Valentine’s Day gift from Frank Muller

Time is the eternal witness of love. On the occasion of the romantic Chinese Valentine’s Day originated from the ancient myth, Franck Muller, a senior watch brand in Geneva, specially selected vanguard crazy hours Asia Special Edition watch and cintr é e curve automatic wristwatch series to build a bridge of love on the Chinese Valentine’s day with neat lines, precise travel time and luxurious materials, making time the witness of constant promises of partners.

The digital time scale of the crazy hours dial is displayed in a non sequential manner. The hour hand will jump to the next correct number time mark every 60 minutes, while the minute hand will rotate along the traditional 60 minute outer ring of the dial, which looks disorderly but can accurately report the time. Vanguard crazy hours’ elegant rose gold case with black dial and crown shows unique taste. Vanguard crazy hours lady is more elegant, with black digital time scale and white sun embossed dial, presenting classic beauty and adding more exquisite taste to women.

Even if time flies, love is still sweet in my heart.

Shining diamond, as bright as stars, inlaid in the case. Vanguard case has smooth lines and precious diamond luxury. Rubber alligator leather strap shows more details. The sun embossed dial inlaid with color dreams embossed digital time mark adds more colorful flavor, which is the elegant expression of love in women’s hearts.

Good love begins with the thrill of falling in love at first sight, just like the first feeling of cintr é e curvex automatic wristwatch. Cintr é e curvex breakthrough wine barrel design, make the dial more visual impact, transparent sapphire crystal back, you can directly appreciate the movement inside, exquisite gear bite, like a lover’s hands, can always pass each other’s heart, fit. Women’s style with red strap embellishment, charming and elegant. Men’s style is equipped with black watchband, showing gentlemanly charm. Eternal promise of time, let love through extraordinary creativity and high-quality wrist watch guard, together with Frank Muller replica watch witness only belong to your eternal love.