Frank Muller’s new year

Franck Muller, a renowned master of Grandes’ complex art, welcomed more than 2500 guests to the 29th wphh at the Geneva estate in the watchland center. This week, we are looking forward to the opportunity for the brand to showcase two of its new buildings, which will provide a separate venue for all its watchmakers, as well as new watches, including the innovative and atypical remember series.

From January 14 to 18, in the center of genthod, beautiful watchland, overlooking Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc, welcomed more than 2500 guests to the 29th World watch and clock exhibition. This is the place where the elite watch industry has been built for nearly 30 years. The project can now provide 450 craftsmen and employees with a separate place to handle each stage of watch production. The two new buildings, together with an additional 16000 square meters of floor area, highlight the unique features of watchland. They have unique Swiss architectural features, which vividly demonstrate the success of Maison Franck Muller. Vartan sirakes, chief executive of the watch brand, said, “it’s a pleasure to welcome so many people to this special place to share their passion with us.”.

The 2500 guests will be able to walk in this beautiful garden and have the opportunity to meet and communicate with famous watch manufacturers with rich professional knowledge in two new buildings. With this in mind, Franck Muller presents several of his new collections for 2019, including vanguard crazy hours Gamma , Vanguard ™ Lady Skeleton, Vanguard ™ Racing, Vanguard ™ Yachting anchor skeleton and skafander. Not to mention a new series featuring an avant-garde interpretation of time, called remember. Franck Muller Remember Replica