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Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chronograph

The Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chronograph series of time meters with a strong sense of movement spread their wings like eagles. It is the first time to launch a new timepiece with a 44mm diameter case and fly back function. Alpine Eagle snow mountain aoyi series super large Chronograph has brought three new styles, which are made of Lucent steel a223, equipped with aleqi glacier blue or strong black dial, and the watch made of Lucent steel a223 fine steel and 18k rose gold in line with ethical standards and equipped with strong black dial. The new watch is equipped with an integrated watch chain, inspired by the majestic eagle and the magnificent Alps, just like the other watches in the series. Alpine Eagle snow mountain aoyi series super large chronograph is equipped with a Chopard 03.05-c automatic movement with flying back function. It has been awarded the precision chronometer certification (COSC) of Switzerland’s official Observatory, and obtained three patents, which are enough to prove its accuracy and ease of operation. As an ingenious work of brand master craftsman to pay homage to nature, from movement, case, dial to watch chain, alpine Eagle snow mountain aoyi series super large Chronograph was completely made in Chopard Chopin watch workshop.

Chopard Alpine Eagle XL Chronograph successfully launched Alpine Eagle series in 2019, and has released ten watches with two case sizes. With the launch of Alpine Eagle snow mountain aoyi series oversize chronograph, three extra large watches with diameter of 44mm are added to make the series more diversified. They closely fit men’s wrists, and can accommodate complex timing movement, more elegant atmosphere. On the right, the button is cleverly integrated on both sides of the crown protection element: low profile and introverted without affecting the harmonious shape and symmetry of the series.

Chopard 03.05-c movement is the core of these three watches, and it is also the masterwork of the master of the brand watch workshop. This movement has 60 hours of power storage and has been carefully designed to ensure accurate adjustment and optimal use of timing functions. As a result of the brand R & D team’s innovation, this movement is equipped with guide roller, and with the support of a number of innovative technologies, it has obtained no less than three patents for Chopard Chopin.

First of all, it is equipped with a one-way gear system, which can ensure fast chain up and prevent energy loss. This function is highly appreciated in the energy-consuming Chronograph series. In addition, its vertical clutch mode ensures accurate start-up of the time measuring device. This timing movement belongs to the flying back movement. Because it is equipped with three rotary hammers with elastic arms, it is easy to reset the timing plate to zero, so it can be used for stable timing and measurement in a short time. Finally, the Chopard 03.05-c movement is equipped with a variner? Cycloid to ensure the stability of the movement by offsetting the inertia changes during the operation of the watch. 298609-6001

The precision of this movement has been certified by Swiss official Observatory precision chronometer (COSC). Its case is forged from lucent steel a223. It is an innovative fine steel alloy developed by Chopard Chopin. It has anti allergy properties, strong durability and incomparable gloss through careful remelting process. The third wristwatch is made of double materials. The ring, crown and chain of the watch are all made of 18k rose gold in line with ethical standards. 298609-3001

In addition to the Alec glacier blue dial, Chopard Chopin also introduced new colors to the collection. There are two new Alpine Eagle snow mountain aoyi series oversize chronographs with strong black dials. Karl Friedrich Scheufele, the co president of Chopard Chopin who created the series, drew inspiration from the colors of alpine environment and referred to the colors of mountain night where wild animals frequently occur. He conceived this rich and deep black, which reminds us that the nighttime lighting brought by human beings and urbanization will disturb the life style of surrounding animals. 298609-3002

Whether it’s a glacier blue or black dial, it retains the dial texture and sun pattern, reminiscent of the iris of an eagle eye. The dial display is clear and easy to read. Equipped with a three-dimensional clock, the second hand is shaped like an eagle’s feathers, as if the rebellious Eagle hovered in the square inch of heaven and earth.

The outer edge of the ring is covered with a tachometer scale and marked in red on the 100, 160 and 240 scales. The tachometer is divided into four speed stages, with different speed values (5, 10, 20 or 40 km / h) divided into scales. This device is easy to read the average speed measurement value, and also helps to highlight the visual flexibility and harmonious beauty of the dial.