FRANCK MULLER Vanguard Yachting–Tribute to the world of navigation

Frank Muller, who enjoys the reputation of “master of complex functions”, has established a cooperative relationship with Italian sea group. In order to solemnly celebrate the event, the brand has launched a new type of watch, vanguard yachting three needle calendar watch, to pay homage to the exquisite craftsmanship and navigation world.

Frank Muller Vanguard yachting Replica series is based on the automatic vanguard series, which uses the details of the navigation world to show time in an innovative way. Yachting wristwatch not only reminds people of the unique curve of Frank Muller yacht, but also integrates the details of various sailing worlds: dark blue face plate, bright white strap suture and wind chart decoration on the face plate, which make the wearer feel like being in the ocean world.

Replica Franck Muller vanguard yachting large three needle calendar stainless steel watch model V 45 SC DT Yachting, stainless steel case, diameter 53.7 × 44 mM, hour, minute, second and 6:00 position date display, fm0800 automatic chain up movement, power storage for 42 hours, decorative Geneva ripple, pearl dot grinding, rhodium plating, rubber (bottom) with cloth (top) strap with folding buckle.

The brand and the Franck Muller yacht created by Italian sea group combine long and beautiful curves with the case design of vanguard yachting watch. The watch case is decorated with yacht pattern, which fully shows the characteristics of the two art treasures and is perfect and harmonious. The clear and easy to read dial has a unique vanguard digital time scale, which coincides with the avant-garde design of the dial.

The dark blue face of the vanguard yachting watch is decorated with a wind chart, which makes the wearer feel like a marine world.

The vanguard yachting watch is made of titanium, red gold or fine steel. It is equipped with classic, chronograph and Tourbillon styles, and is equipped with an automatic chain up movement. This sports watch is the ideal choice for the owner of Frank Muller yacht, which fully reflects the elegant temperament, unique curve and technical characteristics of wrist watch and yacht. Each watch comes with Cordura fabric and rubber strap with white or blue stitching. Precision performance and rowing design are shown in this new artwork.