Gucci G-Frame

Gucci, the name of a luxury fashion house, is based in Florence, Italy. The Italian brand has a huge product line of designer handbags, watches, shoes, accessories and fragrances. Founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, it took less than no time for the brand to become known worldwide. Currently, a subsidiary of the French group Kering, Gucci produces a revenue of several billion Euros and is one of those brands preferred by celebrities all over the world.

Gucci initially starting with the manufacture of leather goods, embarked on the path of watchmaking journey a little late. From 1997, Gucci’s name came to be associated with luxury watches as well. To keep up with their reputation in the world of fashion, Gucci has made sure to give some of the best designer watches to people. Gucci watches are as unique and vibrant as their fragrances and shoes. In the later part of 2010, everyone started referring to Gucci as the iconic “Geek-chic” brand. To name one famous watch from Gucci, Gucci G-Frame watches bear the iconic Gucci style. The use of srtipes and square dials has made the G-Frame watches a must-have for those Gucci lovers. Any watch connoisseur would proudly say that the brand gave a modern touch to fashion, thereby taking the designs of their watches to a whole new level. Every timepiece, detailed to the core, reflects the finest of Italian craftsmanship.
It’s not all that often that a fashion brand comes out with a reputable watch line that keeps on growing. Gucci watches provide a fun and innovative way to keep track of the passing hours of the day and there are several collections to choose from – each one with a style and identity of its own. The Gucci G-Frame collection of watches offers an unconventional case shape, backed by the provenance of a manufacturer deeply rooted in bold, daring and influential designs. Gucci was founded back in 1921 in Florence and since then, its luxurious lifestyle accessories, leather goods, fashionable clothes and elegant jewellery ranges have become synonymous with the same daring and playful approach to Italian Craftsmanship.

Recently, we here at Jura Watches added Gucci G-Frame watches to our offerings online. As an official UK stockist of genuine Gucci watches, we’re excited to showcase the most recent additions to our collections. The Gucci G-Frame sits next to other iconic styles like Gucci’s G-Timeless watches, Dive watches, GG2570 watches and the brand’s most recent release -the 25H collection. When it comes to G-Frame watches from Gucci, however, these elegant and attention-demanding watches offer something completely different for the wrist. These rectangular-shaped cases use a varied selection of materials and present the time on different dial designs whilst keeping some of the brand’s most iconic symbols and motifs alive.

Although Gucci has dabbled in timekeeping back in the 1970s, it was during the 1990s, when the company was near the brink of bankruptcy when the story of Gucci watchmaking really began. In efforts to revamp the brand after Gucci’s sons had to give up ownership, Gucci’s lawyer, Domenico De Sole took on the role of President of Gucci America. His efforts to revamp the company led to the hiring of fashion designer, Tom Ford, and editor, Dawn Mello. Overhauling the fashion line, the duo limited the product range to 5000 items from an initial 20,000, enabling an interesting watchmaking history to unfold.
It was in 1997 that Gucci G-Frame watches acquired a watch license from Severin-Montres, opening up avenues into a new genre of luxe lifestyle products. After this, the company acquired French luxury watch and jewellery house, Boucheron International group before obtaining licenses for Yves Saint Laurent watches. Having crafted some iconic-looking timepieces over the last two decades, the Gucci G-Frame watch collection remains a popular go-to range for dress watches with a little twist. The rectangular watch shape has been used throughout the watch industry since the early 1900s and is still considered an unconventional shape compared to the classic and much-loved rounded case. Those who opt for a Gucci watch from the G-Frame collection share Gucci’s vision for uniqueness and are often in search of a statement piece that can convey an extension to the wearer’s personality, not to mention an impeccable taste in fashion.

The Gucci G-Frame watches collection at Jura Watches offers some exquisite timepieces that have been crafted by the brand’s artisans in Gucci’s ateliers based in Switzerland, La Chaux de Fonds. The G-Frame is characterised by a rectangular or square-shaped case in stainless steel or with a more indulgent gold PVD coating. The dial of a Gucci G-Frame watch can also vary from a classic black colour to a striped dial featuring red, blue and white mother of pearl, as well as offering a choice in case size and bracelet style.

Some of the bracelets featured in the Gucci G-Frame watch collection feature a classic link design, whilst others offer a mesh-like structure for a slightly more vintage-inspired edge. The watches from the Gucci G-Frame watches collection are powered by quartz movements and feature strong anti-reflective and scratch-resistant fronts crafted from sapphire crystal glass for optimum protection over the dial’s surface.
St Valentine’s Day has been joyfully celebrated as a grand festival of love and romance all over the world. Many people choose this festive occasion to impress his or her lover with marvelous and unforgettable gifts. Some popular options are chocolates, flowers, fragrances, jewellery, toys and wristwatches.

Gifting a wristwatch to your romantic partner is a grand way of expressing the enduring love. In this regards, a Gucci watch is an ideal choice. Thanks to the iconic Italian luxury brand’s eclectic, contemporary and romantic outlook, its timepieces are ideally suitable as valentine gifts. In this article, we have highlighted eight Gucci watch models as perfect Valentine’s Day gift choices for your girlfriend or wife. Each of these magnificent creations has its own characteristics to match with the personal preferences of the intended recipient of your love token.