Louis Moinet 20-Second Tempograph

This detailed review of the Louis Moinet 20-second Tempograph contains live images, specification details and pricing. My first encounter with the Swiss brand Louis Moinet was earlier this year, when the company presented the Compteur de Tierces to a small group of invited journalists. This timepiece was the first chronograph ever produced, dating back to 1816. It features a super fast frequency of 216,000 vph (30 Hz), representing a mind-boggling technical feat. Indeed, some two hundred years later, only a few other maisons have matched the dizzying alacrity of the central chronograph seconds hand. Quite simply, I would liken it to the McLaren P1 cruising at speeds of over 200mph when everyone else is chugging along in Ford Model Ts. This historical chronograph has a modernity befitting the 20th century.
Recently, whilst touring Neuchatel, I grasped the opportunity to visit Les Ateliers Louis Moinet in Saint-Blaise. I was hungry to learn more about this illustrious name and, within moments of my arrival, I was overwhelmed by the sight of several mouthwatering creations placed in front of me.

Louis Moinet specialises in creating limited series timepieces that capture the aesthetic prowess of the 19th century watches produced by the great man, but tailored to suit a modern-day audience. Despite the re-emergence of the Louis Moinet name some 15 years ago, the company has already secured five Red Dot design awards, a record which, I am sure, will evoke envy in many rival brands.
In 2011, the Louis Moinet 20-second Tempograph , with its 10-second retrograde display, won the Red Dot design award. The model has a technically exciting movement and a sumptuous dial design. Now, the Swiss firm has released a brand new Louis Moinet 20-second Tempograph and its beguiling beauty demands discussion. Indeed, within moments of seeing it, I fell for its abundant charms.
The Louis Moinet 20-second Tempograph is a available with a choice of three case variants, grade 5 titanium, 18-carat rose gold or 18-carat white gold, with each version limited to a mere 60 pieces. All the models feature a white off-centre hour and minutes display, positioned in the south-easterly area of the dial.
The Louis Moinet 20-second Tempograph has a diameter of 43.50mm and case height of 15.60mm. Yet, despite its substantial dimensions, it feels comfortable in its skin, never appearing unduly large. Moreover, the scale of the case allows sufficient room for each element of the aforementioned dial display to breathe in stylish splendour.
I expend much energy searching for timepieces which justify comment. Regular readers of ESCAPEMENT will note that I have eclectic tastes and review watches from the accessible and meritorious to those models which are priced at altitudinously high levels. However, all watches I review on ESCAPEMENT are, to my mind, worthy watches, deserving of praise. The Louis Moinet 20-second Tempograph proves to be no exception, for it is a stunning watch, blessed with sublime styling, an interesting seconds display and a notable quotient of ingenuity.

Today’s Louis Moinet 20-second Tempograph are a worthy legacy to a great watchmaker of the 19th century and under the aegis of Jean-Marie Schaller, CEO Les Ateliers Louis Moinet, the company’s future looks very bright indeed.

With an array of models that readily tempt me to consider acquisition, I can assure readers that the 20-second Tempograph won’t be the last Louis Moinet timepiece I review on ESCAPEMENT. Indeed, I have fallen for the immense fluidity and grace of several Louis Moinet timepieces, succumbing to their near balletic poise and the immense beauty of its artful designs.

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