Jacob & Co. Epic X Black Titanium Bucherer Blue

Along with the one-of-a-kind the Astronomia Tourbillon Bucherer BLUE watch, Jacob & Co. and Bucherer have also collaborated for the Jacob & Co. Epic X Black Titanium Bucherer Blue Edition, a skeleton watch that also nods to interstellar travel.
Featuring a 44mm diameter black DLC titanium case, the limited-edition manual-winding timepiece, which was inspired by the Rakia mission, will be available for purchase exclusively in the U.S.at Bucherer.
The exclusive 18 pieces feature an eye-catching blue honeycomb strap and a titanium caseback with an engraving of an astronaut, clad in a spacesuit and helmet, gazing at the Earth from space.

Jacob & Co has long produced some seriously oppulant timepieces. The Astronomia is probably it’s most popular, but the Bugatti’s also stick out in my mind. A collection that tends to fly a little under the radar is the Epic X Colleciton. And to end Q1, Jacob & Co release an all new version that is quite bold, and also quite unique. Introducing the Epic X Chrono Tourbillon “Blue Titanium”.
The Epic X Chrono Tourbillon “Titanium Blue” is arguably amongst the more practical Jacob & Co watches. Further, its even one of the more practical Epic X watches. Jacob & Co is typically drowning in diamonds or precious stones, complications, or exagerated features – It’s what makes the brand more unique in the space. With the Titanium Blue, the size is there, the complications are there, but the oppulance takes a backseat to the practicality.

The chronograph features large easy-to-use pushers, while the inner-bezel is operated by the ceramic crown at 10 o’ clock – giving it added utility. The dial features a blue sapphire dial plate that is mostly see-through, and puts the JCAA09 on full display, without compromising the legibility.
Overall, this is a very sporty offering for the self-assured yachting type. While I’ve seen others throw the Titanium blue into the racing category, I find it sits better into the boating one. It’s big, bold, and the colorway lends to the sea. While it’s probably a little big for my personal tastes, I don’t imagine this watch will have a hard time finding buyers.