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To mark their birthday on 1 June, Oris introduces the Oris Hölstein Edition 2022, a watch that revives an icon, the Full Steel. It captures the spirit of the 1990s, and a groundbreaking mechanical movement – Oris Hölstein Edition 2022.
Oris was founded in 1904 in the Swiss village of Hölstein, not far from Basel, but a long way from watchmaking’s traditional heartland. It’s still shaping who we are today

Whether we like it or not, we’re shaped by where we come from. The country and city, town or village where we’re born will always be part of us. Oris came into being on 1 June 1904 in the remote Swiss village of Hölstein. For exactly 118 years, this beautiful little place has been shaping us, guiding us, even.
How? To understand the impact Hölstein has on us today, we have to go back to our founding year. Oris was the vision of two brave, pioneering watchmakers from Le Locle, deep in the French-speaking heartland of Swiss watchmaking. Their concept was to embrace the industrial practices that by then were fuelling the mighty Swiss German-speaking city of Basel. By bringing their watchmaking skills and romantic sensibilities together with state-of-the-art, highly efficient manufacturing, they believed they would be able to deliver high-quality Swiss Made watches to the world citizens of the day.

This was an unconventional step. Oris, named after a nearby brook, had a path of its own. It would go its own way.

There was more to it. Hölstein was surrounded by the Waldenburg Valley, a spectacularly beautiful area. Its people would come to work at Oris, and those who came from Basel and beyond would soon come to appreciate its power to inspire them.

Today, 118 years on, our founder’s vision remains; the valley continues to inspire us (and motivate our ambitious sustainability strategy); and our factory is still on the same site. All here in Hölstein. Our home. For the third year, we celebrate it with a limited edition watch for the global Oris community.
Here is the new Oris Hölstein Edition 2022 Full Steel Revival watch, Oris’ latest annual special edition. Like the last ones, this was launched at the start of June to mark the brand’s anniversary (founded on the 1st of June 1904). In 2020, we saw a solid bronze Oris chronograph with a bronze bracelet. 2021 brought us a special grey version of the Big Crown Pointer Date.

The new watch for 2022 goes a little further than re-colouring an existing model from the range and instead revives a watch Oris used to make in the 1990s. First launched in 1998, which incidentally is the year I “launched” too, the Full Steel Worldtimer was the most complex watch Oris made a