Corum Golden Bridge Miss

Honestly, I have never really understood why there’s so much interest in a watch. To me, a watch should just serve a single purpose. It should just tell time… as simple as that… and that should be accomplished with just one look.
The day I laid my eyes on the Ms Corum Golden Bridge Miss was the day I felt that my beliefs were truly understood by someone at last! There it was… simplicity at its best! The perfect piece of art that was to be appreciated for what it was. No words could truly describe the elegance and beauty of this timepiece. When I received this gift, I was at a loss for words. All I could do was to appreciate its stunning beauty in silence.

The very unique shape (I was told it was a tonneau shaped case) of the Ms Golden Bridge makes it ultra-feminine. The fact that the watchmaker encloses the mechanism in a see-through glass (yes, I was again told that what I termed as glass was actually sapphire crystal case) makes it even more desirable. It nudges one’s curiosity. Rather than just a cursory glance, it beckons one to take a closer look at the intricate bridges. It invokes a sense of wonder and awe in the person who must have given much thought into the design of this elegant watch. Who would have dreamt of such an ingenious idea…. bridge in a watch?
It doesn’t take much to know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But, it does take a lot to realise that the way in which these sparkles are introduced to the design of a watch is of paramount significance. How many and where… these must have been the perpetual questions on the watchmaker’s mind. Too many would diminish the true value of the watch and overpower it. Too little, on the other hand, may be insufficient to enhance the appearance of the watch.
I think the watchmaker knows where to draw the line between simplicity and complexities. The Ms Corum Golden Bridge Misshas a simple line of small diamonds which are visible to the naked eye. In contrast, the intricacies of the mechanism behind the golden bridge can only be revealed with a microscope. Words like escapement, balance spring, dial, crown, baguette movement are beyond my comprehension. But I would like to think that the Ms Golden Bridge is a rare beauty beyond compare. Editor’s note: Ms Gina Pang is a Deployant Friend who loves watches, but like many ladies, are not as attracted to the movement and complications as most gentlemen enthusiasts, but her appreciation of the mechanical aspects as well as the aesthetics is rather remarkable. Ms Pang enjoys several important timepieces in her collection.
When it comes to Corum, one of the first collections that come to mind for many watch enthusiasts will undoubtedly be Admiral’s Cup. This is (in fact was) the case for me as well. But after seeing Corum’s Golden Bridge collection both in Baselworld 2017 and in Turkey thanks to the authorized distributor Şark Saatçilik, my idea about the brand changed completely. My favorite men’s timepiece in the collection is the latest model Corum Golden Bridge Rectangle while the most beautiful ladies model for me is the one I have here for review.

Corum places the Corum Golden Bridge Miss Collection on top of others in the product line. The collection, which is produced entirely from valuable materials (like solid gold), combines excellent craftsmanship with unique movements.
The Miss Golden Bridge model comes in an 18K red gold case measuring 21mm x 43mm. Its bezel is set with 90 pieces of round cut diamonds. With its total height of 11.24mm only, Miss Golden Bridge’s case wears comfortably on smaller wrists. The model, which redefines the “see-thru” concept, is offered in a uniquely formed case. Surrounded by four sapphire crystals, it is a great pleasure to look at the watch from every angle. The movement is designed on a vertical line from 12 to 6 o’clock; therefore the winding crown is located at 6.
The model does not have a dial as we used to as the only thing that works like a dial is the movement. However, that movement is so stunningly designed and finished that you never actually look for a dial. The bridge (featuring an engraved Corum logo) and the main plate are also made of solid 18K gold. The model is powered by the brand’s in-house Corum Caliber Ref. CO 113. The 19 jewels hand-wound movement beats at 4Hz and offers a power reserve of 40 hours when fully wound. The first thing you do when you hold a Golden Bridge timepiece is nothing but directly looking at the movement. The movement, which can be enjoyed through every possible angle, is more like an art piece. I suggest all watch enthusiasts, no matter man or woman should definitely see the Golden Bridge Collection in person. I am sure that they will be amazed.