Franck Muller Peonia Diamond Special edition watch

Franck Muller for the first time, teamed up with peania diamond, a luxury jewelry brand, to present a limited edition watch with the iconic cintr é e curve Gamma Watch case, for women with unique insight.

Cintr é e curvex case has the most unique profile in the brand works. This famous 3D watch case is based on precise scientific calculation and three axes of arc design of wrist watch, which makes the watch more comfortable to wear. The sun embossed lacquer dial is equipped with unique Arabic numerals, and the number “8” specially adopts holographic projection technology. “8” symbolizes good luck in Chinese culture. It also pays tribute to the unique Pieris diamond patent “Peony 88 cut”.

Passion, precision and innovation are the three characteristics of Frank Muller’s creative thinking. Cintr é e curvex case is elegant and pleasing to the eye, with distinctive figures, which highlight Frank Muller’s pursuit of delicacy and perfection, while craftsmanship and innovation are also the essence of Peonia diamond bielli diamond. “Peony 88 petal cutting method” is an unparalleled technology. Each process and detail are meticulous, making each petal closely linked, highlighting each Peonia diamond bielli diamond more dazzling. A diamond can capture the beauty of flowers so vividly, which is more brilliant than ordinary diamonds, and the total number of sections has more auspicious implication, which is unprecedented. 2852 SC D1R 1D 6H HO8 PEONIA

It takes five times as much time to carve a Peonia diamond bielli diamond than the traditional round diamond cutting method to create 88 round petals with stronger fire color and brightness. This cutting method is unique, showing the soft shape and symbolic significance of peony, which can be called a meaningful and lasting masterpiece. 2852 SC D1R 1D 6H HO8 PEONIA

At 6 o’clock, it is decorated with a delicate Peonia diamond bielli diamond, weighing about 0.30 to 0.32 carats. Each Peonia diamond bielli diamond adopts the patented “Peony 88 petal cutting method”. It has 88 hand cut sections, just like a bright and moving peony flower. Its bright color is comparable to ordinary diamonds. Each Peonia diamond Pieris diamond is accompanied by the authoritative certification of professional organizations, including GIA diamond grading certificate, GemEx light performance certificate, and official Peonia diamond pierlie diamond

Franck Muller and peania diamond have the same idea. Now they hand in hand to present a brand-new wristwatch and praise their enthusiasm for innovation and beauty. It is a natural match. In 2018, Frank Muller famulan and Peonia diamond held a highly anticipated partnership. Cintr é e curvex Peonia diamond special edition watch is the result of the cooperation between the visionary watchmaker and the skilled diamond craftsman. The two brands, which are striving for perfection and bringing forth new technology from the old side by side, add color to the charming cintr é e curvex series. This special edition watch is a masterpiece of art and technology. It is noble, elegant and full of vitality. It is not only a reliable timepiece, but also a fashionable accessory.

The special edition watch is limited to 88 pieces, which is only available for the exclusive sale of Prince jewelry watches. It is equipped with 18k rose gold and fine steel. The back of the case is engraved with the brand logo of Peonia diamond, a symbol of peony flower. It is equipped with an automatic chain up mechanism that provides 42 hours of power storage. Exquisite design exudes moving vitality, meaningful and elegant unique charm blooms leisurely.