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The G-SHOCK Ref. 6900 – Subtract By Ed Sheeran

You may have seen a bright yellow watch adorning the wrist of Ed Sheeran this year as he crisscrossed the United States on his sold-out Subtract tour. While many have speculated that he was wearing a custom G-SHOCK made for the tour or an unidentifiable, not-yet-released limited edition, we are here to set the record straight. Sheeran has been a long-time fan of Hodinkee and a collector of watches for several years. He’s written for the site and has participated in a very special episode of The Collectors Edition with Ben Clymer. For the launch of this bold new collaboration musician, collector, and watch enthusiast John Mayer sat down with none other than Ed Sheeran for a monumental episode of Talking Watches. If you watched to the end, you would have seen that Ed concludes the tour of his collection with the aforementioned yellow G-SHOCK and formally introduced to the world the G-SHOCK Ref. 6900 – Subtract By Ed Sheeran. A limited edition G-SHOCK designed by Ed Sheeran for Hodinkee. The two are longtime friends, occasional duet partners, and they are both obsessed with watches. Sheeran and Mayer sat for over two hours, chatting about Ed’s extensive and impressive collection of watches, what each and every one symbolizes for Sheeran, and how his taste has continued to evolve alongside his record-setting career.

The tour of Sheeran’s collection includes this new collaboration, and he formally introduced to the world the G-SHOCK Ref. 6900 – Subtract By Ed Sheeran For Hodinkee. It’s a limited edition G-SHOCK designed by Ed Sheeran for Hodinkee. And today, it can be yours.
The G-SHOCK Ref. 6900 – Subtract by Ed Sheeran is inspired by the album artwork for Sheeran’s latest album, Subtract. The album cover features an abstract rendering of Sheeran’s portrait, loosely resembling the shape of a heart. Subtract is the fifth and final album in a series of mathematics-inspired releases, and it is seen as Sheeran’s most vulnerable and touching album to date, featuring music that Sheeran describes as “honest and true” to where he was in life during the recording. This honest self-expression carries itself through the design of the album’s namesake watch.

The G-SHOCK Ref. 6900 – Subtract by Ed Sheeran features a resin case and strap dominated by a bold and bright yellow – certainly a daring color, but one that works surprisingly well on the wrist. The strap is adorned with black watercolor splatters that pull inspiration from the album’s peripheral artwork and includes a black strap keeper. Solid black is further used across the case, indicating the Mode and Start/Stop indicators and the Adjust and Split/Reset indicators. The same yellow & black colorway was applied to the illuminator button at the base of the dial. And this is where things get really interesting. The entire dial features an abstract interpretation of Ed’s face, as well as a sketched subtraction sign at 12 o’clock, as seen on the Subtract album cover. It pulls in muted reds, oranges, greens, and blues, which help to balance the bright yellow of the case. The iconic G-SHOCK “Triple Graph” display features yellow surrounds – a subtle way to pull the colors from the case into the dial.

The watch is shipped in G-SHOCK’s signature watch tin, and the packaging artwork feels like you are holding a 3-D interpretation of the Subtract album. Inside the box, you’ll find a personal note from none other than John Mayer himself.
G-SHOCK’s cult status transcends all boundaries – material and immaterial. Collectors of all levels, ages, and creeds have respect for G-SHOCK and the watches they produce. It’s possible that no other G-SHOCK is more recognized, more worn, and more influential than the DW6900. Many people consider the release of the DW6900 in 1995 as the impetus for G-SHOCK’s acceptance in fashion and streetwear circles today. Its unconventional circular shape represented a new look for the G-SHOCK, which had previously been defined by its rectangular shape. The DW6900 famously features a four-screen display, with three separate indicators in the upper half of the watch that has come to be known as the “Triple Graph.” This unique look endeared the original DW6900 to the trendsetters of the 1990s and has carried it through to the 2020s.

Casio G-Shock Watch

Welcome to Brand Breakdown, a series of comprehensive yet easy-to-digest guides to your favorite companies, with insights and information you won’t find on the average About page.

Go to the Casio G-Shock website at any given time, and you’ll find hundreds of individual watches currently being produced. Filter for men’s models, and you’ll still find an intimidating number of SKUs broken into collections, features, materials and so on. It can be helpful to sort by price, but it’s still confusing — indeed, even Casio seems to have trouble keeping up with their G-Shock offerings.
This category includes any models that lack analog hands. Many harken back to the earliest G-Shocks with squarish cases that appeared in 1983 from the drawing pad of renowned Casio designer Kikuo Ibe. The broad category of digital watches, however, ranges from small retro-styled units to some of the wildest behemoths in the G-Shock range.
The 5600 is essentially the base model, the modern version of the original G-Shock. We recommend looking for a display with dark text on a light background for legibility and paying a little more for premium features like Tough Solar (solar charging) and Multiband 6 (as in our top G-Shock recommendation, the GWM5610). Aside from being the OG and tough as nails, it’s just a great design as evidenced by the multitude of variations that look great.
These relatively premium G-Shocks are popular because they’re so cool (and a little meta), but they remain readily available. They’re styled just like the originals, but now with fully metal construction, including bracelets on some models. They might look very ’80s but they function futuristically with solar charging and come in a range of finishes from traditional steel, gold or black to some typically G-Shock, funky iterations. (Want even more detail and premium features in metal? It also comes in a killer titanium version — and even a high-end MR-G version.)
After the square 5600, this is the most recognizable G-Shock look and is a popular choice for police, soldiers and other professionals around the world. There is a slew of one-offs in the G-Shock digital lineup inspired by the classic 6900 model — some of them common and others that can be hard to get your hands on. These are a little like the 6900, but feature the three-subdial layout and a more toned down, octagonal retro vibe. It’s just an example of the kind of design variety you’ll find come and go in the G-Shock catalog. The blacked-out version is especially striking. These are similar in appearance to many other 1983-based models, but offer specific functionality for surfers with tidal information. They also typically come with smartphone connectivity and steel bezels. What sets these apart are the bar protectors, claimed to be favorites of skateboarders who will beat the crap out of anything strapped to their wrist. The fabric strap helps wick moisture during those all-day street sessions. With their four pronounced bezel bolts and unapologetic technical aesthetic, the 7900 models are badassery personified, Japanese style. The feature set includes tide graphs, which suggest that this watch is ideal for oceangoing activities around the world. All G-Shocks are rated to 2oom, but the Frogman is the rare dive-specific model. Though not a dive computer, it’s rich in dive style and is one of the most iconic designs in the G-Shock catalog. It also has a strap long enough to go over a wetsuit, but be warned that it can be a bit too long for some wrists when you’re not wearing a wetsuit. Though recent Frogman watches have gone analog (see below), we much prefer the OG digital versions. Analog/digital G-Shocks all have traditional watch hands, giving them at-a-glance legibility and a sense of time’s cyclical nature that’s lacking on a fully digital display. There’s something about looking at a whole watch dial that offers a broader perspective on time, and this is certainly part of the analog allure. There’s also an argument to be made for an activity-oriented watch having real hands, as once you’re bouncing through the rapids on your kayak or dangling thousands of feet from a cliff, making out a digital display isn’t always so easy.

HIDDEN NY X G-Shock Limited Edition

If the name HIDDEN NY is new to you, where have you been hiding? I don’t know where I have been because, apparently, I’ve missed out on the massively influential Instagram account that’s counted the late Virgil Abloh and Drake as its top fans while building a following showing the best in streetwear since 2018. All the while HIDDEN has been growing into its own brand and has teamed up for the first time with G-Shock for a new release.
Based off the iconic DW5600, the new DW5600HDN227 takes cues from HIDDEN’s mantra of “Past, Present, and Future” and HIDDEN’s white and green brand colors, but a little bit faded for a retro vibe. That means you actually get opaque bone resin throughout the strap, bezel, and case of the watch and green accents around the dial and in the band itself. HIDDEN’s logo and mantra also show up on the dial when the backlight is used. And the watch itself comes with shock resistance, 200m water resistance, EL backlight, 1/100-second stopwatch, countdown timer, and the rest of the usual features.

The DW5600HDN227 model retails for $170 and will be available for purchase today, August 18th, at for a limited time. Beginning on August 24th, you can also get the watch on and the G-SHOCK Soho store, if you live in New York.
Does anyone remember the arcade game called Cyber Troopers: Virtual On? I remember going to the local pizza place with my parents as a kid and playing as these massive robots fighting each other. The game was largely in Japanese and had this retro-futuristic vibe and for some reason, this release brought that all flooding back.

I’m a big fan of the opaque resin on this release and the way the brand has put the whole package together. In fact, the digital press release package they sent had some pictures of cool t-shirts and sweatshirts as well, though there was no mention of them in the release. Frankly, that doesn’t surprise me. I’ve never been cool enough to know how you get the extra cool stuff when it comes to streetwear brands. In fact, a few of us at Hodinkee couldn’t quite figure out how to even see a single thing on the website, which just confirms that I’m suddenly very old.

For $200, if you can navigate the HIDDEN website and snatch up the release, I think it’s a fun way to scratch the watch buying G-SHOCK WATCHES itch. 

casio g-shock full metal 5000 series

Updated Model Boasts an IP Finish and Diamond-like Carbon Coated Screw Back for Enhanced Toughness and Resistance
DOVER, NJ, January 13, 2021— Today, Casio introduces an all-new timepiece to G-SHOCK’s premium Full Metal Series, the GMWB5000RD-4. The new model is constructed with a tough yet fashionable exterior that boasts an eye-catching red stainless-steel case and solid stainless-steel band.
The latest Full Metal 5000 model carries on the tradition of the original casio g-shock full metal 5000 series DW-5000C with its classic square case shape and digital display. The GMWB5000RD-4 also features a band created with a bold red IP finish, and a screw back with a diamond-like carbon finish for outstanding wear resistance.
In addition to an updated look, the new Full Metal timepiece comes equipped with several of G-SHOCK’s new and most premium technical features, including Bluetooth Connectivity via the casio g-shock full metal 5000 series Connected app, and Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping for self-adjusting and accurate hour / date display virtually anywhere on the globe. It also boasts a STN-LCD digital display that makes the watch easy to read from any angle, as well as Tough Solar Technology, making it capable of self-charging even with low sun exposure.
The GMWB5000RD-4 also comes equipped with G-SHOCK technology including:
CASIO’s shock-resistant casio g-shock full metal 5000 series watch is synonymous with toughness, born from the developer Mr. Ibe’s dream of ‘creating a watch that never breaks’. Over 200 handmade samples were created and tested to destruction until finally in 1983 the first, now iconic G-SHOCK hit the streets of Japan and began to establish itself as ‘the toughest watch of all time’. Each watch encompasses the 7 elements; electric shock resistance, gravity resistance, low temperature resistance, vibration resistance, water resistance, shock resistance and toughness. The watch is packed with Casio innovations and technologies to prevent it from suffering direct shock; this includes internal components protected with urethane and suspended timekeeping modules inside the watch structure. Since its launch, casio g-shock full metal 5000 series has continued to evolve, continuing to support on Mr. Ibe’s mantra “never, never give up.”
Casio America, Inc., Dover, N.J., is the U.S. subsidiary of Casio Computer Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics and business equipment solutions. Established in 1957, Casio America, Inc. markets calculators, keyboards, mobile presentation devices, disc title and label printers, watches, cash registers and other consumer electronic products. Casio has strived to realize its corporate creed of “creativity and contribution” through the introduction of innovative and imaginative products. For more information,

Gucci G-Timeless multibee Watch

I’ll begin this Gucci G-Timeless multibee Watch “Bee Embroidery” dial reference YA136216 watch review by immediately acknowledging that this is not a timepiece for everyone. In fact, if your tastes are mostly about utilitarian “serious” tool watches and your focus is more on function versus style (nothing wrong with that), you are likely not going to have much interest for this watch. After initially covering the new slew of “animal face” Gucci Dive watches with embroidery or rubber” dials a couple months ago, the sort of polarizing effect this type of fashion watch had was obvious. And that didn’t surprise me.
With that said, I find these Gucci G-Timeless multibee Watch fun. They aren’t meant to replace a tool-style or traditional watch, but they offer an appealing flavor for those who enjoy relishing in high-fashion luxury items as well as watches. I not only saw the larger selection of these “animal divers” with Gucci at Baselworld 2017, but also reviewed this Gucci Dive 45mm with the “embroidery dial” myself. In short, it’s cool looking, well-done, comfortable, and attention grabbing. For what it is, I really enjoy this watch. If you don’t like the idea of it, that’s cool. Just appreciate that there is a place for watches like this.
Gucci is part of the Kering Group, which owns a series of big name watch brands such as Ulysse Nardin and Girard-Perregaux. Gucci isn’t new to watches and has been making quartz and mechanical watches of various types for years. To a degree, the brand is a bit more well-known for their women’s goods, but men’s items from Gucci are both common and popular. I’ve been tracking the brand’s watches for years now, and find it interesting how they often totally redo their collections and celebrate novelty in a way that allows for freshness and new directions on a regular basis.
The “bee motif” is part of that. A couple of years ago, Gucci G-Timeless multibee Watch decided that they wanted a bee to be one of their new animal icons and just started to put the motif in various designs. They didn’t need to inspect their history to make sure it was “appropriate.” For 2017 we see a slew of watches with nylon fabric dials that have embroidered bees among other animals such as a snake or tiger. This is segmented between a few watch collections for both men and women. This Gucci Dive 45mm is easily the most masculine of these timepieces, taking a large dive-style watch and incorporating this more fashion-forward element. It is a hybrid for sure as it melds two worlds together. I recall in the comments on my original post about this some people complained that this wasn’t a true diving watch. My reaction was “well, it isn’t trying to be… aren’t there enough dive watches out there?” Fashion watches tend to confuse or irritate strict traditionalists because the items play and meld themes in ways that are sometimes confusing or erode functionality. Though, when done right, the fashionable melding of themes can produce something that is ultimately fun, attractive, and still useful. Those who dislike displaying fashion labels but otherwise wearing high-fashion brands will appreciate the fact that you can’t find the “Gucci” name on the dial of this watch. The only part of the exterior of the timepiece that says “Gucci” is on the case back (which is mostly covered by the NATO-style strap), and then once again discreetly on the strap buckle. It takes a while for you to notice that fact, and I think it speaks well to the confidence of the brand that it wasn’t necessary to include “Gucci” on the dial. Of course you do have the small Gucci G-Timeless multibee Watch on the crown.

Casio G-Shock S2100MD

Casio is all about fitness and activity tracking right now. Look at a variety of Casio G-Shock S2100MD watches produced over the last few years, and you’ll find numerous instances where new features and functionality focus on tracking the wearer’s fitness habits, as well as overall activity. A great example is how a swathe of low-cost Casio G-Shock S2100MD watches now include step counters (pedometers), or how Casio is fitting more watches with heart-rate monitors. Casio wastes no time launching innovative new products in this space. This new G-Shock Move GBD-H2000 comes only two years after the debut Casio G-Shock Move GDB-H1000 (aBlogtoWatch review here).

The GBD-H1000 to GBD-H2000 model generation is more than a minor upgrade. Casio put lots of effort both into the hardware and software elements of these G-Shock Move watches. These are flagship G-Shock fitness tracking products that represent a current apex of where Casio’s software and engineering teams are currently at. Users familiar with the GBD-H1000 will find that the GBD-H2000 is not only appreciably slimmer and smaller to wear, but that it also has a brand new software operating system with a new level of functionality.
When Casio first launched the G-Shock Move GBD-H2000, part of the initial news involved Casio now using Polar brand fitness algorithms. This is the underlying math that takes sensor data and translates it into information and advice to the wearer; these formulas are complicated and require constant updates. Casio is wise not to develop its own formulas when doing so is not its core business. This is also very interesting to me because, just recently, Casio announced that it didn’t want to make Google Wear OS smartwatches anymore (for the time being) because of limitations on what it could do with the licensed software. Casio has a very different philosophy when it comes to software, and what I have found is that while the brand really appreciated integrating with other data sets and functionality, Casio wants core control over the operating system and its performance. The Casio G-Shock S2100MD represents the latest step in that development.

For me, the new software is the most exciting part of the GBD-H2000, though it does imply that wearers will have to learn some new things. Part of the joy of getting a G-Shock over the years was that, for the most part, new G-Shock watches operated like older G-Shock watches. With all the added functionality, Bluetooth connectivity, and various other novel features, longstanding G-Shock fans will need to open their minds to learning some new things. The good news is that Casio puts a huge emphasis on software accessibility and intuitiveness within the framework of running very lean (low power consuming) software that should be entirely free from glitches and bugs. A bit more on that in a moment. First, here’s the GBD-H2000 and how it fits into the larger Casio product catalog.
Representing the most modern G-Shock design cues available, the GBD-H2000 is meant as a combination of everyday “do anything” sports watches (i.e., what G-Shock has been to most people for a while), and a sophisticated fitness and activity tracking device. How much or how little you use these latter functions is up to you. Some people will just want to know how many steps they took during the day, and some people will want to track their daily exercise routine, sleep habits, and even instances of meditative breathing.

In addition to being smaller and lighter to wear on the wrist than the predecessor GBD-H1000 watch, the GBD-H2000 watch has some convenience features such as both solar and USB charging. I actually found the battery life to be excellent (the low power-consuming screen helps), and unless you don’t spend much time outside, the solar charging kept the watch pretty full. I like that when the battery is full, it just says “High.” For those who engage in a lot of sports tracking and the related GPS tracking functionality, solar charging isn’t going to be enough to keep the Casio G-Shock S2100MD powered all the time. Casio developed a new banana-shaped charging clip for the watch. It is amazing to me how engineers cannot seem to agree on how to charge a smartwatch. I’ve seen everything from forms of inductive charging to proprietary connectors and cables, with brands frequently changing them up. Let’s just assume that when it comes to how to charge your smartwatches, not only are there few established best practices, but it is an area when engineers are hard at work looking for improvements and enhancements.

casio g-shock analog-digital women watch

Casio has in recent years expanded its lineup of all-gender watches in G-SHOCK. In February 2023, Casio signed the five-member South Korean girl group ITZY as a G-SHOCK brand ambassador. The group’s powerful songs and performances are well-suited to the casio g-shock analog-digital women watch brand concept of toughness, sending a strong message that G-SHOCK toughness is for people of any gender.
The shock-resistant GM-S110PG, GM-S2100PG, and GMA-S2100MD bring a sparkling pink-gold dial and case to smaller, lighter weight versions of the GA-110 with its distinctive dimensional dial and the GA-2100 with its octagonal bezel, which has proven especially popular among younger consumers.
In addition to the sophisticated textural appeal of the metal bezel and buckle finished in pink-gold IP, an elegant beige pink is used for the resin band. The overall monochromatic color scheme ensures styling versatility to coordinate easily with any fashion.
Pink-gold vapor deposition applied to the dial, as well as the mirror finish of the index marks and other details, bathe the face in brilliance. Resin materials in a matte finish are employed for the bezel and the band, available in three classic colors — white, pink, and black. casio g-shock analog-digital women watch continues to broaden the casio g-shock analog-digital women watch fan base by adding all-gender models, communicating with users to stay in touch with the times.

Casio G-Shock Watch DIGITAL WOMEN S5600

The G-SHOCK “Square” is the most iconic model in their line. Even digital watch muggles instantly recognize it as a Casio. Since its introduction in 1983, the Japanese manufacturer has introduced more versions of the Square than ice cream flavors at Baskin Robbins (by a factor of 10). The GW-S5600-1JF is a significant evolution of the classic Square – that isn’t available anywhere outside of Japan. Domo arrigato Mr. Roboto? Actually, thank you eBay for making the G-SHOCK GW-S5600-1JF available to G-SHOCK buyers who favor high tech materials.

I have a few collectibles (e.g., my Spyderco Domino knife) that incorporate carbon fiber and titanium. When I learned that Casio created a G-SHOCK Square incorporating BOTH materials, I was all in. The first thing that jumps out when unboxing the GW-S5600-1JF: the Carbon Fiber Insert Construction proclamation running the length of the strap. Just in case you missed it, Casio printed another “Carbon Fiber” label at the top of the strap.

Clear-coated carbon fiber is a big thing in the automotive world. Tuners use the treated material to shave ounces off “high-performance cars” with huge, heavy audio systems (for example). The combo doesn’t shiny-up cars as much as watch bands, we now learn. It also makes for a stiff feeling watch strap. But once you’re buckled in, it’s Recaro comfortable. Did I mention that the GW-S5600-1JF is shiny? The watch exudes a gel-coat-like sheen – case, bezel and strap. On the positive side, the clear coat makes the carbon fiber weave glisten. On the negative side, the clear coat makes the carbon fiber weave glisten.

The G-SHOCK’s “plasticky” look’s grown on me – in the same way that the cars in Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift seemed stupid right until they didn’t. There’s something about the gleaming, over-labelled G-SHOCK GW-S5600-1JF that’s “just right” for a JDM watch. Less flashy but equally important, the GW-S5600-1JF is a titanium timepiece. The caseback, screws, buttons and buckle are all fashioned from atomic element number 22. The resulting watch weighs-in at a scant 44 grams.

For comparison, the G-SHOCK Power Trio tips the scales between 51.7 (GW-M5610 Square) and 93 grams (GW-9400 Rangeman). My Rolex Yachtmaster and G-SHOCK Frogman weigh 139 grams and 118 grams, respectively.

If you want your G-SHOCK to trip the light fantastic, the GW-S5600-1JF’s playing your tune. The GW-S5600-1JF provides the typical slate of G-SHOCK chronograph functions found in Squares. The “set-and-forget” model also includes the universally-desirable Tough Solar (battery charging) and Multi-Band 6 (atomic clock synchronization). It also keeps track of world time in 48 cities in 29 time zones.

I’ve heard complaints that the four buttons on the 5600 series are on the stiff side compared to other Squares. Personally, I don’t have an issue pushing buttons on this watch (nor on folks who engage in debate on the subject). If you’ve seen one Square, you’ve seen them all. Or not. There’s quite a nuanced variety of models within this G-SHOCKs genre. Some offer nothing more than different paint jobs by pop singers turned “collab artist.” The GW-S5600-1JF is more than a cosmetic makeover; it’s a Superleggera G-SQUARE. If you’re looking for a glossy G-SHOCK that weighs less than ten nickels, save your pennies for this one.


Casio has introduced the GA-B001 series, which features an all-new aesthetic for the Japanese watchmaker.

The G-Shock GA-B001 series has a new eight-sided (octagonal) case that combines existing design language from numerous other collections with something that looks somewhat like the CasiOak.

Interestingly, at 42.5 mm x 13.8 mm (46 mm lug-to-lug) the case diameter and lug-to-lug are actually smaller than the standard-sized CasiOak, although the new G-Shock GA-B001 case is 2 mm thicker than the GA-B2100 (CasiOak). Weight is also the same as the CasiOak at 51 grams.
Made from carbon and resin, with a Carbon Core Guard structure, with a resin band the G-Shock GA-B001 is highly shock-resistant and has a 200-meter depth rating. This is a mobile link-equipped quartz watch, which automatically sets the time, with extreme precious, when connected to the Casio Watches app via Bluetooth. However, the power source is two standard 2-year batteries (SR726W X 2), not solar.

A mineral crystal protects the dial and looks much like the CasiOak, with both analog and digital displays.
A new approach to toughness-driven design delivers an integrated bezel and band construction, while Smartphone Link puts full functionality right at your fingertips. The dial evokes a gateway to virtual reality worlds with an iconic layout featuring a distinctive inset dial. With engaging app-linked display features and more, the G-Shock GA-B001 watch integrates the digital worldview with analogue expressivity.

Casio G-SHOCK 40th Anniversary CLEAR REMIX

Casio has announced a new line of seven shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches, in honor of the brand’s 40th anniversary. Dubbed the “CLEAR REMIX” collection, this latest range of timepieces utilizes an assortment of transparent materials to show off their internal componentry.

The fresh slate celebrates G-SHOCK’s founding mission of creating “tough G-SHOCK watches that wouldn’t break, even if dropped.” The “CLEAR REMIX” collection, at large, reimagines the label’s most popular designs with see-through cases, bands, LCDs, buttons and additional elements, uncovering the modules and circuit boards making each operation possible.

Among them, the DW-5040RX and the DWE-5640RX don transparent LCDs, illuminating G-marked circuit boards below the surface, while the DW-6940RX features G-SHOCK watches three indicators, with a see-through dial and center case. The GA-114RX and the GMA-S114RX, both digital analog watches, are equipped with resin side buttons and a transparent case. Rounding out the range, the GA-2140RX and the GMA-S2140RX contain octagonal bezels with see-through dials.

Shop G-SHOCK’s “CLEAR REMIX” collection on the brand’s webstore, and take a closer look at the range in the gallery above.

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