Tokyo, April 18, 2023 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today the release of the newest additions to its line of shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the G-SHOCK brand. The G-SHOCK four REMASTER BLACK watches feature a band imprinted with the model names of past milestone G-SHOCK models, whose innovations have forged the evolution in the unending pursuit of toughness.

These 40th anniversary shock-resistant REMASTER BLACK timepieces feature a band imprinted with the names and launch years of past G-SHOCK milestone models. From more than 4,200 models launched over the past 40 years, Casio has chosen 49 G-SHOCK models to represent the innovative advancements in structure, function, materials, and design the brand has delivered over time. These model names are imprinted on the REMASTER BLACK band with a hot-stamping process that impresses the lettering into the band, for a textural, indented effect. The overall design is in G-SHOCK brand black accented with gold-colored stainless steel band loop.

These latest timepieces are based on four perennially popular models: the DW-5600, which inherited the original iconic G-SHOCK shape; the DW-6600, the first G-SHOCK equipped with backlight; the analog-digital combination GA-110; and the GA-2100, with its unique octagonal bezel. The new DWE-5657RE, designed based on the DW-5600, comes with an interchangeable round DW-5700 bezel to deliver the fun of two different looks in one timepiece.

In addition to the anniversary logo engraved on the case back, a star is engraved on the button on the lower left side of the case for three of the models, and on the watch glass at the 40 minute mark for the GA-114RE. On both the DWE-5657RE and the DW-6640RE, the anniversary logo appears when the backlight is lit.

The bezel and band are made with bio-based resins for less environmental impact. The newly developed modules employed in the DWE-5657RE and DW-6640RE provide a high-brightness LED backlight and battery life of five years. The special packaging for these models is made with recycled paper to help promote a circular economy.
Casio officially announced the G-Shock Remaster Black Series, a limited edition 40th Anniversary collection coming in May. This is the anniversary series many older and longtime fans have been waiting for. The series is based on the “Four Classics of G-Shock” (DW-5600, DW-6900, GA-110, GA-2100), although here the newly revived DW-6600 (as the DW-6640RE-1) takes the place of the DW-6900, and the classic “square” is represented by the DWE-5657RE-1 which also includes a round DW-5700-style bezel. The other two models are the analog-digital GA-114RE-1A and the octagonal GA-2140RE-1A. The series features the names of 49 significant G-Shock series and their years of introduction hot-stamped and debossed on the band, starting with the first G-Shock (DW-5000) and ending with the MRG-B5000 (along with “40TH ANNIV.” for 2023). The full list, along with brief descriptions of each entry, is available at casio.com. Each watch also has a commemorative stainless steel band keeper with a gold ion plating and a 40th Anniversary case back designed by Eric Haze. A red anniversary logo appears on the LED backlight of the DW-6640RE-1 and DWE-5657RE-1. Each watch has a side button engraved with a star, except for the GA-114RE-1A which has a star printed on the glass at the 40-minute position. The bezel and band of each watch are made from renewable bio-based resins.