All the watches I’ve never seen are here

In other words, there have been all kinds of small watch exhibitions before. If you miss them, you will miss them. After all, maybe you can enjoy them in the local brand Direct stores. As a brother in the forum said, in order to see a small watch exhibition, you have to work hard. It can be, but it’s really unnecessary

There are some large-scale watch exhibitions, such as sihh or Basel world watch exhibitions, which are held in inconvenient places for Chinese people. But today’s recommended watch exhibition – “Kuang Shi Cang watch” appreciation meeting, we must not miss it.

What’s the difference between the watches on display in this world’s grand luxury watch and jewelry retail exhibition, as well as a landmark event in DFS Master Series? Why should I say that we must not miss this year?

Coincidentally, the first appreciation fair was held in 2020, and this year marks the 10th anniversary of the fair. So, in order to commemorate the 10th anniversary, in addition to selecting more than 450 rare watches and jewelry masterpieces from 30 world-famous brands, some brands have specially made customized watches for DFS and “Kuangshi Collection Watch” appreciation Association. Some customized watches are still limited edition, and the market of limited edition and high-quality products is well known.

So if you miss this year, you may miss it for a lifetime. Well, after all that said, seeing is better than hearing. Although I can only share pictures, I always want you to open your eyes first.

Hey, hey, watch is a must to see, but the opening activity of this wonderful and dreamy “Kuang shicang watch” appreciation meeting is also have to see.

The inspiration of the scene installation of the opening ceremony is derived from the refraction theme of “the vast collection of watches”. The dinner is set up on the stage of the Venetian Theatre (Amazing). With the help of customized digital devices, dishes and digital devices set off a sensory journey of taste buds and vision, and feel the legendary time in the appreciation meeting.

franck muller VANGUARD CRAZY HOURS replica

Franck Muller replica watch that makes people say, “Oh, it must be frank Muller.” Brand.

Since its establishment in 1991, the exaggerated digital scale on the dial has become the classic symbol of Copy Franck Muller. Its unique feature lies in the disordered arrangement of time scales on the dial. Here, we have to sigh about the unruly ideas and superb watch making techniques of French Mulan watchmaker.

The number “10” on the dial of this special edition watch uses contrasting Roman numerals to pay homage to the 10th “great collection watch” appreciation meeting. The design adopts dazzling red color and presents DFS brand color logo. The case is inlaid with 443 diamonds. The case and dial are elegant, exquisite and eye-catching.

It is equipped with a manual up chain movement fm2800ch. The power reserve is 42 hours. This wristwatch is sold exclusively by DFS, with only 5 watches in the world.