Feminine chic meets ultra-modern in the much-anticipated new Concord Mariner SL Lady. The Mariner’s signature 12-sided Bezel now sits in a slim-line stainless steel case that is simple, elegant, and striking. Adorned only with 74 individual diamonds, this model is as captivating as it is flawless. Inspired by 1980’s iconic Mariner SG, this timepiece has all the beautiful finishing touches of the classic Mariner in both full stainless steel and rose gold and steel versions. From the wind rose case-back design to the new slim and sleek bracelet design, this is a timepiece that looks set to become timeless.

The Mariner SL Lady is also as well-equipped as any good seafaring craft. Water resistant to 50m, the ivory dial is encased in crystal with an anti-reflective sapphire finish to give you perfect visibility, whatever the conditions. Lighter than its sisters, the Mariner SL also opens up new vistas. Its slim elegance is never out of place, whether at work, at leisure, or on a trip that could take you anywhere.

In 2014, the Mariner became the model that showed how a re-edit should be done. With its unmistakeable 12-sided bezel, the Mariner was an eighties icon that gained a new lease of life in its 21st-century redesign. Each new model since has become forward-looking, but without losing the unique style of the original.

The Concord Mariner SL Lady is no exception. With its unique bracelet that echoes both the fluidity of water and the structure of wooden decking, it is a beautiful fusion of contrasts. Feminine yet sporty, technical yet sophisticated, this model holds a charm that is entirely its own. A slimline beauty that we’ve all been waiting for.