When the time line plays like this, mieba has to kneel down

Manwei’s ten-year layout has been devoted to the creation of “Avenger alliance 3 – Infinite War”

This is the most popular superhero movie of all time. It can be called from the beginning to the end, with high energy and no urine point. However, it is unexpected that the film goes against the normal operation of “happy ending”. It is too heartbreaking to end the scene in the afterglow of sunset and lament how lonely invincible is. Franck Muller Replica Watches

Especially when we see our idol turn to ashes, we must have been weeping in our hearts.

However, we need not be too sad. We should believe that in the next year’s “couplet 4”, the decent will definitely complete the counter attack and stage a Jedi counterattack. And judging from the various kinds of lace news flowing out from the recent Marvel studios, those superheroes who were killed by mieba with a snap of their fingers have a chance to revive with blood.

Some people may ask, how to resurrect when they are all ashes? The answer is hidden in the three words “timeline”, or “crossing” in a popular sense. franck muller replica watch

According to a large number of scientific (liberal) scholars (Wei) scholars (fans), there are at least three ways to make the heroes of the double alliance go back to the past and reverse the tragedy that has happened. The first is to use the time gem (one of the six infinite gems); the second is through the ant man’s quantum space; the third is to place hope on the surprise captain, because her time line is before the plot of the double connection.

In a word, no matter what, in front of marvel, who is good at playing with time line, mieba, who has already hidden his merits and fame, is doomed to be overturned.

If the same plot happens in the movie, it’s like mieba has just collected six infinite gems, and has been sent back to the start-up stage from scratch. Then he jumps directly to the end of the play and faces the multiple players with a neat lineup. Naturally, he can only attract a sling.

Experienced watch friends must have guessed that this unique party was held by Frank Muller famulan, a famous independent watch making brand, to celebrate the launch of its crazy hours Series watches for 15 years and the grand launch of Asian special edition watches. The disorganized timeline of the dinner party echoes the unique time display of the crazy hours replica watch.

We can recall that the time scales of most watches on the market are arranged clockwise in the direction of the pointer running from 1 to 12. Because of this, we can judge the current time according to the direction of the hour hand when we look at the watch everyday, without observing the specific time scale. Even when we describe the geographical position, we can use the 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock position to represent it.

But if you look at famulan’s crazy hours watch, you will find that the 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock time scales are not where they should be. Because the order of all time scales is disordered: Although the time scale of 1 o’clock is still in the position of 1 o’clock, the time scale of 2 o’clock is in the traditional 6 o’clock position, and the 3 o’clock time scale is in the traditional 11 o’clock position The next time scale is not a conservative, all frantically fled their own standard.

Therefore, if we still judge the current time according to the direction of the pointer according to the past habits, it will not work at all. Even if we kill tyrants, we will have to be insane.

Is it difficult to read the time when wearing this crazy hours everyday?

In fact, it doesn’t, because the hour hand of this watch jumps every hour. It will jump to another time mark every 60 minutes. During this period, it keeps still. That is to say, if the current hour is a few minutes past three, its hour hand will always point to the Arabic numeral 3. If it is a few minutes past six, its hour hand will always point to the Arabic numeral 6.

Because famulan specially designed the Arabic numeral time scale to be extremely eye-catching, you can have a panoramic view of the super large Arabic numerals at a glance. With the minute hand that rotates once every 60 minutes, the current time can be easily mastered.