Rolex Sky-Dweller Everose Gold 326935

This week we are reviewing another incredible Rolex watch. It is a stunning and very in fashion rose gold Rolex Sky Dweller with an aftermarket diamond bezel (Model 326935). The Everose watch is a Rolex patented shade of rose made by impeccably combining fine metals to achieve this everlasting shade. Further the Rolex Sky Dweller is a travellers watch. A world traveller’s implement to keep up with the time no matter what time zone they have travelled to and from. With the aftermarket diamond bezel and unique shade of rose gold it becomes far more than a beautiful tool. More than a watch to keep time. It is turned into a true piece of jewelry with the additional touch of a powerful precise time-keeping device. This is not to put aside the incredible machinations and movements it carries inside this beautiful case. Rolex after all is a brand known for excellence.
Each one of the details in this watch from the inside out are master pieces crafted by some of the world’s very best Swiss Horlogerie craftsmen. From the hour markers to the incredible visually stunning off center 24 hour disc display these are hand placed and checked for superior quality. The calibre 9001 self winding mechanical movement is entirely developed and created by Rolex. It is what powers the dual time zone functionality. Not only does it allow for those men travelling round the globe to instantly glance and see the times across the world but also to set and reset the watch. Using a simple and straightforward independent hour and minute hands moving in hour increments both forwards and backwards. So no matter whether you have crossed time zones ahead or behind you can easily and quickly set this time piece. It is a gorgeous and highly functional piece. This particular Everose rose gold Rolex Sky Dweller with a dark rhodium dial has a very unique jewelled addition. The fixed bezel on this particular Rolex has an incredible aftermarket diamond bezel. With a whopping 32 large diamond bezel wrapped all around this watch is elevated to a true jewel. The round cut brilliant Rolex Sky Dweller white diamonds set all around the dial have a wonderful contrasting addition to both the rose gold and the dark rhodium dial. It reflects the rose gold which is a particularly wonderful shade of gold to set white diamonds in. Particularly when the light can strike from one diamond to another as here where they are set closely together. Tastefully set along an inner rose gold ring the diamonds do not in any way affect the scratch resistant sapphire crystal. Further the Everose rose gold combination is one in the world. A beautiful patented pink gold. The exact ratio and mixture Rolex developed in order to achieve this Everose rose gold as they have named it is a secret. However, the 18 carat pink gold alloy cast was introduced in 2005 and is used in all Rolex rose gold watches. The combination of fine metals, gold and copper gives the rose gold its unique tint. Further as yellow gold on its own is a malleable and easily scratched metal an alloy fares far better. It is why Rolex has developed the Oyster steel technology. And they would not leave the rose gold aside. Of course this alloy they patented is an Everose strong for the years. A Rolex after all is an everlasting legacy of family, tradition, adventure and innovation. Beyond which the iconic company has built up a memorable brand. Of quality, performance and trust. It is why these time pieces can be considered jewels. Constantly boarding long haul flights carrying you across oceans, nations and time zones requires a reliable, superior time piece. To help you keep track of where you are and where you have been a Rolex Sky Dweller is the leader. When it comes to efficiently and cleanly displaying two zones in one watch face the Rolex Sky Dweller has got no other match. With an off center 24 hour disc display that can be set to one reference time zone. While at the same time the local time zone can be set without stopping. This of course means the watch is highly accurate and precise. Furthermore there is a red inverted triangle marker pointing to the chosen reference time. Since the disc is a 24 hour display it is easy for the wearer to differentiate between day and night. At a glance and without affecting the local time at all.