Corum Golden Bridge Classic

Launched in 1980, the Corum Golden Bridge Classic model remains a unique construction in watchmaking, an original creation where the linear movement forms both the calibre and most of the piece’s dial. Of rare aesthetic audacity, the baguette movement is unrivalled in the world of Fine Watchmaking.
In my experience, possibly because I’m a child of the decade, Corum has always struck me to be a little ‘80s – slightly crazy and flashy. But in addition to that, should you say ‘Corum’ I only say ‘Golden Bridge’.
The Golden Bridge watch by Corum is easily the most iconic, as well as for me, probably the most interesting staple within the collection. Introduced in 1980, its slender floating baguette movement ‘floating’ inside a case foreshadows the popularity to reveal the workings of watch that’s so prevalent today.
During the last 3 decades the Corum Golden Bridge Classic continues to be (naturally, because of the size and layout of the movement) a strictly manual winding affair. 2010 saw (together with virtually almost every other watch brand) a tourbillion integrated into the model – however it still needed winding every second day. And boy, that is one drag.
Well, worry forget about Corum fans, as this year the Corum Golden Bridge Classic goes auto – well, ‘linear winding’ to become more exact. The thing is, the slim and highly visible movement wouldn’t look so excellent having a dirty great rotor hanging from the back. Corum has labored for this problem using a 4 gram platinum weight which has a one-centimeter selection of linear motion because the power source. And since this weight needs to cope with entering powerful connection with other areas of the movement on the consistent basis, Corum have incorporated dampening gaskets around the balance weight rails to avoid any long-term harm to the movement.
To create this type of tiny small automatic movement is a reasonably task, also it looks great within the slightly beefed up tonneau case, and also the overall design is (possibly remarkably) restrained. I additionally think the dial is excellent, as my primary anxiety about wearing a totally transparent watch could be my hairy wrist marring the vista of the movement. The Golden Bridge Automatic is going to be launched inside a limited edition of 200 pieces this season.