franck muller watch Charm in the dark

Luminous first appeared on wristwatches to help reading at night. However, with the change of times, it has gradually become the purpose of showing creativity. The light emitted by fluorescent green or fluorescent blue, combined with unique shell shape, complex structure, creativity, even dissolved in liquid, shows the sci-fi appearance of luminous! See how the following brands will be applied!

Vanguard carbon krypton carbon fiber and luminous material case, diameter 44 x 53.7 mm, carbon fiber and luminous material dial, hour, minute, second, date, FM 0800 automatic chain up movement, power storage for 42 hours, sapphire crystal glass mirror.

It’s not uncommon for night light to appear on a watch. If it’s combined with a special material on the dial and case, it’s much more strange. This combination appears on Franck Muller vanguard carbon krypton replica watch. The patented cintr é e curvex case has a unique radian and shape, while the case and dial are made of carbon fiber, presenting a unique texture like wood.

Vanguard carbon krypton applied luminous materials to the carbon fiber case and dial, which produced filamentous glow in the dark.

In the dark, the dial and case will also appear as a highlight effect of luminous, is a big surprise. It turns out that vanguard carbon krypton applies luminous materials to carbon fibers, and carbon fibers are stacked together by high temperature and high pressure. After forming, some of the luminous coatings will be exposed and some will be hidden, thus producing a silky luminous effect.

Grandiose large Arabic numeral time scale with timely, minute pointer can also emit night light in the dark, more charming. Krypton’s “krypton’s” Green Star “is associated with krypton!