breitling colt quartz fake

Developed in the 1980s for the armed forces, the instantly-recognizable Breitling Colt became a popular favorite thanks to its sturdiness, functionality, and readability, along with an attractive price point.
Breitling for you prepared an excellent gift. To think that all the cheap quartz watch is a bit wrong. In fact, you can buy a quartz watch generally for a few bucks, but high-end quartz watches – it is something different and they have their fans. Breitling is one of the few Swiss brands that consistently offer high-quality Swiss quartz movements on the basis of hours, in addition to the mechanical models.
The basis of the collection of quartz watches Breitling always Aerospace hours. Not everyone wants the digital display on the dial of his watch. Breitling watches has always offered, such as the new Colt model, which are quartz, not a digital basis.

I’m not an expert watch Breitling collection – but I know that the Colt line is not always composed of quartz movements. And a new step to ensure that all watches is Colt Quartz – this is an absolute motion of the brand forward. While many large Breitling has hours, and they also have many models! Few brands have such a variety of styles.

Colt New watches come in three styles. This model is 33 mm for women, model 44 mm wide and 44 mm wide chronograph. Each model will have a Swiss quartz movement the ETA, but not just a Quartz movement – and Super Quartz ( SuperQuartz )! This is the name of ETA gave the family of quartz movements Thermoline high-end, which are much more complex than standard quartz movement discount. In addition to much higher quality, they also possess up to 10 seconds per year (as opposed to a standard quartz mechanisms with about 15 seconds per month).

The watch also has a certificate for the COSC chronometer. Note that this certification is different for quartz watches or mechanical, which means that the criteria for quartz watches, when receiving the certificate COSC, are much more stringent. I really like that Breitling is a support for those people who want to see their clock, on the one hand, the reliability and precision quartz movement and on the other Breitling durability and style.

Breitling Watch in Steel, typical of the brand, but you will notice and an updated design that distinguishes it from typical Belting panels. The frame on the new hour’s Colt is simpler; it’s a bit more than the diving version of the aviator style. This model can be seen on steel, engraved with modern font numbers. The clock looks like the evolution of design panel B01Breitling the Chronomat.

The design is very interesting. You will notice how it is configured into four quadrants, with two types of texturing. All the indicators and markers are quite clear, as watches are perfect for night time viewing. Hand them looks proportionate and that’s good because sometimes the brand Breitling gets a little shy with the dimensions of hours. Water resistance is 300 meters for chronograph models and 500 meters for the others. Each of them has a double AR coating (antireflection) of sapphire crystal.

Breitling Colt watches replica will offer in three colors of the dial – black, silver and blue. Inside the 74-caliber ETA SuperQuartz model mechanism. Inside the chronograph caliber ETA SuperQuartz – 73. All models are certified by COSC and very accurate.
In addition to the fact that there were a metal bracelet watches, the Colt also come with soft leather straps, and two types of rubber band. It is remarkable the fact that the price of the model is quite reasonable. Watches Breitling Colt Chronograph fake with metal bracelet worth $ 200, $ 220 – watches Breitling Colt 44 fake, and $ 200 – Breitling Colt 33 replica.