Given the vintage inspiration, the ChronOris Date features a steel case back rather than the display case back commonly found on most modern Oris models. From the top of the domed sapphire to the flank of the steel case back, the ChronOris Date is 12.5 mm thick.
The Chronoris Date is a modern version of the vintage watch, of the same name, released by Oris 47 years ago. The Chronoris was first introduced in 1970 and was a stop-seconds chronograph, not to mention the first chronograph for the Swiss maker. The name, as you might have guessed, is a combination of the words chronograph and Oris, and the last Chronoris was released in 2005,
While the rerelease of the ChronOris Date no longer features a chronograph, it has evolved into a contemporary 3-hander with an internal rotating bezel. Oris does offer a traditional chronograph version as a limited edition. On the Wrist. The Oris ChronOris reminds me of a small,
Oris Chronoris Date. By Paul Altieri. The Chronoris was the Oris’ first attempt at a Motor Sport watch and was initially released to market in 1970. Today, the model takes on a modern feature set while staying true to the vintage aesthetic of the original model. The Oris that you see here is in excellent unworn and condition and boasts a 39mm
One of our favorite watches from this year’s Baselworld was the Oris ChronOris Date, one of the most recent entries into the brand’s catalog of retro-inspired timepieces that have have been overwhelmingly well-received. As the name suggests, the watch pulls inspiration from a racing chronograph Oris released back in 1970
The Replica Oris Chronoris Date is offered in a variety of straps and bracelets – from grey fabric to leather (in both black and brown options) but the original 15-link bracelet is where Oris excels – a cool 70s metal bracelet which enhances the retro-appeal of what is essentially a heritage interpretation.
Oris first paid tribute to the Chronoris in 2005, in the shape of a retro-themed chronograph, and once again have honoured the one that started it all, with the release of the Oris Chronoris Date. The case. The case of the Chronoris Date takes most of its design cues from its retro predecessor.
Oris’s racing chronograph – the Chronoris from 1970 – has been back on the scene since last year, this time making its appearance as a three-hand model: the Chronoris Date. The oval stainless-steel case, a rotating inner bezel for timing minute intervals, the date display and the three centrally mounted hands are unchanged.
Oris Chronoris Date Watch Replica Chronoris derives its name from ‘chronograph’ and ‘Oris.’ Unlike the 1970 stops seconds, this modern timepiece has only the time and date but with a well-developed timer meant for sporting activities like motorsport.