Meaningful works, festival gift with FRANCK MULLER watch

As the festival approaches, Frank Muller selects a number of exclusive watches to present the eternal charm of time. The vanguard crazy hours series, which represents the brand’s innovative spirit and technical attainments, and double mystiy, which is elegant and elegant to interpret the lady’s demeanor. Diamonds, gemstones and special time display show the brand’s “doting” on female watch lovers. The festival season is also a good time for lovers to give love to each other. Vanguard gravity Tourbillon is the best choice for those who are crazy about machinery, while the women’s watch with diamond inlaid vanguard crazy hours lady in the same color becomes “interesting” – The special hour jump display function can meet the dual needs of female wristwatch lovers for external design and internal technical functions.

The series of watches created by Frank Muller, a master of complex functions, can capture the heart of the most discerning watchmaker. It can be used as a gift, as a gift for a close lover, or as a holiday fashion piece, reflecting its unique personality.

The vanguard crazy hours lady is enchanting with diamonds. The digital time scale with non sequential display breaks through the tradition and brings a unique way of reading time full of fun. The hour hand will jump to the next correct digital time mark every 60 minutes, showing fashion in the casual. Genuine crocodile leather strap is charming and elegant.

The classic double mystery is created with Frank Muller’s exquisite craftsmanship, which shows the elegant charm of women and makes people intoxicated. Equipped with time division turntables with different rotational speeds, exquisite diamonds are inlaid on both sides of the inner and outer sides to get rid of the pointer or digital scale, subvert the tradition, and define a new way of reading with gem time scale.

Vanguard crazy hours Asia special edition is avant-garde and bold, showing brand courage and unique aesthetics, suitable for you who are not afraid of risks. The dial is decorated with embossed figures with decals, and the top chord crown controls the time hopping module and automatic movement. Moving curves add another dynamic to vanguard’s classic design.

FRANCK MULLER Vanguard gravity Tourbillon replica watch is an ideal combination of advanced technology and sports style. It is a perfect gift for lovers who pursue precise timing. The perfect lines combine the extraordinary power of the mechanical device. This watch is of outstanding design, presenting a unique Tourbillon frame concept with an innovative oval dial and aluminum structure. Hand made crocodile leather strap, 18K white gold clasp inlaid with 16 bright cut diamonds, adding craftsmanship and value to the watch.

With vanguard crazy hours lady Asian special edition fine steel diamond inlaid women’s watch, the perfect combination of technology and aesthetics is sure to be the focus of the festival.