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Casio G-Shock DIGITAL 5600 SERIES

Go to the Casio G-Shock website at any given time, and you’ll find hundreds of individual watches currently being produced. Filter for men’s models, and you’ll still find an intimidating number of SKUs broken into collections, features, materials and so on. It can be helpful to sort by price, but it’s still confusing — indeed, even Casio seems to have trouble keeping up with their Casio G-Shock offerings.
You might visit a properly stocked Casio G-Shock store only to realize that physically confronting the beast does nothing to tame it. You will not find all models in any store or other online retailer at once, try as you might, and you very well might discover yet more models. There’s no way around it: the G-Shock collection is vast, intricate, overwhelming and constantly changing. Casio makes enough G-Shocks to satisfy a ravenous collector community (up there with sneaker nerds), and Casio also caters to various professionals who need indestructible timepieces, military personnel who aren’t issued watches, athletes in training, outdoorsy folks, and even skaters and surfers and breakdancers.
Let’s contemplate the following two Casio G-Shock , just to get a taste of the breadth available. The first is the $800 Mudmaster from the Master of G series, an enormous battle-ready analog/digital hybrid badass with almost as much capability as your smartphone. The second is the powder-blue, $180 limited-edition DW-6900-PT1 collaboration with Hodinkee and musician John Mayer: it appears playful but is, like all G-Shocks, tough as nails. Also, the DW-6900-PT1 sold out almost immediately and is inevitably bound for nerd forums and eBay, where it’ll go for multiples of the original price. Two very different audiences, two very different watches.

Herein lies the dilemma of parsing the Casio G-Shock collection: it appeals equally to a camouflage-clad soldier serving overseas as it does to the effete watchnerd in a New York City apartment or a 13-year-old anime junky in Tokyo’s suburbs. What unites these seemingly disparate Casio G-Shock communities is that all wrap their imaginations around these watches, and all demand unparalleled durability, functionality and style.
This is the newer generation of the famous Frogman watch with its lopsided case, but with an all-analog display. It includes the latest tech and durability specs, as well as a unique feature that allows you to hide the hour hand under the minute hand to avoid confusion and allow you to only focus on the minutes, which are most important when diving.

Casio G-Shock 2200

The G-Shock GA2200 is Casio’s all-new entry-level watch series, featuring the latest Carbon Core Guard Structure.

A compact three-tier construction seamlessly integrates the bezel, caseback, and buttons — allowing for a case that’s just 12.8 mm thick. The carbon fiber and resin inner case further enhance the lightness and durability of Casio’s latest G-Shock.

While the watch is rather thin considering its prerequisite shock-resistant structure and 200 meters of water resistance, the knurled buttons have been enlarged for better grip and operability compared to past models, and the button guards have been removed altogether. Overall, the design is contemporary yet combines signature G-Shock elements such as the front button. Six metal screws secure the case on the dial side, further distinguishing this as a rugged G-Shock.

The new GA2200 models have 3D dials including an inset dial indicator inspired by an automotive brake disc and treated with a metallic vapor deposition finish. Much of the dial is made of resin, including the stamped indices. Metal indices would be nicer but considering the price range, this is one way Casio can offer such a watch for barely over a hundred dollars. A diagonal digital display in the lower right completes the new aesthetic.

 The GA2200 Series has G-Shock’s prerequisite heavy-duty shock-resistant structure and impressive 200 meters of water-resistance allowing it to withstand almost anything you throw at it. Functions include a world time indication for 48 cities, a 1/100th of a second stopwatch, a countdown timer, 5 daily alarms, and a double LED light (Super Illuminator).

The G-Shock GA2200 Series has a 3-year battery life and is not solar powered or equipped with Bluetooth, but again, considering the price, this is to be expected. The resin strap has a traditional lever-based quick-release function, which is great for swapping out bands without any need for tools.
Following up on a summer filled with new watch releases, Casio’s G-Shock this week unveiled its latest design yet, returning to its bread and butter at the sub-$150 price point and introducing the new entry-level GA2200. The launch notably comes on the heels of the active-wear GBD200 and professionally-focused Gravitymaster GRB200-1B AND Mudmaster GGB100-8A both introduced last month, as well as the celebratory and luxurious MRG-B2000BS-3A unveiled in June, which together in context with the affordable GA2200, mark a continued focus across its various price points and technology offerings. The new GA2200 includes three options in the all black GA2200BB-1A, turquoise accented GA2200M-1A, and bright orange GA2200M-4A, with their differentiation drawing from their distinct colors, alone. Each features the same GA2200 base design reminiscent of previous analog-digital hybrid styles produced by the brand, notably the 2020-released GA900 series and the popular GA2000, among others.

Casio G-Shock 2100

It’s not every day that you get to handle an icon. Still rarer are the times when, through some whim of the universe, you’re offered the chance to evaluate an upgraded version of a classic.

But when Casio came calling, that’s exactly what they were offering. The brand’s latest G-Shock, the GA-B2100 ($150), is a model with a storied lineage. So much so that it has its own nickname — the “CasiOak.” This comes from its silhouette, which bears a passing resemblance to the much more expensive, far less practical Audemars Piguet Royal Oak of hyper-luxury fame.

True, the new GA-B2100 may not have a tourbillon or minute repeater. But with the addition of Bluetooth connectivity and solar charging, it’s as if Casio squirted hot sauce all over an already delicious, octagonal pizza.

These particular condiments resulted in a $60 price hike from the previous gen and, after a few weeks of testing, I can confirm that they’re worth the extra charge. Read on to see why the B2100 CasiOak is one of the best adventure watches in the competitive outdoor space.

In Short: The G-Shock GA-B2100 is a good thing made (almost) perfect. By adding Bluetooth time-syncing and solar charging to one of their most popular designs, Casio has elevated the CasiOak into something of a modern classic.

Its intuitive layout, feature set, and rugged durability make it one of the most compelling timepieces under $200.
We’ll get to the features in a minute, but first, we need to talk about size. My biggest complaint with G-Shocks has always been this — most of them are too damn big. It’s why I’ve gravitated to their digital offerings, such as the classic GWM5610-1. But the GA-B2100 manages to avoid this issue, with a sensible diameter of 48.5 mm.

Best of all, the watch rises only 11.9 mm from the wrist. All this amounts to an incredibly wearable piece, buoyed by a weight of just 52 g.

Once it’s on your wrist, the CasiOak is an incredibly unfussy watch. While many G-Shocks suffer from legibility and operational learning curves, the B2100 is as intuitive as can be.

The face is open, the indices are well-defined, and the small LCD window is perfectly positioned. The upper left button switches day/date display, and the lower left cycles through its world timer, stopwatch, alarm, and countdown timer functions. Casio’s Super Illuminator is triggered by the upper right, casting a bright light over the dial. The last, lower-right button is reserved for various settings and operational functions, all of which can be found in the included manual.

And see that little sub-dial near 9 o’clock? Beyond its use as a mode indicator, it’s also a gauge for the internal capacitor. After a few hours in the sun, the Tough Solar function should have the arrow pointing at H (high). As with most G-Shocks, the GA-B2100 features an exemplary 200 m of water resistance. But unlike its predecessor, this model can be synced with your phone through the Casio Watches app. This operates sort of like the WaveCeptor function found on the GWM5610-1.

Except, instead of listening for the atomic radio signal, this new CasiOak checks its internal time against the clock in your cellphone and adjusts itself accordingly.

A quick note about the band — personally, I like the resin. It’s lightweight, comfortable, and fits the watch’s go-anywhere ethos. However, if you really want to swap it out, conversion kits are available. G-Shocks are meant for adventure, and the B2100 is no exception. This loaner accompanied me in the kitchen, on an overnight test run of my backpacking setup, and through several working days under rather challenging conditions. I wish the stories were as colorful as the photos, but honestly? The CasiOak just works.

How about a brief list of the things it withstood? Let’s see — sinks full of suds, large quantities of sunscreen, bug spray, sweat, sessions at the gym, photos in the sand, and probably a couple of dozen bike rides and showers between.

G-Shock Launches New Women’s Transparent Gold Series

Casio America introduces the latest G-Shock Women’s Transparent Gold Series available in three styles – GMAS110SG-7A, GMAS120SG-7A, and GMDS5600SG-7. An update to the Transparent Rose Gold Series, the new collection features shimmering gold dials designed with summer in mind.

Designed with clear resin for the case and the band, the see-through look of the materials gives the watch a glossy look. The gold accent color of the dial is created through a vapor deposition process to give off a glittering radiance.

Made with comfort in mind and easy wear on a slimmer wrist, each style features a compact size while maintaining the same iconic G-Shock watch form as the original models. The GMAS110SG-7A and GMAS120SG-7A feature two different analog-digital faces to choose from, while the GMDS5600SG-7’s digital face provides an even sportier look.
DOVER, N.J., May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Casio America, Inc. introduces the latest G-SHOCK Women’s Transparent Gold Series available in three styles – GMAS110SG-7A, GMAS120SG-7A, and GMDS5600SG-7. An update to the beloved Transparent Rose Gold Series, the new collection features shimmering gold dials designed with summer in mind and is the perfect accessory to compliment any outfit.
Designed with clear resin for the case and the band, the see-through look of the materials gives the watch a glossy look that exudes a sense of chic with a strikingly free feeling. The gold accent color of the dial is created through a vapor deposition process to give off a glittering radiance worthy of a stylish accessory. Whether keeping it casual running errands or out with friends, the Transparent Gold Series only amplifies your look and will be sure to catch the eye of many.

Made with comfort in mind and easy wear on a slimmer wrist, each style features a compact size while maintaining the same iconic G-SHOCK form as the original models. The GMAS110SG-7A and GMAS120SG-7A feature two different analog-digital faces to choose from, while the GMDS5600SG-7’s digital face provides an even sportier look.


Tokyo, April 18, 2023 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today the release of the newest additions to its line of shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the G-SHOCK brand. The G-SHOCK four REMASTER BLACK watches feature a band imprinted with the model names of past milestone G-SHOCK models, whose innovations have forged the evolution in the unending pursuit of toughness.

These 40th anniversary shock-resistant REMASTER BLACK timepieces feature a band imprinted with the names and launch years of past G-SHOCK milestone models. From more than 4,200 models launched over the past 40 years, Casio has chosen 49 G-SHOCK models to represent the innovative advancements in structure, function, materials, and design the brand has delivered over time. These model names are imprinted on the REMASTER BLACK band with a hot-stamping process that impresses the lettering into the band, for a textural, indented effect. The overall design is in G-SHOCK brand black accented with gold-colored stainless steel band loop.

These latest timepieces are based on four perennially popular models: the DW-5600, which inherited the original iconic G-SHOCK shape; the DW-6600, the first G-SHOCK equipped with backlight; the analog-digital combination GA-110; and the GA-2100, with its unique octagonal bezel. The new DWE-5657RE, designed based on the DW-5600, comes with an interchangeable round DW-5700 bezel to deliver the fun of two different looks in one timepiece.

In addition to the anniversary logo engraved on the case back, a star is engraved on the button on the lower left side of the case for three of the models, and on the watch glass at the 40 minute mark for the GA-114RE. On both the DWE-5657RE and the DW-6640RE, the anniversary logo appears when the backlight is lit.

The bezel and band are made with bio-based resins for less environmental impact. The newly developed modules employed in the DWE-5657RE and DW-6640RE provide a high-brightness LED backlight and battery life of five years. The special packaging for these models is made with recycled paper to help promote a circular economy.
Casio officially announced the G-Shock Remaster Black Series, a limited edition 40th Anniversary collection coming in May. This is the anniversary series many older and longtime fans have been waiting for. The series is based on the “Four Classics of G-Shock” (DW-5600, DW-6900, GA-110, GA-2100), although here the newly revived DW-6600 (as the DW-6640RE-1) takes the place of the DW-6900, and the classic “square” is represented by the DWE-5657RE-1 which also includes a round DW-5700-style bezel. The other two models are the analog-digital GA-114RE-1A and the octagonal GA-2140RE-1A. The series features the names of 49 significant G-Shock series and their years of introduction hot-stamped and debossed on the band, starting with the first G-Shock (DW-5000) and ending with the MRG-B5000 (along with “40TH ANNIV.” for 2023). The full list, along with brief descriptions of each entry, is available at Each watch also has a commemorative stainless steel band keeper with a gold ion plating and a 40th Anniversary case back designed by Eric Haze. A red anniversary logo appears on the LED backlight of the DW-6640RE-1 and DWE-5657RE-1. Each watch has a side button engraved with a star, except for the GA-114RE-1A which has a star printed on the glass at the 40-minute position. The bezel and band of each watch are made from renewable bio-based resins.

Casio G-Shock DW-001

Two of the more long-lasting and recognizable names in streetwear, Stussy and G-Shock have linked to present a collaboration of the DW-001. The Friday the 13th-inspired piece features a black and grey build, while Stussy branding can be seen atop the watch’s face.
Tokyo, December 1, 2022 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today the release of the newest additions to its family of shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches. The new G-B001 watches take the form of the DW-001 released in 1994, now adding a playful touch with detachable bezel.

With its Capsule Tough design, which fully enveloped the case in resin to provide a unique shock resistant structure, the original DW-001 introduced a new sensibility by departing from the conventional rugged, hard designs. The power and strength of G-SHOCK conveyed in a new curved, soft form proved popular.

The new G-B001 watches take the DW-001 design concept further, combining the idea of wrapping the watch with the thrill of popping open a toy capsule from a vending machine. The detachable bezel on this shock-resistant watch allows users to mix and match components to choose a favorite look that best suits their style for the day.

Retaining the soft DW-001 form, the new watches feature a double-bezel design that allows users to detach the resin bezel to reveal the metal bezel below, much like the design of a toy capsule. The resin bezel stays true to the DW-001 design with a two-tone color scheme, while hairline and mirror finishes on the individual components of the metal bezel offer a more sophisticated look and feel. This design highlights the different character of the resin and metal bezels, delivering a watch that is pop and sophisticated at the same time.

The G-B001MVE also includes an interchangeable resin bezel and band, offering even more design combinations for users to mix and match to their taste.


One thing about G-Shocks that everybody knows? They’re tough. They’re also known to be absurdly numerous, various, colorful, bulbous, and brash. But if you can tune out all the noise and appreciate the brand’s core concept, there’s a watchmaking philosophy of creating an eminently practical, legible, comfortable, accurate, robust and fun watch, one that just happens to result in an iconic design: the original 1983 G-Shock “square.”

G-Shock often strays from this ideal formula these days, what with fashion-oriented and crazily overbuilt watches, but the square has endured. It’s been improved upon over the decades with features like solar charging and radio-syncing, too — and the current model, the GWM5610-1, carries the torch.
The G-Shock catalog and, even the iconic square 5000 or 5600 series, is an endless and ever evolving range of variations. This review is meant to highlight what G-Shock is all about and what it does best, but also to differentiate this particular model and what makes it a winner. The GWM5610-1 was specifically chosen for its classic design, which offers a not overbearing wrist presence and a touch of retro-futuristic nostalgia, but also for its positive display and Tough Solar.

Before the GWM5610-1, I lived with a G5600E for many years, and the new one is nearly identical to that previous watch. Past (and future) models might have a different model number — but whatever the name, color or minor tech upgrades, look for the same features you see here. I’m going to tell you why.
Of course, this is true of any G-Shock, but watches like the GWM5610-1 show the simplicity of the G-Shock concept. Some of the newest G-Shocks might have fancy features like an inner case structure called Carbon Core Guard for even more durability, but watches without it like the GWM5610-1 are more than sufficiently tough: its quartz and digital nature means no moving parts to break, and the shock absorption provided by the resin case has proven its worth.

Witness a similar model being strapped to a BMX bike tire and bunny hopped upon, or our own Gear Patrol editor getting creative in finding a way to destroy a DW5600 — the same model that got a Guinness World Record for surviving a 24.97-metric-ton truck driving over it. Like all G-Shocks, it’s 200m water-resistant, equivalent to many bonafide dive watches. You can truly wear this watch anywhere without worry.
Whether in the capacity of collecting or testing, I’ve worn all manner of watches in my time. But almost none, even the most expensive and impressively built horological masterpieces, is as comfortable on the wrist as a plain-old, plastic G-Shock. It’s even more comfortable than G-Shock’s own high-end titanium GMWB5000TVA.

Zen LoveThe case material here is central to the watch’s key features of durability and comfort. We’re talking a featherweight 51.7g on the wrist, and its dimensions are restrained compared to many other watches from the brand. The ergonomics are exceptional, and although plastic might have “cheap” associations, it sure doesn’t feel cheap. If its diameter of 46.7mm sounds big, remember that it’s wider than it is long. G-Shock’s comfort and ergonomics are a bigger part of its success than is generally acknowledged.
Admittedly, there’s some nostalgia to the classic G-Shock design, and I’m not immune to it. It’s a very cool-looking retro-futuristic design to me — but design isn’t only about looks. Usability, durability, wearability, legibility and ergonomics should all be part of good watch design — and when you have all those, you usually have a visually compelling watch, too.

The distinctive strap design? It’s a big part of the watch’s durability, acting as a shock absorber. The raised bezel protects the screen’s mineral crystal from scratches. The the buttons are set into the case for protection, resulting in interesting shapes. The solar cells are visible around the screen and have a purplish tint.

All these are pragmatic features that also, in my opinion, add up to a cool, interesting and purposeful look. Its shape that’s wider than it is long is also highly unique in the whole watch

Casio G-Shock 5600 Watch

The Casio G-Shock is a collection of watches that have gotten an iconic status. It is appreciated all around the world, and is one of the most-sold watch models ever. And with all right.

The G-Shock is known for being sporty, durable, robust, and reliable. And this is something that all G-Shock models have in common. Because of its great popularity, Casio has released countless and countless different models and iterations. All to serve the specific wants and needs of its customers.

The Casio G-Shock G-5600E is the model we are reviewing and looking closer at in this article. This watch is not as sporty, nor as advanced as some of the other watches, but each model serves a purpose and this one does too.

The G-5600E is the perfect watch if you love the ethos and DNA of the G-Shock but want something a little neater, easier, and more versatile. This watch is much more simple and more versatile than many of the other options out there, but at the same time, offers everything you’d expect.
Starting off, what you’ll notice immediately about this watch is its iconic squared case shape. Like most of them, it has a black resin case. This is built with bumpers and protection, in particular on the sides which provide excellent shock-resistant properties. Does it even have to be said that this an extremely tough case? The resin will keep it looking great for a long time to come since it doesn’t show scratches in the same way as steel does.

The watch offers a water resistance of 200M/660 feet, which is quite good since it is a dive watch performance. It is suitable for swimming and diving and won’t break a sweat.

Just like the case, the strap is made of black resin. It has an integrated design which makes it sit more comfortably on the wrist and get a more seamless design. Of course, this strap is very suitable for this type of watch since it is water-resistant, durable, and will hold up well. However, some owners have complained that the strap is a bit stiff and not the most comfortable one.
When it comes to the legibility of this watch, it is ok, but it is certainly not the best there is out there.

It is however equipped with illumination which enables you to read the time in low-lit conditions, so that is a huge bonus. You activate the backlight illumination by pressing the upper right button and a turquoise color will appear for about half a second.

Covering the screen, it uses mineral glass. Mineral glass is harder than resin but it is not as tough as sapphire crystal. But considering the price point of this watch, the mineral glass is a good option.

The screen presents the time at the bottom of the screen in a large font to make it easy to read. It has all of the standard features including Hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, and day (12/24-hour format).
As you may know, there are several iterations of specifically the square version. The reference G-5600E is a version that has slightly more to offer, which means that in addition to the regular functions, it also has a world timer. On top of this, it is also solar-powered.

The solar function means that solar and ambient light generates energy for the movement, thus eliminating the need for replacing the batteries which are good both for the environment and your convenience. Of course, the life of battery life varies but it is said it should last 10-15 years assuming it is subject to light over time. If it is not subject to any ambient or solar light, it will last for about 11 months. To improve its battery life, Casio has equipped this watch with a power-saving function, meaning the display goes blank to save power when the watch is left in the dark.
The watch has a world time with 29 time zones, a city code display, and daylight saving on/off. Then of course we also find a stopwatch with a 1/100-second (measuring capacity: 23:59’59.99’). The measuring modes are Elapsed time, split time, and 1st-2nd place times. The one-second countdown timer has an input range of 1 minute to 24 hours. Lastly, the full auto-calendar goes to 2099.

Casio G-Shock MR-G FROGMAN

G-Shock Frogman is Casio’s vision of the ultimate dive watch.

Every single little detail about the Frogman indicates it made for professional divers. Frogman has a rich history. The first model (DW-6300) was released in 1993. It was one of the G-Shocks to be included in Casio’s premium “Master Of G” line (along with Rangeman, Mudman, etc.). All “Frogmen” are made in Japan and have the iconic “diver frog” on the screw-down caseback of the watch.
Frogman has always had outstanding reviews. People rave about quality, display, heft, and feel of the watch.

The big asymmetrical design makes it one of the meanest, toughest-looking watches that you can find. Because of the bold design, G-Shock Frogman is one of those watches that you’ll either love or hate. The design is unique, but not everyone’s cup of tea.

What sets the Frogman apart from other G-Shocks is its compliance with the ISO 6425 Diving Standard and the dive-specific features that we’re going to take a closer look at below.
When I first got my hands on the Frogman, it was an obvious step up in terms of quality from the rest of the G-Shock lineup. The solid feel of the case, the smoothness of the buttons, and the thick, durable strap are all immediately noticeable – in a great way.

Frogman is built like a tank and feels like double the quality of Casio’s cheaper and mid-line G-Shocks (GD350 or DW9052, for example).
Stainless steel buttons are big and easy to operate even with gloves on.

As with most G-Shocks, Frogman has “bumpers” in the middle of the watch. They help you find and hit the right buttons, and after some practice, you’ll be able to operate the watch without looking. Must-have for a diver, as you’ll have bubbles etc. underwater that will make it difficult to spot the right buttons on the watch.

The buttons on the right are large, grooved and easy to press. On the left, the buttons are circular, DLC-coated and deep inside the shrouds. From what it seems, the start/stop and light buttons on the right are indented to be used underwater, but the mode/set buttons on the left are not. Frogman is one of the few G-Shocks that comes with a full stainless steel inner container for the time module, as well as a screwed-in caseback. Both the casing and caseback are coated with DLC (diamond-like carbon) for saltwater and rust protection.
The strap is made out of two layers of fused neoprene over a strip of carbon fiber. It’s attached to the watch case with four quarter-inch Allen screws. It’s one of the toughest straps that I’ve ever seen.

Frogman comes with a scratchproof sapphire crystal display and is (obviously) shockproof and 200m waterproof.

Side note: Synthetic sapphire crystals are common only on high-end watches. Cheaper watches come with either plastic/acrylic or mineral crystals that will get scratched over time. Below is a short review of all the features that the watch comes with, including how/where you might find them useful.
Tough Solar quartz movement – The solar battery inside Frogman can survive for 10 months without exposure to light. You can expect 10-15 years of use out of the battery, if not more (even solar batteries will lose their recharging capacity over time).

Atomic Time – Frogman calibrates its time via radio signal once per day. This means that the time display will be perfectly accurate 100% of the time, as long as the watch is in the range of the radio signal. Casio’s Multi-Band 6 radio signal calibration is available in Japan, North America, UK, Europe, and China.

Moonphase and tide indicators – The 7-segment tide graph and moonphase are useful for shore diving, fishing, or surfing. Insert your location coordinates into the watch and it will calculate the rest. You can program in your UTC offset and lunitidal interval, too.
G-Shock Frogman is not a dive computer. In theory, you could use it with some dive tables to calculate your decompression stops. But even Casio themselves recommend that you don’t rely on Frogman 100% while diving.
Instead, Frogman is a professional-grade backup for a dive computer. In fact, most diving instructors that I’ve seen have had a regular G-Shock strapped right next to their dive computer.

Side note: An important function of the dive computer is the automatic calculation decompression stops. It also monitors the air in your tank, which is something that no diver watch will do.

While I haven’t been out diving with my Frogman, according to the reports the watch performs great underwater and is very intuitive to use.

You enter the diving mode by holding the bottom left button for two seconds. This activates your dive timer. The dive timer shows your dive start time and local time in addition to the time that you’ve been underwater.

After the dive, you stop the timer by pressing the right bottom button. Then you save the dive data with the upper left button. Frogman also shows the “surface interval”, which is how much time has passed since your last dive.

casio g shock 5000 series

For some fans, G-Shock is the 5000-5600 Series, as the DW-5000C was the first G-Shock ever made and its case is a timeless design that has not just survived but thrived over three and a half decades. Its creator, Kikuo Ibe, still favors the “square” line for his personal use, and the classic case design will always be a major part of the G-Shock lineup. Some of the distinctions of the 5000 Series include movie appearances (Speed), certification for space flight by NASA (DW-5600), and inclusion in the “Essential Historical Materials for Science and Technology” registry at Japan’s National Museum of Nature and Science (DW-5000C).

For those who are new to G-Shock, here is an overview of all the currently available 5000-5600 models. (We are focusing mostly on models that are available outside of Japan which retain the classic square case. For more on the history of the 5000 Series, see Watch Geek’s excellent “G-Shock history – 1984 – 1995 – squares” video.)
The DW-5600 is the most common of the 5000 models and is often the base model for special color editions and limited collaborations. The standard DW-5600E-1V, with a list price of US$69.95, can be found heavily discounted online and is one of the most affordable G-Shock watches. Though limited in its functions compared to other 5000 models, the DW-5600 is just as shock-resistant and water-resistant (200M/20BAR) as more expensive G-Shock watches. Those who are concerned about that should watch the real world 200-meter depth test video.

(The more advanced DW-D5600 is not commonly seen outside of Japan but sometimes shows up as a special edition, such as the DW-D5600NH-1. Upgraded features of the DW-D5600 include world time, 3 alarms with 1 snooze alarm, button tone on/off, auto EL backlight, and estimated 10-year battery life.)
There are a number of G-shock watches that Casio produces for sale only to the Japanese domestic market (JDM). Some of these are upgraded or specialized versions of common G-Shock models. This list of Japan-only G-Shocks focuses on the 5000-series models. Current models that are part of the 5000-series include the common DW-5600 and the GW-M5610 models. Other 5000-series models that are less well-known but recognizable to G-Shock enthusiasts include the DW-D5500, GW-5500, and the highly regarded origin model GW-5000. The 5000-series is the most historically significant G-Shock line, as it descends directly from the original G-Shock from 1983, the DW-5000C.

Back in the old days, the only way to buy the JDM models was through personal contacts in Japan, but now, thanks to the proliferation of e-commerce, they are easily obtainable. You will have to pay a premium for these imports, but their uniqueness makes up for it. They are also excellent choices for visitors to Japan who want to bring back a special memento. Here are the Japanese import G-shock 5000-series watches that we suggest looking into.

Update: The GW-5000-1JF, GW-M5610BC-1JF, and GW-S5600-1JF have been replaced by the GW-5000U-1JF, GW-M5610UBC-1JF, and GW-S5600U-1JF. The old models are pictured here, but the shopping links are for the new models. The old and new models look nearly identical, with only slight differences for the light label and light indicator on the face and display. Please visit G-Shock 5000U/5600U/5610U Updated Module “U” Series to read about all the new features and see the new images.
Many people who fall in love with G-Shock and start building a collection of watches will eventually think about buying the GW-5000, sometimes to the point of obsession. Others who are new to G-Shock may want a premium watch with a classic design that is a step above the average model. The GW-5000 has a case that is based on the first G-Shock from 1983. Like the early G-Shock models, it has a screw-lock case back and is one of the only current G-Shocks, along with the digital Frogman and GMW-B5000, with this type of build. It adds modern features like Tough Solar power and Multi-Band 6 radio time-syncing. While its look is intentionally basic, it is considered a prestige G-Shock because of its higher price and made-in-Japan status. It has a full stainless steel inner case under the bezel and a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating, while standard 5600 models have a resin case. It also has a nicer overall finish than a typical 5600 model, with a softer and more comfortable urethane band. Buying the GW-5000 is a great way to express your appreciation of G-Shock and its history, in addition to simply owning a great watch. For watch enthusiasts who must own at least one G-Shock, it is the recommended choice.

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