is now officially discontinued and has been replaced by the new reference 124300. Apart from only updating the design, Rolex also upped the size from 39mm to 41mm.

All of the official Rolex retailers we have spoken with have told us that during 2020, they practically received no Oyster Perpetual 39 114300. Some have received only one piece, whilst others have gotten just a few pieces. This can be further confirmed by the fact that what is normally a watch that can be found in essentially all AD windows, has been nowhere to be found for the most part during 2020.

The Oyster Perpetual 39 has not been a “waitlist” watch that is hard to get, but in recent times, they have become more and more difficult to find. This is not necessarily because the demand for them has increased, but rather that the supply has more or less come to a full halt.

With that said, this has been an indication that Rolex has been up to something with the Oyster Perpetual 39, and now, it has been officially confirmed. Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41mm reference 124300 has been working on a new generation Oyster Perpetual. Of course with the new generation movement 3230.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 114300 was originally presented in 2015. More recently, in 2018, Rolex also presented two new colors for the model – black and white. But this watch has, since its launch been equipped with the 3130 calibers, and with Rolex’s continuous pursuit of introducing the new “32” calibers into all its model lines (in 2019, it was the GMT-Master II with the caliber 3285), 2020 is the year when it is the OP 39’s time to get an upgrade.

Rolex presents the new Oyster Perpetual 39 with the new reference 124300, which unsurprisingly follows the same format for the new reference number by replacing the 11 in the beginning with a 12 to indicate the latest generation. Since Rolex is about evolution rather than revolution, the updates and changes are not huge. But the biggest upgrade is indeed the new caliber which boasts a 70-hour power reserve as opposed to the previous 48 hours.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41mm reference 124300 upgrade of this model was due, so it is nice to see a substantially improved technical aspect of this watch. The Oyster Perpetual is a true classic that doesn’t need a whole lot of visual changes or refinements, so Rolex has chosen to play it safe.

Replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona watch

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ref. 116520 is a highly sought-after model, and at times has been difficult to attain due to limited stock at Rolex retailers worldwide. As the market demand increases, limited supply reduces the opportunity to find a brand new Cosmograph Daytona 116520.
The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is one of the most sought after timepieces in the world no matter if it is new, used, or even VERY used. People have been put on long waiting lists to purchase the 116500LN-0002, the new Black dial and silver model, or the 116500LN-0001 which is the white dial version.

However, the Daytona was not a favorite timepiece throughout its long history. In fact, the Daytona timepiece was less popular than most of the Rolex timepieces like the Presidential Day Date, or the Submariner to name just two. Paul Newman became one of the first people to represent the Daytona brand since he did have a love of car racing. His former Daytona timepiece – a well worn Rolex Reference 6239 from the 1960’s sold for $17.75 million at a Phillips Auction House on October 25, 2017. This event took auctioneers by total surprise, first starting with a massive 10 million dollar bid.

The early Rolex Daytona timepieces had a manual wind caliber inside of it. However, in 1988 Rolex released the automatic version of the watch – a Zenith-made El Primero movement. Rolex revised the series again in 2000 with a new in-house movement inside of it. In 2016, the 116500 was released with a Cerachrom bezel which is resistant to scratches and ultraviolet rays, and it featured the new caliber 4130 which has a 72 hour power reserve.

The early Rolex Daytonas went for between $1,000 and $2,000 and those same models are fetching over $100,000 today. However the new Rolex with steel band and case lists for $12,400 but is price bid up to as much as $25,000 apiece.
The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona reference 116500 is made with pure Oystersteel – a hybrid steel design which provides excellent shine and strength. It is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire glass. It has a triplock triple waterproofness system on its winding crown which helps the timepiece be water resistant even in depths of 330 feet.

The new 4130 caliber has a big red Daytona engraved on its movement. It is made with 44 jewels, 201 parts and vibrates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. It has a 72 hour power reserve and features a Parachrom Blue hairspring and a Paraflex anti-shock system. It also has stop seconds for precise time setting.

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is known for its main features beyond the hours, minutes and small seconds. It has a central chronograph seconds hand which is accurate within 1/8 of a second. There is a 30 minutes counter at the 3 o’clock position and a 12-hour counter at the 9 o’clock position. The chronograph features are controlled by the two pushers at the 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock.

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is not just a tool watch, but it is also an Officially Certified Superlative Chronometer which means they have certified its movement within +-2 seconds per day.

The Daytona is a beautiful timepiece which has become far more than a tool watch. Its tachymetric scale around the bezel is tastefully placed on its shiny polished surface. It has a white or black dial and highly luminescent hour markers at all positions except the 12 o’clock position which has the Rolex crown at top.

Each Daytona comes with an exceptional Rolex Oyster Bracelet with 3 piece links. First introduced in the 1930’s, the Oyster has gone through subtle changes over the years and has evolved to become one of the most advanced pieces of horological technology made. It goes through the same stringent tests that the timepiece itself goes through.
Rubber B has come up with a wide variety of bands for the Rolex Daytona. The Daytona is a great timepiece to accessorize with. The pure black dial and bezel can be matched with many colors. Pictured above is a red band that matches the red Daytona lettering on the dial.

All Rubber B bands are made out of pure vulcanized rubber and are manufactured of the highest precision in Switzerland. Besides the many color options for the Rolex Daytona, Rubber B offers 3 types of bands. The Classic series supports the original Rolex clasp, a Tang Buckle series comes with a tang buckle to clasp in lieu of the Rolex Deployant buckle, and the Rubber Cuff series is a new combat strap that looks and feels like real twill fabric but is actually 100% rubber. The Rubber Cuff series has a 316L steel tang buckle as well.

rolex submariner date 126618

Out of the nine new Rolex Submariner watches for 2022, the new generation 41mm-wide Rolex Submariners with the updated 3235 family of movements also includes some precious metal varieties. Those include the reference 126619 in 18k white gold, as well as these two reference 126618LB (blue dial and bezel) and 126618LN (black dial and black bezel Submariner watches in 18k yellow gold. For the most part, the new Submariner watches don’t materially add new styles to the larger Rolex Submariner universe — even though the cases, bracelets, and dials are new. That said, Rolex has not recently offered a blue-on-blue version of the Submariner in all 18k yellow gold, which makes the 126618LB a welcome novelty for those who have been missing this in the collection.
Blue dial Submariner fans also have the 126613LB Rolesor (two-tone steel and gold) watches for 2020 to be interested in, but in all gold, the Submariner takes on new character (and is nearly $20,000 more “precious”). Both black and blue dial new Submariner watches are available either as 126618 or 126613 models this year. The biggest news for the 2020 Rolex Submariner watches is the case size has been marginally increased to 41mm-wide over 40mm-wide. Other than that, the aesthetic tweaks of the dial and case bring the Submariner back to what it appeared like prior to the previous generation “maxi dial” Submariner look. We see thinner lugs for the 126618 watches, as well as slightly smaller hour markers.
Rolex has now fitted the Submariner with its modern generation caliber 3235 automatic movement which features the time with an instant-adjust date window. The movement operates at 4Hz with 70 hours of power reserve and is COSC along with Superlative (in-house Rolex testing) Chronometer certified.

Both the 126618LB in blue and 126618LN in black have Cerachrom ceramic bezel inserts. The dials are the standard Submariner in design, but I believe that in the future, Rolex may once again offer these watches with diamond hour markers (at least a partial set of them). There is no better-machined luxury gold sports diver’s watch on the planet that I know of, which makes the Rolex “Oyster Perpetual” Submariner in all 18k yellow gold an interesting blend of tool timepiece and luxury item. Look out for a hands-on aBlogtoWatch look at the Rolex Submariner Date reference 126618LB and 126618LN watches soon.


It’s been a few years since the current iteration of the stainless steel Rolex GMT-Master II reference 126710 hit the market, and still, it continues to elude collectors at a retail level. It’s one of the most sought-after Rolex watches in production, and for a good reason too. With the lustrous split-color Cerachrom bezel and a classic stainless steel finish, it’s nostalgic and something of a status symbol because of its exclusivity. If you’re currently waiting to purchase one or simply want to learn more about the newest edition of the famous Rolex pilot’s watch, you’re in the right place.

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about the Rolex GMT Master II reference 126710 in this handy guide, complete with its history, variations, and price.
Rolex released the GMT-Master in 1955, initially featuring a red and blue “Pepsi” bezel insert in Bakelite, followed a few years later by a more durable aluminum version. With the GMT hand and 24-hour bezel, the wearer could read local and home time simultaneously while traversing the globe, an innovative feature at the time. Since then, the series has undergone several transformations, including an upgraded independent GMT hand with the arrival of the GMT Master II series, but things really started to get interesting for the collection with the release of the reference 126710.

Rolex introduced the reference 126710 in 2018, marking the first time that the GMT-Master II outfitted with a ceramic “Pepsi” bezel had become available in stainless steel. The Pepsi bezel has always been a fixture of the GMT Master series, featuring two different colors to distinguish between day and night hours. However, when Rolex transitioned from aluminum to ceramic bezels, early models of the GMT-Master II were outfitted with an all-black insert. The technology wasn’t quite there yet to produce a split-color bezel in ceramic that would meet Rolex’s strict standards for perfection.

However, that all changed in 2013 with ref. 116710BLNR. Featuring a black and blue insert, this edition of the GMT Master II was the very first two-tone ceramic bezel produced by Rolex. It was also lovingly referred to as the “Batman” or “Dark Knight” because of its unique colorway. As you can imagine, hearing that Rolex was now producing two-tone ceramic bezels was quite exciting. One could only assume that the iconic Pepsi bezel would be the next colorway to get a ceramic upgrade. And it was, but much to the disappointment of many, it was initially released only in full white gold via the ref. 116719BLRO in 2014. Collectors would have to wait until the release of ref. 126710 in 2018 to finally get a ceramic Pepsi GMT in stainless steel, aka “Oystersteel.”
Initially, the reference 126710BLRO was only produced with the red and blue insert and on a Jubilee bracelet. In 2019, Rolex rolled out the 126710BLNR, the same watch but with a black and blue “Batman” insert and a matching blue GMT hand, essentially replacing the original Batman ref. 116710BLNR. It was also initially only available on the Jubilee bracelet, just like its Pepsi counterpart. That brings us to 2021 and the addition of the Oyster bracelet to both 126710 bezel colorways.

In 2022, Rolex added yet another new bezel color to the stainless steel GMT Master II featuring a black and green insert and the date and crown on the left side of the case. However, it isn’t technically a ref. 126710 and is instead produced under the reference number 126720VTNR. Will Rolex release ref. 126710 with a red and black “Coke” bezel next? Or perhaps bring back the all-black bezel? Only time will tell!
Reference 126710 is produced in Rolex’s proprietary 904L-grade Oystersteel. While the greater GMT-Master II collection is also available in two-tone or either 18k white gold or Everose gold, many Rolex enthusiasts will agree that a proper tool watch is produced in stainless steel. It also features Rolex’s patented Triplock waterproof screw-down crown with a 100-meter depth rating, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and a magnifying Cyclops lens over the date.

Of course, the case is also outfitted with the popular ceramic, aka Cerachrom, bezel insert with a bi-directional design and 24-hour graduations. As of the writing of this article, the bezel of the ref. 126710l is only available in two colorways: red and blue “Pepsi” or black and blue “Batman.” One feature that didn’t change much when the reference 126710 came to market is the dial, which still features larger “Maxi” hour markers and wider Mercedes-style hands filled with Chromalight lume, although it does feature a small Rolex coronet between the words “Swiss” and “Made” below the 6 o’clock hour marker.

You also have your choice of either the rounded 5-piece link Jubilee or the flat 3-piece link Oyster bracelet, both of which are equipped with Rolex’s innovative Oysterlock clasp. It features a handy Easylink extension system that allows you to increase or decrease the bracelet’s length up to 5mm without tools, a convenient feature to maintain perfect comfort as your wrist fluctuates throughout the day.

Aside from the bezel and bracelet options, another rather exciting upgrade introduced alongside the Rolex GMT-Master II reference 126710 was the movement, the new-generation Caliber 3285. It replaced Cal. 3186 and includes the upgraded skeletonized Chronergy escapement, which is 15% more efficient and boasts an increased 70-hour power reserve.

Rolex Yacht-Master II 11668

2022 was the year Rolex proved that it could only be taunted so much by detractors for the lack of complications in its lineup before it would come out swinging. It has long been the anti-Rolex league’s favorite go-to criticism, holding up the Swiss giant’s catalog of ruggedly simple, almost minimalist, three-hand watches and sneeringly comparing them to the overtly functional pieces from the likes of Patek Philippe or Vacheron Constantin. Did Rolex lack the imagination to compete with the sky charts and moonphases of other watchmakers? Or was it the technical prowess it was missing? Rolex took it with its usual granite stoicism for decades, with the modesty of the Day-Date’s dual calendar or the Daytona’s chronograph seemingly as extravagant as it was prepared to go. Then, the iconic Swiss watch manufacturer released the Rolex Yacht-Master II series.
Vastly different from the original and less complex Yacht-Master, the Rolex Yacht-Master II is a vibrant behemoth that contains one of the most technically impressive complications ever made. As a product, it could also serve as the dictionary definition of the word “niche.” Powered by a new caliber that required more than 35,000 hours to devise, the result was a watch that’s sole purpose was to help yacht skippers coordinate the starting procedure of a sailing regatta. The first models of the collection were available in either yellow or white gold. Then In 2011, the Yacht master II ref. 116681 appeared, which is a striking Rolesor variant that blends tough 904L stainless steel with precious 18k Everose gold. If you’re into big watches that make a bold statement on the wrist, then keep reading for everything you need to know about the Rolex Yacht-Master II 116681
While the styles of the Yacht-Master II watches have split opinions and are a world away from the handsome elegance that has been the Rolex hallmark for over 100 years, this technical yet luxurious sports watch has won plenty of fans. Its concept and sheer audacity have also silenced many of the brand’s critics and Rolex has proved that, should it decide to mix it up in the world of complications, it can compete with the best of them.

As mentioned, the first two Rolex Yacht-Master II models that debuted in 2007 were in yellow gold (ref. 116688) and white gold (ref. 116689, which was discontinued in 2022). Five years later, Rolex unveiled the Yacht-Master II ref. 116681 as the two-tone Everose gold and stainless steel variant. The combination of the two metals, the bright blue bezel (crafted from Rolex’s ceramic alloy, Cerachrom), and the flashy dial is certainly not the subtlest of Rolex watches, but somehow, the Yacht-Master II 116681 just works.

The Everose gold elements – on the bezel numerals, crown, pushers, snailing around the seconds sub-dial, and center links of the sporty Oyster bracelet – soften some of the brashness of the all-steel or yellow gold versions. As a variant, it’s a definite eye-catcher. It has retained its rather graceful proportions, especially for such a large piece and one that crams in so much functionality. The 44mm case (the biggest case size in the Rolex fleet that’s only shared by the Deepsea) affords a large surface area for the dial designers to play with. And it’s just as well. There is a lot of information displayed on the watch’s face, but the logical placement of each element gives it legible readability.

At the top is a horseshoe-shaped track numbered to ten. The starting gun in a regatta is preceded by a warning signal, often either five or ten minutes beforehand. It informs participants the countdown has begun, and the Yacht-Master II’s curved gauge is there to precisely time the flying start – the long dagger-like hand marks the countdown seconds while the small red arrow-tipped hand displays the countdown minutes.

However, the clever part comes should our yacht skipper need to reset the countdown for any reason. The watch is the first in the world to feature a mechanical memory with both flyback and fly-forward functionality, and it allows the regatta timer to reset to synchronize with the official race timer – either forwards or backwards to the nearest minute. Therefore, should the countdown have been triggered too early or too late, it’s a simple step to bring it back in line.
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Rolex Yacht-Master II , Rolex rolled out redesigned dials across the entire collection – including, of course, the Yacht-Master II ref. 116681. So what changed?

First, Rolex replaced the original straight hands with a Mercedes handset, which is much more common across the brand’s sports watches. Also, the hands of the Yacht Master II 116681 went from a dark blue to Everose gold – a nice touch to match the rest of the pink-toned details of the watch. Another dial update that occurred to bring the face of the Yacht-Master II more in line with Rolex’s other sports watches concerns the shape of the hour markers.

Earlier models featured square lume-filled indexes for each hour. However, after the 2017 dial redesign, Yacht-Master II watches now included an inverted triangle and a rectangle at 12 and 6, respectively. Naturally, since the Yacht-Master II 116681 is an Everose Rolesor edition, the hour markers feature Everose gold surrounds.

Rolex Yacht-Master 40 126655-0005

Now Rolex Yacht-Master 40 126655 Complete Set
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Rolex Watch Trader is pleased to present for sale this Rolex Yacht-Master 40 126655 model reference 126655. An opportunity to acquire an excellent example of this desirable and classic Yacht-Master.

This watch has been acquired along with other pieces from an impressive collection sold to us by a loyal and trusted client who has been the one owner from new.

An excellent condition pre-owned 40mm case size Everose gold superlative chronometer, calibre 3235, automatic movement Rolex Yacht-Master 40 model reference 126655 featuring a black baton dial housing a date aperture at 3 O’clock with an external Cyclops surrounded by a black ceramic 60-minute bezel presented on a black Rolex Oysterflex (Size E & F) deployment strap.

This particular watch is supplied as shown in the detailed images with the outer box sleeve, both of the original inner and outer Rolex boxes, two original Rolex swing tags, two original Rolex booklets, the original Rolex warranty card holder and the original Rolex warranty card. The card is dated December 2020 when the watch was first supplied new in the UK by the WOS group.

This Rolex Yacht-Master 40 126655 benefits from the remainder of Rolex manufacturer warranty which expires in December 2025 and one year warranty covered by ourselves valid from the point of purchase.

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rolex oyster perpetual 41 green

The cheapest model from rolex oyster perpetual 41 green when buying brand new is the Oyster Perpetual. This model is available in a number of different variations, and the absolute cheapest is the 34mm Oyster Perpetual, which retails for slightly more than 5K USD, but note that this number may (probably) change over the years. What is the price of a Rolex Oyster Perpetual? Based on the 2020 brochure, it costs $5700 and is now the cheapest Rolex. How accurate is a Rolex Perpetual? Any Rolex watch – regardless of its lines – is accurate to +2/-2 seconds per day at most. Is a Royal Oyster Perpetual worth investing in? Your Rolex Oyster Perpetual doesn’t have a battery, it is powered by an automatic movement. Try winding your watch with the winding crown and see if it runs. If it has a battery in it, it’s not a real Rolex. 4.8K views The history of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual starts years before the watch itself would come into existence. In 1926, Rolex released its famous ‘Oyster’ case, the first case in the world that was both water and dust proof. Then less than a decade later in 1931, rolex oyster perpetual 41 green released its first automatic self-winding ‘Perpetual’ movement.
Are you looking for an investment piece that will last a lifetime? The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 watches are a great option. The Oyster Perpetual (OP) lines are the most universally recognizable of all Rolex lines. They represent the perfect blend of form, function, and individuality that only a Rolex can provide. Thus, you’ll never look back once you decide to buy a Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 watch. You’ll pay a premium to own one, but many people argue it’s worth it.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 Watch is one of the most popular models offered by the brand, featuring a round face with a stainless steel band and a 41mm case diameter. It’s available in both men’s and women’s versions and has been widely praised by critics and consumers for its classic design and high-quality craftsmanship. Without a doubt, it’s a watch that combines elegance and discretion with a sprinkle of style.

In this buying guide, we’ll discuss some of the significant features and tips when choosing your next rolex oyster perpetual 41 green watch.
In 2020, Rolex released a new generation of Oyster Perpetual watches with a 41mm case and a new movement. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 debuted in seven dial colors, including fun and conservative versions of the entry-level oyster steel models.

While the old 39mm versions were discontinued, a rounded polished bezel and a dateless dial 41mm Oyster Perpetual watches were introduced. The watch is equipped with a Swiss-made mechanical self-winding caliber 3230 movements for superlative performance. Its high-level finish and completeness were designed for fastidious people who demand nothing but the best.
Made with functionality and sophistication, Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 models are an excellent choice for anyone looking for an elegant, high-quality watch. They have distinctive features that make them stand out from other brands, including their durability and ability to withstand the elements. Synonymous with class, prestige, and style, they’re designed to be continuously functional while retaining a stately appearance that never goes out of fashion.

The other OP lines 36, 34, and 31mm case sizes are still available. However, the brand made some new dial configurations, as well as added some colors. With new features added, the OP 41 has never been better. Before shopping for a rolex oyster perpetual 41 green OP 41, be sure to temper your expectations and stick within your budget. Like most Rolex watches, the price of the OP 41 is determined by many small details, so the sky’s the limit regarding what you will ultimately pay for your dream watch. The price can start as low as a few thousand dollars and go up into the millions. Thus, set your budget and ensure you don’t empty your bank account.
Classy, comfortable, and vibrant are the characteristics of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 Green 124300. The watch improves on previous generations with technical upgrades and rethinks the classic design – resulting in a unique timepiece that catches all eyes on the wrists of its owners. It has a striking gloss green dial with applied numerals in a lacquered finish that stands out from the crowd. he Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41mm black 124300 is a fantastic watch that can fit into almost any situation without a problem. The bezel alone is enough to turn heads, but it also brings a wealth of new features to the Rolex line that makes this one of the most versatile timepieces ever offered. The OP 41 comes in many styles but the black dial is sleek, classy, and up to today’s standards. It offers all of the technology that you would expect from the leader in luxury watches, it’s a perfect watch for any man who wants a bit of modern tech in their high-end timepiece.

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