It goes backwards, but ushers in a new generation of tabulation

This year, Franck Muller ushered in the 29th wphh at Geneva manor in the center of watchland. It also ushered in a new era of watch making. It not only completed two new buildings, but also launched new watch works, which comprehensively revealed the exquisite craftsmanship of famulan in classic and innovative aspects.

Franck is the watchland in genthod, Geneva, Switzerland Muller has established its headquarters for nearly 30 years. In the past 30 years, Muller has bred many brand-new watches, set numerous milestones, and brought many advanced and complicated devices to the watch making industry. Now, the 29th wphh is the beginning of a new era, symbolizing the beginning of a brand-new watch making journey. This year, it not only presents a new watch, but also unveils two new buildings, formerly located in meyrin In the future, it will be more comprehensive and efficient to produce watch works.

The new watchland will provide a better workplace for 450 craftsmen and employees. Here, the manufacturing process of each stage can be implemented. From this year’s new masterpiece, you can have a glimpse of watchland’s brand-new atmosphere and the original tabulation concept, which has been growing with strong faith.

I believe that no one does not know the classic series of famulan: crazy Even if you can’t tell the secret of the device, it’s hard not to be attracted by its crazy timing method that doesn’t follow the card rules. This year can be said to be the new beginning of another era for famulan. Therefore, the brand-new remember watch is a new work that can’t help but smile. It’s crazy in the heart of famulan I believe that many people are very happy to see this.

The remember watch is endowed with a new concept of time. At first glance, it is almost the same as the ordinary wristwatch. However, on a closer look, the details that were barely noticed were revealed when the pointer began to move. Because the remember watch adopts a brand-new time display method, the hour, minute and second hand rotate in a counter clockwise direction, and the time mark on the dial is in accordance with the law Mulan’s traditional presentation of large-scale Arabic numerals, however, has completely reversed the order of time scales, and is also arranged in reverse. It completely breaks through the Convention and presents the current time in the way of reversing time. In fact, the remember watch is not only an innovation in tabulation technology, but also a philosophical innovation in thinking about time. Famulan once again transmits his life philosophy through the tabulation device Learning, people can’t help but praise its infinite creativity!

Franck Muller’s diving watch made a whirlwind last year. If you pay attention to the mechanical diving watch in the advanced watch making circle, it’s hard not to be ignored by Franck Muller’s first bucket diving watch, skafander, was introduced last year, because as far as diving activities are concerned, it must have a countdown device to provide divers with safe exhaust before floating and leaving the water. The countdown device can be achieved by rotating the dial on the traditional circular watch ring. But how can the wine barrel type watch achieve this device? This is Franck Muller, in his rebellious personality, can break through the mature professional frame thinking. Franck Muller has designed a unique button and locking system, which can quickly and accurately set the rotating inner watch circle as a diving timer.

This year’s new skafander Chronograph comes with four touch buttons and a locking device to better suit the needs of divers. The wrist watch has two buttons at the 8 o’clock and 10 o’clock positions. The button on the position can adjust the inner ring forward for 1 minutes, and it can be adjusted for 5 minutes. After setting it, press the safety lock at 9 position to prevent the accidental touch button. On the other side of the case, two timing buttons are used to start the 30 minute time code meter. Skafander Chronograph has the practical performance of a diver in operation and time display, which makes the wine barrel watch a new classic!

Vanguard series launched a new vanguard racing, which makes vanguard series go to a stronger modern style. This time, vanguard is combined with the racing theme. Racing super running has always been one of the themes used by major brands in the watchmaking industry, but the ways of playing are quite different. Franck Muller Skafander Chronograph Replica

Franck Muller, with the advantages of barrel type watch case, makes the car style more wonderful when it is realized on the watch, because the metal curve of vanguard series naturally shows the streamline shape of car body, vanguard Racing adopts arc-shaped back, with three-dimensional digital time scale and inner watch ring to make the overall dial level more clear. The traditional Arabic digital time scale is replaced by the bar shaped time scale, which is like the starting line of Formula One racing car. The vanguard racing watch is closely related to the racing style as a whole. The strap is also matched with a black rubber alligator leather strap with a perforated calf leather upper layer. The two lines of stitches set off the theme tone of the dial. This modern and Classic Racing Style Watch is well interpreted by Franck Muller. Franck Muller Vanguard Racing Replica

At first, crazy hours was based on the design of cintr é e curvex case. Now Franck Muller combines the classic vanguard series with crazy hours, which can be said to be a combination of strength and strength. Vanguard series wine barrel shape presents modern style, while crazy is the best There is no doubt that the exquisite hours device is not only a breakthrough in the watch making process, but also a new favorite of modern watch making device innovation. This vanguard crazy hours watch adopts carbon fiber case, combined with hand inlaid relief digital time mark. The application of carbon fiber case also makes vanguard crazy hours watch quite novel. In addition, another vanguard crazy hours watch is introduced Lady’s watch sets off with more than 200 white diamonds and 80 rose gems decorated on the dial through the colorful pink color, which makes the same series show a completely different aesthetic feeling. The disorderly and orderly crazy hours device has continued a new product line, giving the watch fans who are obsessed with crazy hours another excellent new choice. Franck Muller Vanguard Crazy Hours Replica

Vanguard series takes modern and neat lines as the symbol of this series, and presents a new style of hollowed out women in wphh. The hollowed out penetrating effect makes vanguard series look more light. Every meticulous polishing makes the complex structure movement naked in the barrel type case with the best posture.

As we all know, the layout of wine barrel is already one of the strongest in the field of watch making. Now we have to add hollowing out processes, such as polishing, chamfering and polishing satin and Pearl dots, which can make vanguard lady look better Skileton’s hollowed out dial is exquisite. Through the side angle of the watch, you can see that the delicate movement and the watch bridge are skillfully fixed on both sides of the vanguard watch case with screws, as if suspended on it. The 18k rose gold watch is not only exquisite in structure, but also set against the same color crocodile leather rubber strap and white ornamented crown with white inner ring, and the clock and minute hands are also covered Embellished with super luminova luminous material, the accuracy of every detail highlights the solid foundation of famulan. The brand new atmosphere of famulan brand is displayed through wphh’s new works. Let’s look forward to new works in the future! Franck Muller Vanguard Lady Skeleton Replica