Tag: Corum BUBBLE 52 BIG MAGICAL Watch


Corum revisits the shape of its acclaimed Bubble with a fresh pair of eyes, taking it to new, even bigger dimensions at 52mm. The timepiece is the result of a partnership between the La Chaux de Fonds watch brand and DJ and composer Matteo Ceccarini.

Presented as a limited edition of 88 pieces, this Bubble is striking thanks to its intense, piercing oceanic gaze featuring a hyper-realistic eye enhanced by 3D technology under the iconic Bubble domed sapphire crystal.
Marmite of the watch world, the Corum Bubble 52 watch was first released in 2000 where the unmissable dial designs and towering sapphire crystal glass were almost unheard of. The design quickly became a must have piece until it was sadly discontinued a few years later. But this time last year, Corum revived the range by releasing the new Corum Bubble Heritage watches.

The new collection still boasts the same design codes as the original, but has instead been upgraded to include an even mightier 47mm case standing at an impressive 18.8mm in height. Luckily, due to the brilliant minds of the designers, these enlargements have been paired with short curved lugs so the watch moulds perfectly and comfortably to the wrist without looking overly obscure.
These Bubble timepieces feature some of the most extraordinary dials I’ve ever seen. A striking optical art dial is showcased in the pair of Corum Bubble Heritage Limited Edition pieces, each an exclusive run of 350 pieces, where the impressive crystal magnifies and distorts the graduating squares creating an impression of movement.

There is also the Corum Bubble 52 Watch Paiste Edition which has a dial designed like the large cymbals found on a drum kit. You can find a close up of this model in our ‘Hands On’ video at the bottom of this feature. The final piece in the new Bubble Collection is a permanent addition that brings a whole new meaning to a skeletonised watch. Housed beneath the domed crystal, the skeletonised movement will catch every eye in the room as the exposed wheels and inner mechanisms are further magnified.

These are not watches you want to hide under your sleeve as the tall sapphire crystal glass and the intricately designed dials will never be mistaken for anything other than a Corum Bubble watch. You can find yours here.