A stepping stone to the upper class for FM watch

Today, I would like to talk about a famous watch that you all know, but you may not know much about, the franck muller yacht.

Franck Muller, known as “Frank Muller” in previous years, is simply referred to as “Mueller” in the folk. After that, Franck Muller officially changed the Chinese name to “Frank Muller”. The reason why I said that we all know it, but it may not be in-depth, is because Franck Muller has a large amount of Folk Circulation in China, which you have seen. However, there are few media reports on the details and details of the watch. Even the official website of Franck Muller has little information, so I would like to talk about it.

When I first came into contact with famous watches, about 10 years ago, Frank Muller was very famous at that time. Frank Muller is famous for his big and complicated watch. Frank Muller’s mega series of large and complicated watches was launched at that time. It had 1483 parts and 36 functions. It was one of the most complicated watches in the world at that time. In addition, Frank Muller is famous for his crazy time and oversized Tourbillon. In addition, Frank Muller revived the barrel type watch case which was popular in the 1920s, so that the conventional big three pin models have very high recognition, which makes them popular all the time in the clock world. At that time, many celebrities and rich people wore Frank Muller. Therefore, Frank Muller had the nickname of “upper class knocker” (referring to the social environment at that time).

Not only Rolex, many famous watch brands have “yacht” series, Frank Muller also has “yacht”, generally called V45 yacht in China. V45 yacht, actually one of Frank Muller vanguard series, is frank Muller’s “sports watch”. Frank Muller has been using the iconic large barrel case since 1991 (Frank Muller also has round and square watches). In the 1920s, this kind of wine barrel case was very popular, such as Patek Philippe, constanton have similar watches. Frank Muller is the first modern watch to make a fire out of the barrel type (of course, there is Richard mill behind it).

A major feature of Frank Muller’s barrel type is the huge curved case. The case and mirror are all curved. Because it is a sports watch, a crown bridge is extended on the side of the watch case. The case has no ear, and the head and strap are integrated. The case is a sandwich structure with a strap in the center. Frank Muller yacht is a steel shell with a size of 44 mM and a thickness of 12.8 mm. However, the actual size is very large. The length of the watch is 53.7 mm. It is a big watch. It is easy for people with small hands to hold it, so it is suitable for large hands. Plus the case full polishing treatment, the hand is very conspicuous.

Another feature of Frank Muller replica watch is the bold and unrestrained panel design. The huge digital timescale radiates outwards, and the time scale is luminous. The luminous intensity is not only sharp, but also huge. Compared with other watches in the vanguard collection, the V45 yacht has a more complicated deck decoration. The inner ring and the center of the watch are decorated with compass. The outer compass is blue, and the central compass is white. With the huge white digital time scale, there is a strong contrast, which is very cool. At the same time, the outer edge of the disk is decorated with the longitude and latitude of the earth in the southeast and northwest, and the calendar window is located at 6:00 on the disk. The whole panel is very luxurious. It confirms the saying in the famous watch that “on the water is more luxurious than under the water” (referring to the yacht theme watch, which is more luxurious than the diving watch, such as the difference between Rolex steel shell yacht and steel shell Submariner watch).

The movement of Frank Muller fake watch is always rarely mentioned. In addition to the complicated watch and touring wheel, Frank Muller mainly uses universal movement. The big three needles in Frank Muller vanguard series use fm2800 movement, namely eta2892 movement modified by famulan. Swing frequency 28800 times / h, power 42 hours. Frank Muller’s regular series (except for complex watches) always focus on design, and the watch is impenetrable. However, according to the information, although it is a universal movement, Frank Muller has also made good modifications. There are Geneva stripes, pearl decoration, plywood chamfering, can see the screws are baked blue, including automatic screw. The level of movement decoration is still relatively high (although 2892 is used). In addition, Frank Muller will use sopro D A10 movement (also a universal movement) on some tables.

When it comes to Frank Muller, it’s hard to avoid “back drilling.”. To tell you the truth, Frank Muller’s watch is very suitable for diamond inlay. The huge case, dial, time mark and diamond are quite “trench”. It goes without saying that the public price of the original model of inlaid diamond is 300000 to 600000 (depending on the number of drills), which is too high. So a lot of people buy a steel shell model, and then they set their own diamond. To make a joke, Frank Muller has more “back drill” watches in circulation in China than those without diamond. For the folk “back drilling”, the quality of “back drilling” has high and low. I can’t beat it to death with one stick. It’s not good to drill after that. As an old brother in the south, I made a “back drill” famulan, which also cost me a lot of money. From the case to the dial, I made the stars all over the sky, and the final effect was very good. Tell me it’s a must-have for a nightclub, and it’s the most beautiful one to wear. So it depends on the individual choice, I just remind you, for your unfamiliar “after drilling” table, before you start, you should do a good test.

Frank Muller is a famous watch that started with a complex watch. Today, there are still crazy time and super tourbillon, which are unique to Frank Muller. But because the cool models such as V45 yacht, long island and crocodile are so eye-catching that many people neglect that Frank Muller is actually a complicated watch brand.